My Girlfriend Eats Bugs

On Sunday my girlfriend and I went to an Asian grocery store.

My girlfriend is Asian.

It was a pretty unique experience too.

Not for the fact that I’ve never been in an Asian grocery store. Because I have been in these types of stores, many, MANY, times.

Flashback to my criminal lifestyle days.

Another story for another time.


What did make this trip so interesting was the fact that not only did I get the opportunity to learn more about my girlfriends culture; I also filmed it.

I walked right inside this Asian grocery store with my GoPro and shot a really awesome video with my girlfriend.

This video took some balls, too.

I mean, it’s not easy to just walk into a place of business and start filming!

Hell, it’s probably not even allowed.

But in all the experience I’ve had with shooting videos thus far, I’ve learned a few things.

And one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that most times, you just have to go for it and see what happens.

Worst case scenario, they kick you out.

But me being the quick thinker that I like to consider myself to be, I had a fail safe in place for if things came to that.

If anyone would have tried to kick us out, I simply would have made a big ass scene and said ” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!”


Fail safe.

Fortunately though, it did not come to that as I explored this grocery store with my girlfriend.

What did come from this was a really awesome video though!

Oh and the things we saw!

Not to mention all that I learned!

It was QUITE an adventure.

And one worth you taking the time to check out also.

So, with that, I hope you will.

Till next time take care and enjoy life!

Oh, and this video about exploring this Asian grocery store…

It’s called My Girlfriend Eats Bugs. lol






























Learning graphic design, my new job, and someone shot at my Paint Nite venue.

It’s Monday morning and I leap year day according to what Facebook alerted me to first thing this morning when I woke up.

I also don’t have work today which kind of sucks. But hopefully things improve by tomorrow.

With the new job, I am part of a “pour crew” for a big time manufacturer of gigantic concrete forms that are used on roads and bridges…

All we do is pour the concrete into those forms once they’re ready to be poured.

Sounds easy enough right..?

Well, it’s ass-busting work, actually.

I mean, some of the forms are as long as a football field, broke up into sections of individual pieces inside them.

Regardless of the ass busting nature of the job, I do enjoy it. And hope that it is all that  it is cracked up to be with lots of hours per week and room for advancement.

But, again…

Today I am off because we have to wait for forms to be prepared before we can pour.

So… What will I get into today..!?

Well, I think I going to continue having fun with a new found passion of mine…

Graphic design.

I really like graphic design, and I’ve just started to learn how to use Photoshop.

I actually want to start using it to create caricatures with, but that isn’t easy.

What I have created lately is a little easier to make.

Custom memes…




These are some examples of what I’ve been doing.

Today I will create more.

In fact, it’s my hope to create the title image for this post..! So hopefully, by time your are this far into this post, you will long ago already have seen that.

Also I haven’t mentioned Paint Nite with Joe, yet…




Hey did I ever tell you about my venue where I host Paint Nite with Joe and how it gets a really bad rap for being in a not so great area..?

The place is decent..! I swear, it is..!

But Jesus..!

This place can’t catch a break..!

And it’s shit like this that is why that is.


Oh well. Maybe I’ll just try to act like it didn’t happen.

Regardless of all that, today is going to be a good day…

I’m going to make it a good day.

You should make today a good day too.




































Out with the old, and in with the new.

I’m not going to expose the temp service for the frauds that they are.

I’m not going to expose all the bullshit they do and the people involved.

I’m not…

Or, am I..?

We’ll see I guess.

So, yesterday..!!!!


Let me give you the run down.

It all started Monday afternoon on my way back to the temp service to pick up a check I had no idea was going to be so messed up…

Well, during that ride, I was on the phone with a good friend of mine named Lee who I was locked up with.

Lee got out a few months before me, and he has a really good job working in a plant that forms huge concrete structures that are used to build roadways and bridges.

I was talking to Lee about just how bad I needed a job (and a good one at that) ,and I was hoping he could help me find one where he worked at.

He told me to come out there where he worked and to try and fill out an application.


And when I say “out there…”

I mean, “out there..”

It’s a decent little hump out to where he works.

So, I said “ok.” And hoped that sometime this week I would be able to get out there.

