There is no rest while in pursuit of what some might consider impossible… Even on Labor Day.

It’s Labor Day and that’s an important day for me.

  1. I have today off from my hell-like job.
  2. I have an opportunity to work on my videos and this blog.
  3. It’s almost been one year since I’ve been released from prison.

Wow. Next month marks one year since I came home from being locked up for almost a decade.

I’ve done a hell of a lot in that year, too!

I’m very proud of how far I’ve gotten just to be where I am now.

There is a lot of news to report about this blog and AfterPrisonShow on YouTube.

So lets begin.

First, there will be some changes coming to this blog very soon. Not really sure what exactly those changes will be. To be honest. But I have cancelled my premium plan here on wordpress. Which I think will mean something like this blog may go back to I think that is one of the major ones…

But no matter what changes do come. I will continue to post new content and updates here as often as I’m able too.

Next, there are some new videos to look out for on YouTube from AfterPrisonShow.

These new videos are ones that I think you will find highly entertaining and interesting. So please check them out as I get them uploaded.

I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with Joewriteshiswrongs/AfterPrisonShow throughout all this time. And I want you to know that I feel like I’m really starting to find my way with all of this that I have set out to do.

Things are definitely starting to pick up for me and my social ventures. And I want to thank all of you who have supported an ex prisoner turned good guy who is just trying to turn it all around for once in his life.

I hope my story and my perseverance will serve to motivate others somehow.

And just know that even on Holidays such as Labor Day when folks are supposed to rest from labor…

I’m working.

Whether at my job or at my dream…

I’m always working.

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An awesome adventure and a theme park

It’s Monday morning and I’m up early for no reason pertaining to work…

I don’t have to be at my job til like 1 in the afternoon.

I don’t sleep much as it is. But on days like this where I have the chance to get some work done before I have to be at,well, “work.” I like to get an early jump on things.

Yesterday I went to a theme park with my girlfriend, brother, and nephew. And this was one of the few times I’ve had the chance to spend time with my family since being home from prison.

It was a great time too.

I had big plans to shoot an awesome video of the adventure that would be going to this theme park. And I did shoot a pretty awesome video.

But as usually what happens when a big video is planned…

Technical difficulties arose that made me have to abandon certain aspects of that awesome video idea.

I brought two cameras with me.

One for the car ride and one for in the park and on the rides.

Well, the second camera was my GoPro like camera that was too be used in the park.

It died very soon after getting inside the park. And what footage I did capture on it…


I realized yesterday just how crappy that camera really is.

Horrible picture and sound quality.

Now I have plans to either destroy the camera or sell it.

Not sure which of those options would be more satisfying at this point.


With my GoPro “knock off” out of commission, it was up to my cell phone to capture what action I could inside the park.

By the end of the day, I captured enough to put together a video I was very pleased with…

You can see that video here if you’d like.

It really was great seeing my brother and his son and having the chance to catch up with them.

We rode a lot of rides and just overall had fun!

We have plans to visit this theme park again soon and this time I’ll be a lot more prepared camera-wise.

If you don’t watch this latest video I just uploaded for any other reason, you have to watch it for the scene where my nephew is eating this chocolate and marshmallow pizza…


Here is the video.










Offerup has some pretty dumb people on it…

I just learned about Offerup this week. And while doing so, I find the app to be pretty useful.

Well, that is if I could get anyone on there to actually sell me what they are advertising for sale…


I’ve seriously wanted to buy like two different things from this app. And everytime I attempt to buy something. I get bullshitted…

Why are you advertising something for sale if your NOT EVEN GOING TO SELL IT..!?

But thats not even what this is all about, actually.

If fact, what this really is about is some of the dumb shit you see on this app that people are TRYING TO SELL..!!

My goodness…

I’ve seen some dumb shit up there already in just the WEEK that I’ve known about it.

So much in fact, that I actually just made a video about a few of these crackhead bargains.!!

I hope you’re interested to see just what I’ve ran across on this app. And if so, click here for more.

Also, if you are familiar with the Offerup app, please comment and let me know some of the strange things you’ve seen OFFERED for sale.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!













Me and Kanye are on the same level now.

So Kanye is 53 mil in debt and he reaches out to Mark Zuckerburg for a 1 billion dollar investment on TWITTER.!

