So I’ve been doing a lot of videos lately in between working my ass off. And one of the topics I’ve done lately deals with the wack jobs you meet on a website called Omegle.

If you have lived under a rock for the last decade as I have…

Well, you know, with the whole me being incarcerated for 7 of the last 8 years; you may not be familiar with this website.

If that is the case, I will explain to you what Omegle is…

This is a website where you are able to web-chat with random people from all over the world..!

What a magnificent way to meet new and interesting people! One would think…

Unfortunately, though, it seems perverted men have overthrown something that once was probably so pure and decent and have turned it into a haven of blatant and disgusting filth…

Literally, like 90% of what you will see if you so dare to visit this website  is grown and old men masturbating.

Once in a blue moon you do run the chance of meeting someone who is not there for nefarious reasons and you can actually have a normal and interesting conversation with someone from any stretch of the globe.

But you will have to see a lot of penises before that happens, I’m sorry to say.

I mention this website first and foremost because it is paramount to this story…

After, I crawled out from under the rock it would seem I’ve lived under for the last decade, I found this website. And I realized I could funny videos EXPOSING these grown men who were EXPOSING themselves.

Footnote to all this…

There are KIDS on this website, as well.

So I caught myself carrying out vigilante justice by going on Omegle and recording every encounter just so I could compile footage of these perverts and expose them on videos on AfterPrisonShow 

If your interested in seeing me go after these perverted bastards and exposing them, check check out the two links included here for more. And let me know what you think…!