Yesterday, I don’t go to work because what work is there really for me.

So, with that, I decide to try to find a way out there.

But I have no ride at all.

Then, as a last resort, I place an ad on craigslist “looking for a driver..”

“$10.00 an hr.,” I say in the ad.

I figured whatever I would spend on this trip would be cheaper than an uber at least. So fuck it…

I took a chance and placed the ad…

Within half an hour I had 3 responses.

I rolled the dice, picked a name, and told him to “come on.”

Funny how this guy ends up being a guy I know from probation who I took a “thinking for a change” class with.

Cool cat, though.

And soon, we were on the road.

We get out to the monstrosity of a compound that this concrete plant is about 45 mins later.

I am amazed by the size of the concrete pieces this place makes.

They are the biggest damn structures I have ever seen.

dscn0144 copy.jpg

I go inside and ask the receptionist if I can fill out an application and she says “sure.”

So I do so, and when done she asked me if I had any experience.

My common, yet vague response is always the same…

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I have tons of experience in a lot of different construction fields.”

She told me to hold on a sec.

Then came back with a man who turned out to be the plant manager.

I talked with him briefly and must of made an impression with him because I said ” go on to the back and lets fill out the rest of your paperwork.”

“Holy shit,” I thought…

I am about to get a real job…!

I go to the back and met a woman who gave me a paper to take to an off site medical center.

I go there and take the drug test.

Pass that, of course.

Then come back and take a safety test. Then fill out my tax information. Then take a picture for my id badge and BOOM..!

Today I start my very first day on a job my homeboy Lee said is more of a CAREER..!

This company pays top dollar and has tons of overtime, benefits and room for advancement.

Plus they build shit..!

And people are always building shit…!

There will always be work here.

It’s tough and hard work. But it’s a real fucking job…

And a good one too.

I am blessed to have this opportunity.

Oh and my criminal record which I had to include…

They couldn’t have gave a damn about that.

Today starts the first day of a new chapter in my life of freedom.

And with that, I ain’t looking back.

The temp service was bullshit and I got a major grudge with them folks for a number of reasons. But I’ll give them the benefit of just leaving it be…

I will try to pay it forward as Lee did for me, and if I can help any individuals find work as I have, I will do so.

As for the mural work, that had to be rescheduled for the time being until I can figure out what my work weeks are going to look like.

And it’s ironic too, as I was walking through the plant yesterday, a woman called me about a Paint Nite with Joe event…

Had to reschedule that, too.

Wish me luck.

Today is day one.
































The perfect job for a felon with no job skills, training, or transportation.

There is always a story when it comes to the daily adventures of Joe.

I don’t mean to speak of myself in third person.

But there really is no other way to put it…


Well, maybe there is another way to put it.

Hell, maybe there are a hundred other ways to put it.

But that’s what we’re going with here..!


Yesterday I’m given some work through the temp service and it’s not the normal construction laborer…

Or flagging work.

Or banquet serving.

Or laundry gig.


This time it’s holding a sign up on the side of the road for a bingo hall.

I was offered this job before, and I turned it down.

I won’t lie.

My pride wouldn’t let me do this at first.

All I could think about is those people who have to get dressed up and dance their little jig while holding up a sign for the tax places…

I really did not want to do this job.

But desperate times call for desperate measures…

And yesterday I found myself in an Uber on my way to this job.

Spent $20.00 just to get there, too.

But got there I did. And the first thing I noticed when I arrived…





There were murals painted on the side of the building…

2 of them.

I walked inside, spoke with the woman. She pointed the sign out to me and I was out to the street to walk around holding up a sign.

The first thought that went through my mind…

This has got to be what it feels like to be homeless and holding a sign up on the side of the road.

It was pretty humiliating, at first.

Then I thought, “I wonder if I’d make more money just holding up a sign that said homeless.”

After awhile, the humiliating feeling started to fade as I started thinking about other things…

Like how I could incorporate some murals at this bingo hall to help advertise…

Then I started looking at places on the building where I could do some murals.



Then I started thinking about when I went to take my break, how I was going to go in there, find the guy in charge, and pitch him on some work.

Then I started thinking about “mopeds…”



Little 50cc scooters that are street legal and you don’t need a license for…

I need a moped.