To which one of Marks aquaintences comments back to saying “hey Yesus.. If you’re going to ask a guy for a billion dollars…”

“You might pick another way to do so besides Twitter..”

Love this guy..!

Then on facebook I see that there is a gofundme campaign set up for Kanye with a goal amount of 53 million dollars…!

Oh and that’s NOT even the crazy part…!

The crazy part is that it’s already raised over 7,000 dollars..!!!

So I go try to find this campaign on gofundme, and while there, I search “Kanye…”

There were literally THOUSANDS of these campaigns set up..!

What the fuck.!!?

So that inspired me to create a little Kanye Cartoon this morning…

Yep that’s how I’m feeling about all this Kanye bullshit..!

And hey if people will just throw money at this guy to help him get out of debt…

I wonder if they’d support a more worthy cause..?

Like me trying to get a moped for transportation to work.

Just a thought.

Getting played by a company that exploits people in desperate situations

Yesterday I went on a job interview where I got completely played…

First, I find a job ad talking about 15.00/hr…

Something about talking to customers…

Handling questions…

I’m thinking its some sort of call center.

I get a call from a chick about the job. She sells me on it even more.

I’m completely blinded by the fact they’re talking about 15/hr and that my record won’t matter.

Then I get another call at noon telling me I’ve got an interview and I need to be there at 12:30..!

So I haul ass, get dressed, call uber, and get over there as fast as I can.

Even during the interview, I still have no idea what all this is about.

But then I start to piece it together…

The empty boiler room of an office…

Talks of going out and setting up client meetings…

Turns out they want me to buy some kitchen knife from them, then go out and try to sell them..!

“Oh shit…”

What the he’ll have I gotten myself into..?

I’m sitting here selling myself like a motherf@&er and this is all bullshit.

Wasted 30 damn dollars in uber rides to go do this..!

But, I learned a few things…

1) I can get ready for ANY interview at the drop of a hat and go in there and nail it..!

Hell they told me to dress nice…


Only pair I have are the PRISON ones I got released in..!

Had to wear those and I still looked as good as the others who got played right along with me..

I also learned…

2) not everything that sounds good really is…

A little cliche, I know. But really true.

I mean, desperation can lead you to move hastily and without better judgment.

So I gotta remember in the future to always analyze the prospect fully before diving headfirst into a potentially shallow grave.

Yesterday I did complete my resume. So I plan to start using that in my job hunting efforts.

Because I really have to find a decent job.

Today, I’m holding a sign up on the side of the road like a liberty tax Statue of Liberty person…

You gotta do what you gotta do until that right thing comes along…

I just hope someone will see my resume and think that I have the right qualifications for the job they are seeking to fill…


Hey and check out the latest episode of The After Prison Show if you haven’t yet seen it..!

Click here to for The After Prison Show.

Watching a fly die, a video, an interview, and a robbery.

The other day I watched an old house fly die.

It was kind of poetic actually…

This thing was HUGE.

It was buzzin’ around slowly. Not really going anywhere in particular.

Skipper, my cat, was chasing it around, as well.

He might have had a few swings at it.

But then, later, I noticed it in the window…

Slowly walking across the glass.

For every few steps it took, it fell a little further down the window. Until finally, it was at the bottom and on the window sill. Almost completely lifeless.

A few shutter movements.

A twitch.

Then nothing.

It was quite and interesting thing actually.

And somehow and for some reason, I thought to myself that this vanquishing of life from this bug represented something so much more…

Maybe it represented my chances of succeeding out here in the world.

Or my dreams…


But then, just as quickly as I thought all of that.

I stopped.

Hell, it was just a fly..!

Figured I’d open with that because it had been something I had wanted to mention since I witnessed it.

Yesterday, I shot the second installment to a series for The After Prison Show about jobs and resources for ex cons returning home after incarceration.

It turned out really well, and if you haven’t yet seen it,  please do so here.

Also, something else and totally off subject…

But a web magazine called Virginia Flair just published an interview they did with me from two months ago.

Something is off with the page layout and there are a few errors in the text about exact words I said…

Like “minimums” instead of “minimal s.”

