An awesome adventure and a theme park

It’s Monday morning and I’m up early for no reason pertaining to work…

I don’t have to be at my job til like 1 in the afternoon.

I don’t sleep much as it is. But on days like this where I have the chance to get some work done before I have to be at,well, “work.” I like to get an early jump on things.

Yesterday I went to a theme park with my girlfriend, brother, and nephew. And this was one of the few times I’ve had the chance to spend time with my family since being home from prison.

It was a great time too.

I had big plans to shoot an awesome video of the adventure that would be going to this theme park. And I did shoot a pretty awesome video.

But as usually what happens when a big video is planned…

Technical difficulties arose that made me have to abandon certain aspects of that awesome video idea.

I brought two cameras with me.

One for the car ride and one for in the park and on the rides.

Well, the second camera was my GoPro like camera that was too be used in the park.

It died very soon after getting inside the park. And what footage I did capture on it…


I realized yesterday just how crappy that camera really is.

Horrible picture and sound quality.

Now I have plans to either destroy the camera or sell it.

Not sure which of those options would be more satisfying at this point.


With my GoPro “knock off” out of commission, it was up to my cell phone to capture what action I could inside the park.

By the end of the day, I captured enough to put together a video I was very pleased with…

You can see that video here if you’d like.

It really was great seeing my brother and his son and having the chance to catch up with them.

We rode a lot of rides and just overall had fun!

We have plans to visit this theme park again soon and this time I’ll be a lot more prepared camera-wise.

If you don’t watch this latest video I just uploaded for any other reason, you have to watch it for the scene where my nephew is eating this chocolate and marshmallow pizza…


Here is the video.











I saw a man killed today at my job…


I hadn’t really had any intentions on writing anything lately.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s been all sorts of stuff I could have posted about. But, I just didn’t want too, to be honest.

I guess I had lost my interest in things here.

But today has been a day that has changed all that.

Let me first start by saying that I really appreciated the job that I have…

It’s a good job for a guy like me.

I’m an ex con with limited skills, and no drivers license.

Yet, this job has given me an opportunity to work hard and prove myself.

I make decent money that I am able to survive on. But there is a down side to this, as well…

It’s a grueling ass busting job at a concrete plant, where you work insane hours under high stress and very dangerous conditions.

To give you an example of what I mean here, just yesterday I worked until from noon until 1am. Then I had to be back at work today at 4am for what was supposed to be about a 16+ hour day.

Well, by the fact that I’m typing this up at 10:55am, I’m sure you can imagine that that wasn’t the case today.

And the reason is because something horrific happened today at work.

It started at about 8:15am…

We were in the middle of a “long pour.”

We were pouring concrete into a form that is about 100 yards long.

It’s a tall form too…

Inside of a huge building with huge bay doors at the end of it.

Through those bay doors we can see out into the yard where everything is moving all the time.

Tons and tons of heavy equipment.

From the top of the form, my crew and I can see everything.

It was there I watched this guy who works on the clean up crew walk by carrying a wheelbarrow outside towards the dumpster.

He was smiling.

Then, the first thing happened.

Our large overhead crane that transports a huge bucket of concrete from the ground to the top of the form for pouring stopped working.

It just stopped and we didn’t know why.

A mad panic broke out because these pours are serious money…

Your talking hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line for a single pour.

Mechanics were called and we were left waiting.

Then a big boss walked by and said that the other overhead crane had caught fire which probably fucked up our crane.

Before anyone could say or do or even think about that, there was a huge commotion from right outside the bay doors.

Everyone started rushing out into the yard saying that someone had just been killed.

From on top of the form my crew and I walked to the end of the form to see what the hell was going on. And it was there that I saw something that absolutely traumatized me…

There, laying on the ground was the guy who worked on the clean up crew, who I had just seen moments earlier.

He was right behind the 6 ft wheel of a giant travel lift.

I couldn’t even make sense of what I was seeing at first…

I didn’t understand what I was looking at…

At first I thought something had fallen from the lift and crushed his head.

It was gruesome.

The worst thing that I had ever seen before.

But then as my brain started to register with what my eyes were seeing, I realized that what I thought was on his head wasn’t anything at all.

It was the wheelbarrow…

Broken at the handles, while the rest of this guy laid on the ground completely crushed.

Somehow one of the giant four wheels of travel lift had caught this guy and ran him completely over.