And here is why…

  1. I will never see a license unless I find more/better work, where I can make more money to begin paying off my court fines.
  2. I won’t find that more/better work unless I have transportation to and from work.
  3. I could be more mobile and less reliant on individuals.
  4. I could even go out and sell mural work and paint parties to other venues… Getting there when I need to… And getting where I need to go… Self sufficiently.
  5. I could save the “ton” of money that I’m spending in Ubers and rides… In two days, I’ve spent $50.00 in rides… That’s a tenth of what a moped is going to cost me.



So, yep… I need a moped.

I thought all of this through thoroughly while standing on the side of the road yesterday…

It’s crazy the stuff you think about while standing on the side of the road in a humiliating manner. Almost anything just to keep your mind off of what it is that your doing.

By the way…

I’m going to need some help trying to get this moped too.

So you know…

I was thinking of a crowd funding campaign.

Maybe like if I could get EVERYONE to invest like FIVE DOLLARS into Joe’s Moped Mobility Fund…

Sounds like this thing is coming together already..!


Just throwing that out there…

So, the day continued. And at 2 PM, I took my break.

And just like I envisioned, I went inside, found who I needed to find…

THE OWNER of the bingo hall..!

I introduced myself as “Joe,” the guy outside holding the sign up. And I said I’m also an artist who specializes in mural painting.

He was very interested in this and there seems to be a good chance that I might actually be able to line up some mural work at this place.

Oh, and not to mention…


I talked to him about those, too. And he seemed very interested in that, as well.

And what a location this venue would be for those…

He can probably seat 500 people here..!

Just I have no idea what he is going to want as far as money goes to rent this place for those events…



It’s a really nice location.

We’ll see what happens.

I have to put together some ideas and meet with him next week.

There is a good chance this could turn out to be my first mural job in the free world.

All because I decided to swallow my pride and do whatever I must to get by right now…

Well, I say do whatever I must…

But I’m not too sure about all that entirely.

I mean, and this is going to sound wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy out of left field…

But I found this guy on craigslist yesterday who wants to buy my dirty underwear.

How’s that for an ending leaving you wanting more..?

Or, maybe way less.
















































Valentines Day or an Ex Prisoner.

Today is Valentines Day. And this is the first Valentines Day I get to spend out in the free world…

I’m going to try and make today a nice special day for me and my girlfriend. Because truth be told, every holiday I’ve been out here for thus far has been a disaster.

Seriously, every one of them.


My birthday-not so much.

Thanksgiving-big disaster.

Christmas-big disaster.

New years-huge disaster.

Yep I don’t think there has been a holiday yet that hasn’t turned out to be a disaster …

So, there’s hope for today that that won’t happen.

Sorry also for snapping a little lately. And thank God I didn’t post YESTERDAY…

OhmyGod that would have been…


A disaster.

Yep, times are tough as fuck right now for ol Joe out here in the free world…

Bills are piling up.

Work has not been the best (as in actually having work that is….)

And old demons are playing on my conscious quite a bit.

But despite all that, I’m still focused on keeping on…

Gotta maintain the good fight and keep an optimistic outlook.

I’m constantly looking for BETTER MORE STABLE work.

And I’m looking to further my art ventures as much as I can, too.

Something will come from all this dedication as long as I just stay after it.

And stay after it, I do.

Today, I just want today to be a good day. A day where I can make my girlfriend happy and I can get done what I am supposed too.

You know, all this that I’m going through right now is EXACTLY why guys end up going back to prison…

It’s fucking de ja vu.

I mean, this was how it all started for me the last time before I spiraled out of control and ended up getting arrested and sent back to prison for 7 years.

I can’t let that happen this time.

And I won’t.

I remember the last time, back in 2008…

I had just gotten laid off from my job because of the “recession.”

I asked my girlfriend at the time, I said, “what is something that would make you NOT want to be with me..?”

“If you didn’t have a job and if we had no money.” She said.


Drug sales entered the picture.

Definitely not going down that road again.

Moving on to more positive things…

It’s Valentines Day folks..! And I hope yours is a special one spent with someone just as special..!

