What does prison food taste like?

So today is Tuesday September 6th. And today is the day school starts again.

The end of Summer is upon us.

Yesterday, I put together a video showing just how individuals in prison prepare a meal from items purchased from the prison commissary.

What’s even better is that I had my girlfriend help me prepare that meal, and she TRIED IT..!

Her reaction is absolutely priceless.

I was/and still am sick as a dog while filming this video. I’ve come down with some sort of bad flu that has me very weak today.

But you couldn’t even tell I was feeling deathly ill while watching this video.

A dreamers work never rest.

Even while sick.

What do you think about when you think of a prison meal?




Well, would you believe that prisoners can buy items from their prison commissary and use those items to make a meal that actually does taste good?

A lot better than the food you’re fed in the chow hall, at least.

This latest video shows just how to prepare one such meal. And is even tasted by someone who has never before experienced anything like that.

My girlfriend!

What do you think her reaction to that meal will be?

Do you think she’ll like it?

Well if I have done my job and aroused your curiosity. Then please check out the link and let me know what you think!

How to make a prison meal and taste reaction!

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I hope you have a taste



















How to make a prison tattoo gun

Tattoo is a major hustle for guys in prison.

In fact, for many years while I was incarcerated, it was how I survived.

There is good money to be made as a tattoo artist in prison. But it’s a hustle that comes with a lot of risk.

If caught, you could wind up in solitary for months..!

To most, this is worthy risk to reward venture to dive into…

Prisoners looking for ink on the inside are willing to pay for tattoos in a number of different ways that could make your stay behind the fence a lot more comfortable.

Prisoners often pay in commissary items, like food and hygiene products…

-Money orders sent to anyone on the outside you have who is willing to receive them…

-Money put on a prisoners phone account…

-Or things worthy of being traded for tattoo work…

–Porn magazines…

–Electronic items…

Yes, being a tattoo artist in prison certainly has it’s perks…

But how does one acquire the necessary items needed in prison to build a tattoo gun, and then build a machine that will have them potentially living the good life on the inside..?

Well I’m about to show you in depth…

I’m going to show you everything you need and just how to put together a working tattoo gun that will have you tattooing in no time..!


Then let’s go..!