I started to lose it as did everyone else.

I’m running on two hours of sleep, and I seriously thought I was going to throw up then pass out.

How the fuck did that happen..! I thought.

This guy was just right there..!

This is also something your not going to fully grasp because you didn’t see this for yourself…

But when I asked who that was because I thought it was someone else…

And then they told me…

Again, my brain couldn’t register this.

The guy they told me it was was short…

This guy looked tall.

But then I realized that the crushing weight of the machine probably caused that.

Everything went to hell after that.

When I first walked to the edge of the form to see this horrific tragedy…

It had just happened.

The spotter for the lift was standing right there looking at this guy.

The lift operator was in complete shock.

Then someone went up to the guy laying on the ground and must have realized there was nothing he could do.

He fell apart after that.

The scene was eventually cordoned off, and then the police arrived.

By that point, they were starting to send everyone home.

The plant completely shut down.

The pour we were in the middle of was chalked up as a loss as it very well should have been.

A man lost his life for this company today..!

Employees are seriously affected by this tragedy as I KNOW I am…

I will never get this imagine out of my head.

I’m not sure I’ll overcome the thoughts either…

This could have been anyone…

This could have been me..!

How horrific of a way to go being completely crushed to death..!

When the machine caught him, did he yell..?

Did he scream..?

Did he even have time too..?

In an instant, there was the result of all this.

When I came home, I needed someone to talk too….

So I called my mom and I cried…

Then I decided to walk to 7-11 to get some beer to try and dull these crazy thoughts I’m feeling about all this…

As I was walking, a truck pulled up beside me, and it was a guy from the plant I had seen around but never talked too.

He recognized the company shirt I still had on…

He offered to give me lift and asked if I knew the guy who was killed today and I said I had seen him around a bunch and talked to him on a few occasions. But that I didn’t know him, too well.

He knew the guy pretty well. And he cried too thinking about this crazy accident.

Life can be gone in an instant is what I saw first hand today.

Now I drink a beer for this guy because he, himself, will never get a chance to do so again.

God rest his soul.

Mi-Jack_Travelift_MJ_55_005.jpgThis is sort of like the kind of lift that killed this guy…

Only it was bigger and the operator sits alot higher up.

Here is the news story.











































First Day on the new job…

Yesterday was my first day on the new job and it was pretty interesting…

I got to work and met two other individuals who were to start yesterday, as well.

Turns out, I must have come at exactly the right time to fill out that application because it seemed there were doing a bit of hiring at that time…

So I get my new employee ID and get sent to my crew.


I’m now officially part of a “pour crew…” Which entails pouring concrete into huge steel boxes that are designed to form giant concrete structures.

Also the pour crew does a lot of clean up, as well. Which I don’t mind. Hell, that is all I did at the temp service..!

So yesterday being my first day, I met the guys on my crew and they all seemed to be pretty cool…

There are 5 of us workers, then a foreman and a bigger boss man. And of the 5 workers, 3 are new.

One has been there 2 days…

One has been there a week…

And one has been there 3 weeks.

Then add me to that and it’s a whole new crew, basically.

We were doing all clean up yesterday.

Lots of clean up.

Supposedly, in preparation for some “pours” that were scheduled for later that day…

And I mean way later too…

Like 9 PM.

We were supposed to work this super long day yesterday that could have gone till like MIDNIGHT..! But I think the weather caused that to be changed. Because the weather was really bad.

It started thunder storming and that killed the work day after only 5 hrs. But still, even though it was a short day. I learned a little of what the job entails.

I learned that we get 50-60 + hrs a week.

I’m making 10.00 an hr starting out. And after 90 days I’m eligible for like a 2-3 DOLLAR raise..!

Plus full benefits..!

Oh and by the way, this place is like prison on the outside world…

Meaning that EVERYONE here is an ex con..!

I have found home.

Also yesterday I got to kick it with my good friend LEE who helped me get this job and I haven’t seen him since prison..!

Lee is a stand up dude. And it’s great to be working with him.

I’m blessed to have this job. And I intend to make full use of it and not ever take this opportunity for granted.

I may never see another opportunity like this and because of that I have to do my very best with this.

There’s a real chance for me to get ahead for once since being out and I’m hoping to do just that.