I’m thankful that I’m not in prison for this one and that I’m able to spend it out here with the woman I love. No matter the circumstances. Fuck it for today.

Today is about love.

Tomorrow the stress can return.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.






























Jobs and resources for ex cons… or the lack of.

So I just shot and debuted a new video for The After Prison Show about jobs and resources for ex cons…

Also there is a new discussion based format to the show for the time being due to a lack of funds and me essentially being broke. Yet, still trying to keep the show going…

Check out the video here.

Comment and let me know your thoughts..!

I was drinking when I wrote this…

What a day..!

And what a night, too…!

I mean, it’s Friday night and I’m sitting here typing up a post..!


Can somebody say “no life..!”


Please don’t take offense anyone who might also have spent there Friday night the same.

So, yeah…

What a day..!

Thank God it’s over with, too..!

Today I worked my awesome flagging job making the big bucks..!

No amount of 30+ mph winds that threatened to blow the stop/slow paddle out of my hand all day, or reckless drivers barreling down on me at breakneck speeds could out my flame when it comes to what the pay is like with this gig…

It’s all well worth the sacrifice…

Like working 8 hours straight with no lunch break..!

But thats another thing altogether. You know, for the labor board…


Or, am I..?

So, yeah…

I want to talk about something…

It would appear to me that certain folks are not happy with my videos as of late.

I’ve had a few NASTY comments, which I can handle.

Unfortunately I erased them which now I’m having mixed feelings about.

But still…

I understand that not everyone is going to like everything that I create..!

Some folks would like to argue that employers could get mad or upset for BLASTING and exposing the workplace…

But let me ask you something in relation to that…

Folks, where do I work..?

Do you know..?



Because it’s the same philosophy as when I was in prison and I would never mention the name of the facility I was housed at…

That way I never truly BLAST or EXPOSE anyone in particular. Or anything.

Or any place.

I do this ever so strategically as to not interrupt the flow of the cosmos…

In laments terms…

I’m not going to put at risk anyone or anything….

I’m a pretty smart guy I like to think.

Sometimes I’d even go as far as to call myself “genius..”

It’s true. Really.

I’m not some dumb fuck just posting with no direction or purpose here…

Let my words resonate with you…

By the end of 2016, it’s my hope to reach a major cable network..!

Remember that.

So yeah, if I upset some folks along the way. Well, I apologize…

But what I’m working towards is much bigger than that. Some folks won’t believe in it.

Some may even lose faith in my capability…

But hear these words…

Where one stops believing…

I’ll make three more believe.

If you hear me bitch and complain about minimum wage on a construction job…

Ask yourself this first before you pass judgement…

Would you work construction for minimum wage…?

Ass busting, psychical work all day..?

No. You wouldn’t. How ever you try and spin it.

You wouldn’t.

And if you did, for some miraculous reason…

You would say that you would do whatever you had to to improve upon the situation…

I.E. I shoot videos…

Because it’s through this extra ordinary measure that I WILL improve upon MY situation.

So, that’s about the gist of it.

What I create, I hope you enjoy and I hope you feel it…

Because it gets more real by the day.

And I’m pulling LESS punches by the day as well.

Rock with me folks…

Stay with me.

Even if one or two videos you’re like “ehhh.”

I’ll come back like “BLAM” with the follow up.

Thank you all for sticking around.

Bigger and better things are on the way.
































































I’ve been smoking crack lately…

I’ve been MIA lately, to say the least…

The reason for that is because I’ve been smoking crack.

No, I’m kidding..!

But I sure got your attention didn’t I..?

Note to bloggers, myself included…

Want eyes on your content…?

Then use big time titles to your sh&t like this one.

Hey, have a f&%kin sense of humor..!

But, hey…

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me see if I can keep it…

and maybe also warp your mind a little to  get you to do a few things…

But we’ll get to all that  in a minute…

So, MIA I have been lately and why…

Well, I’ve actually been working a legitimate JOB this last week..!

Yep, thanks to some pretty awesome people who really believe in me, they lined me and my new buddy Wayne up with this construction “flagging traffic” gig…

Sounds pretty lame, right..?

Well, hell..!

We’re making  good money just to hold a sign up..!

We’re making a hundo a day and we don’t even have to get dirty..!