And fish “packing,” not “tacking” house…

But other than that, I was very blessed, and also honored, for the opportunity to be featured.

Click here to check out the interview.

Also, something ELSE totally off subject from all of that…

I was googling something this morning…

Looking for the perfect image to use to advertise my latest video…

So while googling “options for ex cons,” guess what I found a picture of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom.?



I found my own damn picture.

Pretty crazy,right.?

I guess I’m an option for ex cons..!

Or more so The After Prison Show. Because it was clicking the link included that took me right here..!

Just thought I ‘d share all that with you.

So today isn’t looking too promising for work right this second.

Hopefully something will pan out. Regardless, if it doesn’t, I’ll just try to make it happen my own way…

And not the way a guy I know from prison just tried to make it…

Heard last night he robbed another guy I know from prison…

The revolving door keeps revolving if you keep revolving with it, I guess.

Whelp, that’s my time folks..!

Have a great one as I attempt to do the same.

Do not be beaten and keep fighting the good fight.!

Take care.




































A video that explains a little more.

Well today I had some work and I was thankful for that….

Turned out to only be half a day though. But that’s ok too…

Left me plenty of time to shoot part two of an episode for The After Prison Show about jobs and resources for ex cons…

Check it out here.

Let me know what you think.! Comment and subscribe..!

Friends on the inside are not friends on the outside…

SO, I was going to write a post called “5 things I learned in the 4 months since being freed from prison…”

But then I thought better of it. And now, instead, I have 5 AWESOME titles for 5 individual blog posts..!

How ingenious is that..?!

And what a title to start with…

Friends on the INSIDE are NOT friends on the OUTSIDE.

Now this doesn’t apply to every single person I met while incarcerated. But it does apply to the majority of the individuals I met while “in the clink.”

What’s saddest is that it’s the ones that you really think are genuine friends.

Good hearted, decent people.

Quick note.

Like .99999999999999% of shit heads in the can are good hearted decent people.

Hey, I like to think I’m part of that .999999999999 percentile. But, then again. I’m sure some would argue that fact.

Some Who may have considered ME a friend on the inside and for whatever reason don’t now on the outside.

I can you from my own observations what I think a big part of all this has to do with…

And that is jealously and envy and greed.

Guys you may have known while incarcerated. Especially, like minded individuals…

Artists ESPECIALLY… Will learn to HATE you on the outside for pursuing the things you may have spent countless days or even YEARS talking about while on the inside. And then actually seeing those things through.

I won’t put names to any of this. Because like I said in a previous post, I try not to EXPOSE too much truth here…

But what I will say is out of 3 artist friends I had while in prison, two are no longer really friends…

One is a SUPER HATER of my efforts to make it.

And one..

Well, he did some dirt ball shit.

He fucked this chick I was living with who was my home plan after my release and thinks I didn’t know that he did that.

The bigger point to all that was that I didn’t care that he did that.

But after he did, he stopped talking to me and deleted me from his friends on Facebook.

Kind of funny, honestly.

But the 3rd artist friend from the inside…

Well, he still is a FRIEND..!

So, HOORAY for that..!

And a special shout out to ol’ ANDERSEN here..!

This 3 artist example is just that….

This applies and reaches far beyond these guys and far beyond me, as well.

And hell, for all I know, maybe those two artist friends were never really friends in the first place…

Maybe they never really liked me, and only hung around because I always had some ingenious ideas for the free world.

Maybe they were “idea leeches..”

There are too many variables to try and “exact-la-fy” it.

My blog…

I can make words up if I want to.

Another variable worth mentioning is this…

Not everyone has the same mindset about life after prison…

Some guys may act like they REALLY WANT to CHANGE.

But in all actuality, they don’t want too.

That’s the magnificent thing about an addict…

They’re masterful level of deception.

Hell, I was an addict, too.


Makes you wonder doesn’t it..?

Let me get back on track here while you sit and question everything I’ve ever written and recorded.


Like I said, not everyone is going to really be too concerned for changing their lives for the utmost better in the free word, and stopping at nothing until they do.

But that’s my mentality.

Others might not be “feeling” that in the free world.

Others might be more concerned for other things.

Maybe drugs.

Who knows.