Enjoy today everyone and make the most of it..!










































As an ex con trying to rebuild and reestablish his life in the free world, for every step I try to take in the right direction…

It seems something always happens that tries to push me further towards the wrong direction.

And after you read this, you’ll understand better when I say, “it’s almost like they want me to fail and go back to prison…”

Who is ” they..” You might wonder.

The system.

So here is the deal…

I’ve been working my day laborer job, trying to work as much as possible in an effort to get out from under the drowning debt I have in bills.

Well, yesterday I work all day. And when I go to pick up my check which should have been a little over 50 bucks…

Guess how much it ended up being..?

26 dollars..!

What the fuck..?! I said.

Where’s the rest of my check at..? I asked.

Turns out that money was taken for garnished wages due to outstanding court fines, and a processing fee the temp service is allowed to tack on in addition to that garnishment..!

This totaled OVER  50 % of my income yesterday..!!

So if I already couldn’t survive on 200 dollars a week, then there CERTAINLY is no way I’m going to be able to survive on less than that..!!

This is really fucked up..!

I mean, yes, I owe a shit ton in court fines that I must pay if I ever hope to see a drivers license again. But we’re talking around 15,000 dollars..!

I’ve been out of prison now for 4 months now after 7 years in..!

I’ve got no real job training or experience…

No license or trade…

Because of that, I don’t make shit and I haven’t been able to find a decent job, yet.

So I haven’t really yet been in a position to even THINK about paying on any of that yet…

What I do know is that these court fines and this EXTORTION of my wages are going to make it really hard to live off of 26 dollars a day.

How the hell can I expect to pay any bills with that..!?

Where do the courts AND the temp service get off taking over 5o % of my pay..?!

Hell, I’m already making these people a KILLING..! And then they’re gonna add on a processing fee for the garnishments..!

AND the processing fee is higher than the damn garnishment..!

That is total bullshit..!

I like to think I’m out here doing as much as I can in an effort to get my life back on track.

But every time I turn around it’s something else.!

Check out this day labor pay check…


That “Misc deduction” is the actually FEE the temp service TOOK for processing the garnishment..!

Here is my check before deductions…


And here it is after.



I’m going to shoot an Episode of The After Prison Show today about all of this, as well.

And it’s not going to be negative, either..

Aside from this crazy garnishment shit costing me more than half of my total earnings yesterday…

I do have quite a bit of good stuff going on regardless of all that.

Like the prospect of A REAL JOB..!

And a good one, too.

Oh, and today I’m going to give the bingo hall and preschool a bid for some mural work. I’ve got a meeting today at 6 PM for that.

Also, there are a few Paint Nite with Joe developments to mention, as well…!

So look updates to all of that coming in the near future…

And until then, how bout a laugh to stop the tears…

Help me out here…

I need a caption idea for this cartoon….

What do you think this guy should be saying to me after I see just how little my check is after all this garnishment extortion…


Whelp, that’s about all I got for now.

Hope all of you have an awesome Tuesday and make the most of it.

I have no choice but to do exactly that, myself.










































Valentines Day or an Ex Prisoner.

Today is Valentines Day. And this is the first Valentines Day I get to spend out in the free world…

I’m going to try and make today a nice special day for me and my girlfriend. Because truth be told, every holiday I’ve been out here for thus far has been a disaster.

Seriously, every one of them.


My birthday-not so much.

Thanksgiving-big disaster.

Christmas-big disaster.

New years-huge disaster.

Yep I don’t think there has been a holiday yet that hasn’t turned out to be a disaster …

So, there’s hope for today that that won’t happen.

Sorry also for snapping a little lately. And thank God I didn’t post YESTERDAY…

OhmyGod that would have been…


A disaster.

Yep, times are tough as fuck right now for ol Joe out here in the free world…

Bills are piling up.

Work has not been the best (as in actually having work that is….)

And old demons are playing on my conscious quite a bit.

But despite all that, I’m still focused on keeping on…

Gotta maintain the good fight and keep an optimistic outlook.

I’m constantly looking for BETTER MORE STABLE work.

And I’m looking to further my art ventures as much as I can, too.

Something will come from all this dedication as long as I just stay after it.

And stay after it, I do.

Today, I just want today to be a good day. A day where I can make my girlfriend happy and I can get done what I am supposed too.

You know, all this that I’m going through right now is EXACTLY why guys end up going back to prison…

It’s fucking de ja vu.