Oh, by the way…

“A hundo…”

That’s one hundred dollars.

We just stand in the road, looking good, watching people drive by…

Some even wave at us…

Then again, some yell and scream at us and tell us to get out of the f&%king road.

Someone blew me a kiss.

I’m so awesome.

So yeah working…

Not Crack.

That’s the reason why I been MIA.

Oh, and let me tell you about my working buddy…

This guy is about as gangster as it gets.

It’s crazy, because where I live which I can NOW FINALLY DISCLOSE…

It was bureaucratic bullshit that prevented me from doing so before…

But, where I live…

In the heart of downtown Newport News.



And there is always shit going on down here…

Hell let me just give you one of headlines from the last few days…

There was this big shoot out with police.

It’s pretty much shit like this on a daily basis…

But back to my super gangster work buddy…

He is always telling me about the crazy shit that goes on in “the hood.”

Hell, turns out there is a MAJOR GANG TURF WAR going on right outside my front door and I was completely unawares.

Nice to know these things though.

You know, just in case I’m ever riding down the main strip and sh&t “pops off.”

You sort of gotta always be prepared for sh%t like that in downtown Newport News.

So yep.

It’s been working a legitimate job lately, and NOT smoking crack that has been the reason I’ve been missing in action.

Oh, and that last post that just said “I’ve been working lately..”

Yeah, that was an attempt to put a post together that I never had a chance to put anything more together on…

And then, somehow just decided to post itself.

Now, on to all the mind warp talk…

Hey if you’re not familiar with the youtube channel that accompanies this blog, then you really should check it out.

New content is coming soon.

Got some new episodes in mind right now and I hope to get one of those shot this upcoming week.

So in the meantime, you really should check out what we’ve already been doing…

And then subscribe to our channel.


Mind warp.

Well, that’s it for now.

Take care.

And try not to smoke any crack.

It really isn’t good for you.


















































Gang bangin’, Gunshots, and a Police standoff over an Internet Star dating a MINOR..!

I never got around to adding this part the what I told you about yesterday… What with the 4 million gunshots I heard on New Years in my downtown projects place of residence …

Two nights ago, I’m laying in bed. Awake, and it’s late…

And I hear from somewhere in the relative distance…



Then nothing for about two minutes…

Then sirens.

Someone just died, I thought for sure.M-NYPD-OIS-Aug2013



Yep. That’s what it is.

So the other day Levi tells me about this guy our home state of Virginia Virginia who has blown up off of “Vine.” And who also has this million-plus follower count on Facebook.

Bryan Silva.

Don’t know who Bryan Silva is…?

Well, don’t worry. You are about to be educated…

Who is Bryan Silva…?

So this guy has about a thousand videos like this one and worse. And if you’re wondering how a guy like this could ever blow up to the level of success he has amassed…


Here is a BIG part of how he did.

If you’ve pulled yourself back together enough after dying from laughing so hard…

Oh C’MOM,,!

That shit is hilarious..!

Here’s a little news…

So Bryan Silva was just arrested a couple days ago in a standoff around his home, which you can sure bet he posted a video of in the midst of the entire situation..!

Bryan Silva standoff video.

Then the creme Del la creme…

The news story.

So allegedly this guy was arrested for abducting his 17 year old girlfriend…

He’s 25.

Is that a thing…?

Like, is there something wrong with that…?

Being 25 and dating a 17 year old.


Aside from all that…

Personally, I like Bryan Silva.

I think he’s got a really great personality and he’s got a great head on his shoul…

OK so maybe not all that.

But he definitely has the “social media game” on SMASH..!

And I also think he would be a great guest on The After Prison Show.

What sucks for him though, is that if he gets convicted of these charges against him…

Well, they’re pretty serious and could carry a SHIT TON of time.

Hope it works out for him.

It’s gotta be a lot of responsibility being young and famous….

17 year olds must be like crack out there or something.

I mean ” Tyga”has pretty much set the bar for that type of shit..!

But that’s all for that.

So today The After Prison Show is supposed to shoot it’s biggest episode yet..!

No more details than that right now… Just in case you never know.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode called “We got the mics…” Please check that out .

And other than that, I hope everyone has an awesome day…!