The point to all this was to blast one individual without naming him. And to address a key fact that I learned in the 4 months since being freed from prison…

People on the inside may very well NOT be who you thought they were on the outside…

Hell, I’ve even said before that no one is really a friend in prison…

There are no real friends behind those walls.

Everyone has an ulterior motive.


Whether it’s as innocent as just to have someone to help pass the time with. Or as sinister as digging for information and trying to get all that you can from an individual…

There is always an ulterior motive.


And that is why MOST ALL friends on the inside ARE NOT friends on the outside.

Minus .99999999999%

























































Tryin to take over the city and NOT go back to my OLD WAYS

It’s 6 am Wednesday morning and I’ve been up since 4.

That’s my usual wake up time when I’m working and lately I’ve been working as much as I can.


Jesus, they never stop.

I’m almost drowning at this point, just barely scraping by. But, I’m working…

And everything I make goes into bills.

It’s crazy to think that this is the most responsible I’ve ever been in my 33 years. But it’s true.

I’m being hella responsible.

It’s also ironic how I’m just starting on the Sons of Anarchy series from the beginning, and in episode 2 season 1, Opie comes home from prison with all intentions of trying to live right. But debt causes him to go back to his old ways…

I can relate to that a lot.

But I’m definitely NOT trying to go back to my OLD WAYS…

I’m working.

And I’m working extra hard.

Sometimes for shit pay.

Sometimes for GREAT pay.

Regardless, I’m working. And I’m thankful to be able to do that.

All thanks to the temp service, as well.

Without them, I would have NO job.

But, also as I’m working, I’m working on my own things, as well.

Got an upcoming Paint Nite With Joe event in 6 days. Which should bring me some much needed extra money.

This is the painting I’ll be teaching too. It’s a Valentines Day theme…


Also, just yesterday on my lunch break at work…

Wayne showed me this new place to eat. And it was then that I realized even more how things happen for a reason…

Inside this restaurant I saw some of the worst mural work I have ever seen. Which caused me to investigate a little further.

I found out the the place is owned by a Korean couple and being that my girlfriend is Korean, I had her call and talk to them…

I have a meeting with them this weekend where I can give them a proposal for some new work.

If all goes well there, that could be the start of what I’d really like to get too…

“Paint Nite With Joe and Mural Restorations…”

That’s going to be the name of my business, I think…

So, we’ll see.

Oh and to show you some of the work inside this restaurant…

Check these out… Also give ol Paint Nite With Joe a “like” while your there… Thanks..!

So yep, that about sums it up.

That’s what’s going on.

Hoping to shoot a new video soon. So I hope your looking forward to that as much as I am…LOL

As I end this, I hope you have a great day and make the most of it no matter what the circumstances you face are.

Nothing is impossible. And no matter what, you gotta keep moving forward.

Live by that.




































A news story and a news chick…

I’m not sure what these two things will have in common other than they both in some form or fashion deal with the news…

One being a story I just saw on the news this evening.

The other being a reportress of the news.



I think I may have just made that up. And if I did, it is genius..!

Moving on.

Let’s start first with the story that I saw on wavy TV 10 at 6 pm…

It was a segment called “life after release..”

It featured a couple of ex prisoners who were trying to find work after prison and the hardships they each faced…

Ironically similar to my webseries The After Prison Show. Which focuses on that as well..!

Pretty ironic.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see this segment…

Check it out here.

It’s pretty crazy and hits especially close to home for me… What with all that I’m doing with The After Prison Show.

So yeah….

That’s the news story.

Now for the news reporter.

“Naden Yanes..”

This news reporter I’ve watched now for some time.

I’m sure countless individuals such as myself are pretty familiar with who she is. Especially in the local area and those who watch WTKR News channel 3.

For no other reason other than on Facebook I saw that she updated her profile pic, I drew this’s cartoon of her.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that while in prison I had the idea to caricature the entire News Channel 3 cast…

So maybe this is the start to that. And maybe one of them sees what I created of them and are like “hey, that’s pretty awesome.”

Which maybe leads them to do a little investigative reporting into who I am and what all this talk about The After Prison Show is about…

And they’re then like ” oh wow, this is interesting…

And then that leads to…

Well you get the idea.

So with all that and without further ado..

Here is Nadeem Yanes and the caricature i did of her.