I mean, this was how it all started for me the last time before I spiraled out of control and ended up getting arrested and sent back to prison for 7 years.

I can’t let that happen this time.

And I won’t.

I remember the last time, back in 2008…

I had just gotten laid off from my job because of the “recession.”

I asked my girlfriend at the time, I said, “what is something that would make you NOT want to be with me..?”

“If you didn’t have a job and if we had no money.” She said.


Drug sales entered the picture.

Definitely not going down that road again.

Moving on to more positive things…

It’s Valentines Day folks..! And I hope yours is a special one spent with someone just as special..!

I’m thankful that I’m not in prison for this one and that I’m able to spend it out here with the woman I love. No matter the circumstances. Fuck it for today.

Today is about love.

Tomorrow the stress can return.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.






























Jobs and resources for ex cons… or the lack of.

So I just shot and debuted a new video for The After Prison Show about jobs and resources for ex cons…

Also there is a new discussion based format to the show for the time being due to a lack of funds and me essentially being broke. Yet, still trying to keep the show going…

Check out the video here.

Comment and let me know your thoughts..!

I was drinking when I wrote this…

What a day..!

And what a night, too…!

I mean, it’s Friday night and I’m sitting here typing up a post..!


Can somebody say “no life..!”


Please don’t take offense anyone who might also have spent there Friday night the same.

So, yeah…

What a day..!

Thank God it’s over with, too..!

Today I worked my awesome flagging job making the big bucks..!

No amount of 30+ mph winds that threatened to blow the stop/slow paddle out of my hand all day, or reckless drivers barreling down on me at breakneck speeds could out my flame when it comes to what the pay is like with this gig…

It’s all well worth the sacrifice…

Like working 8 hours straight with no lunch break..!

But thats another thing altogether. You know, for the labor board…


Or, am I..?

So, yeah…

I want to talk about something…

It would appear to me that certain folks are not happy with my videos as of late.

I’ve had a few NASTY comments, which I can handle.

Unfortunately I erased them which now I’m having mixed feelings about.

But still…

I understand that not everyone is going to like everything that I create..!

Some folks would like to argue that employers could get mad or upset for BLASTING and exposing the workplace…

But let me ask you something in relation to that…

Folks, where do I work..?

Do you know..?



Because it’s the same philosophy as when I was in prison and I would never mention the name of the facility I was housed at…

That way I never truly BLAST or EXPOSE anyone in particular. Or anything.

Or any place.

I do this ever so strategically as to not interrupt the flow of the cosmos…

In laments terms…

I’m not going to put at risk anyone or anything….

I’m a pretty smart guy I like to think.

Sometimes I’d even go as far as to call myself “genius..”

It’s true. Really.

I’m not some dumb fuck just posting with no direction or purpose here…

Let my words resonate with you…

By the end of 2016, it’s my hope to reach a major cable network..!

Remember that.

So yeah, if I upset some folks along the way. Well, I apologize…

But what I’m working towards is much bigger than that. Some folks won’t believe in it.

Some may even lose faith in my capability…

But hear these words…

Where one stops believing…

I’ll make three more believe.

If you hear me bitch and complain about minimum wage on a construction job…

Ask yourself this first before you pass judgement…

Would you work construction for minimum wage…?

Ass busting, psychical work all day..?

No. You wouldn’t. How ever you try and spin it.

You wouldn’t.

And if you did, for some miraculous reason…

You would say that you would do whatever you had to to improve upon the situation…

I.E. I shoot videos…

Because it’s through this extra ordinary measure that I WILL improve upon MY situation.

So, that’s about the gist of it.

What I create, I hope you enjoy and I hope you feel it…

Because it gets more real by the day.

And I’m pulling LESS punches by the day as well.

Rock with me folks…

Stay with me.

Even if one or two videos you’re like “ehhh.”

I’ll come back like “BLAM” with the follow up.

Thank you all for sticking around.

Bigger and better things are on the way.
































































Think your job sucks…

Hey everyone..! As I type this I’m up early pushing some new videos I’ve just recently published, and also getting ready for work…!

Yep, today I’m going back to my high paying flagging job after 3 loooong days out on a construction site where I just found out I was only making MINIMUM WAGE..!


Still, whatever…

I’m blessed to be able to go to work at all. So for that I’m thankful.

The construction job did suck, though. And what a fucking disaster that job was…

The guy we worked for was pretty cool, though. He told us how Osha was all over them for having 2 horrific ACCIDENTS in like two weeks..!

He showed me and my partner Wayne pictures of this guys legs who was crushed by 9000 lbs. of granite…

That shit didn’t even look real..!


But that gig is over now.

Ended with no hiring prospects. Which is always what I’m looking for out on these temp jobs.

I really do hope to find a good or even decent job out here.

What good did come from this is the two videos I shot while out on this job. One of which that has caused me to lose a subscriber to The After Prison Show channel on youtube.

Oh well, not everyone is going to be a fan all the time…

Everyone is going to have there opinions.

And I respect that.

This latest video is even worse than the first in the regard to why I lost that subscriber. But it’s a pretty good video that shows you and tells you a little more of what it’s been like in my working life lately.

So, please…

As always…

Check it out here.

I think I went just a little Bryan Silva with this one.

So my latest video gives you a little more insight into this crappy construction job that I just worked for the last two days…

A job that, like I said, is overrun by spanish workers who looked at me and Wayne like we were stepping wrong on their turf…

And a job that had me thinking quite a bit….

Like… How is it that we are only making $7.75/hr and we’re having to work so damn hard PICKING UP TRASH ALL DAY while everyone else around us was probably making MORE THAN US and they’re taking breaks all throughout the day..?!?

Didn’t think that was much fair.


Here’s one to kick the hornets nest with…

I wonder how many cartel dollars went into funding these Spanish run construction companies..?

Forget who is even legal or not…

How much drug money funded these companies..?

You’d be foolish to think none or not much.

But that’s just my opinion.

And just in case any of you out there are thinking I’m wrong for what I’m saying…

Remember this…

My last name is Guerrero.

That’s Spanish.

Pretty ironic if you ask me.

Well, if you haven’t been too offended by all this. Please check out the video here.

Comment and let me know your thoughts.

And if you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to The After Prison Show YouTube Channel.

Thanks to all of you out there who check my content out..!

Have an AWESOME DAY..!



















An Awesome Post from an Awesome Guy.

Hey, that’s right..!

I am an AWESOME GUY..!


It’s Monday morning and there’s no work for me today.


The snowy conditions as of late have made work obsolete. So now today I will focus on The After Prison Show and also trying to line up a new venue or two for Paint Nite  with Joe events.

What a storm we just had to deal with this past weekend, too.

It was like a hurricane mixed with a white out…

Guess that’s what a blizzard is, though.

We got about 2 inches of snow, total.

Where I’m located, that’s considered a state of emergency.

It was a nasty storm, though.

Hell, the wind was so bad Friday night that I woke up at about 3 am to a pounding outside my apartment window…

Turns out the vinyl siding was being ripped off the the outside of my apartment building and was banging up against the side of it.

It was also banging against the window, too.

That made me worry about the window getting busted out. So in order to prevent that from happening…

I pulled the long piece of vinyl siding in through the window and duck taped the window shut afterwards. It wasn’t a pretty fix. But it got us through the night.

Now the piece of vinyl siding just dangles as a grim reminder of what was… ( that sounds so cliche.)


So now with the weekend over and the snow still here, the temp service is telling me that work could be slow for a couple of days…

Great news at the end of the month with rent right around the corner…

But I’m sure things will improve and if they don’t…

Well, I’ll just have to go out there and “get it on my own…”

In my old life that would have entailed selling drugs or robbing someone with drugs.

In my new life…

That means going out there today and possibly putting in an application with this construction company I’ve been flagging for (if they’re even open today.) And also talking to some new venues about hosting a Paint Nite With Joe event.

So that’s the game plan.

Sounds like a pretty good one right…?

I mean, a lot better than that of my New England Patriots yesterday against Denver…

Oh my God.

Hey, congrats to Peyton Manning and The Denver Broncos. They played a good game yesterday in relation to the horrible game my guys played and they deserve the trip back to the Super Bowl.

I just hope they do better than the last time they went to the Super Bowl. A time when I was still in prison and was prompted to write this post.

So good luck to them.

My prediction though…

And this is not the prediction of a guy who is “in his feelings” because his team just missed the ride to the Super Bowl…

But my unbiased prediction is that Cam Newton and The Carolina Panthers are going to ANNIHILATE The Broncos.

Just my prediction.

Moving on…

So if you have left comments lately, and have wondered why I have not responded…

Well, the answer is because I have been in my feelings because my New England Patriots just missed their ride to Super Bowl 50.

No, I’m kidding.

The reason is because…


I guess there is NO REAL reason.

I’ve just been slacking a lot, to say the least. ( Yes..! Awesome play on words..!)

I need to tighten up.

And I’m trying to just that.

So, I’m here now crawling back to wordpress and begging for forgiveness for my lack of disregard for just how awesome the support all of you have shown me has been…!

I need that back..!


Also, in relation to The After Prison Show things have slacked up there, as well. And not really because I have wanted them to. But because I’ve been working a lot lately and not really having the money or time to invest in the project that I would like to have.

I do have some awesome ideas for upcoming episodes and I hope to get to shooting some of those soon.

Something I also want to start doing is video blogging more. I feel like that will help me a lot when I don’t have the time I would like to have to sit and type out a post.

I feel like we’re missing a lot of great content because of my lack of time to put content out there. So I’m hoping that vlogging will help in that regard.

I’ll be starting that today actually. So we’ll see how that works out.

That’s about it for this post folks.

Bottom line is I need to tighten up. Especially considering there is so much I’m hoping to accomplish. It’s not been easy to manage my time out here, and I’m trying to be more time conscious. I believe that will help in some regards and as I attempt that, you should consider it, as well.

We all have things we want to do and not enough time to do them…

What is the solution..?

“Make time.”

Take care and look for my new vlogging addition coming today..!


































I’ve been smoking crack lately…

I’ve been MIA lately, to say the least…

The reason for that is because I’ve been smoking crack.

No, I’m kidding..!

But I sure got your attention didn’t I..?

Note to bloggers, myself included…

Want eyes on your content…?

Then use big time titles to your sh&t like this one.

Hey, have a f&%kin sense of humor..!

But, hey…

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me see if I can keep it…

and maybe also warp your mind a little to  get you to do a few things…

But we’ll get to all that  in a minute…

So, MIA I have been lately and why…

Well, I’ve actually been working a legitimate JOB this last week..!

Yep, thanks to some pretty awesome people who really believe in me, they lined me and my new buddy Wayne up with this construction “flagging traffic” gig…

Sounds pretty lame, right..?

Well, hell..!

We’re making  good money just to hold a sign up..!

We’re making a hundo a day and we don’t even have to get dirty..!

Oh, by the way…

“A hundo…”

That’s one hundred dollars.

We just stand in the road, looking good, watching people drive by…

Some even wave at us…

Then again, some yell and scream at us and tell us to get out of the f&%king road.

Someone blew me a kiss.

I’m so awesome.

So yeah working…

Not Crack.

That’s the reason why I been MIA.

Oh, and let me tell you about my working buddy…

This guy is about as gangster as it gets.

It’s crazy, because where I live which I can NOW FINALLY DISCLOSE…

It was bureaucratic bullshit that prevented me from doing so before…

But, where I live…

In the heart of downtown Newport News.



And there is always shit going on down here…

Hell let me just give you one of headlines from the last few days…

There was this big shoot out with police.

It’s pretty much shit like this on a daily basis…

But back to my super gangster work buddy…

He is always telling me about the crazy shit that goes on in “the hood.”

Hell, turns out there is a MAJOR GANG TURF WAR going on right outside my front door and I was completely unawares.

Nice to know these things though.

You know, just in case I’m ever riding down the main strip and sh&t “pops off.”

You sort of gotta always be prepared for sh%t like that in downtown Newport News.

So yep.

It’s been working a legitimate job lately, and NOT smoking crack that has been the reason I’ve been missing in action.

Oh, and that last post that just said “I’ve been working lately..”

Yeah, that was an attempt to put a post together that I never had a chance to put anything more together on…

And then, somehow just decided to post itself.

Now, on to all the mind warp talk…

Hey if you’re not familiar with the youtube channel that accompanies this blog, then you really should check it out.

New content is coming soon.

Got some new episodes in mind right now and I hope to get one of those shot this upcoming week.

So in the meantime, you really should check out what we’ve already been doing…

And then subscribe to our channel.


Mind warp.

Well, that’s it for now.

Take care.

And try not to smoke any crack.

It really isn’t good for you.