I bought someone heroin just so I could get a ride.

My God I am tired.

As I type this I am just coming off a 7 day work week.

I have been busting my ass this past week. Pouring concrete everyday. And trying to do as much video work as I can for AfterPrisonShow as I can possibly muster in my free time.

Now that I think about it though…

I’m like, “what free time?”

I’m always working. Whether at my full time ass busting job. Or on my video venture that I am so passionate about.

It’s crazy.

Most days I have to be at work around 3 am.

Or 5 am.

And even with those early work days, I still find myself getting up an extra hour or two early to try and squeeze in any video work that I can.

But all of that is just my food for thought insight for ya.

I’ve really wanted to begin vlogging. But that is a lot of everyday video work that honestly, I just don’t have the time for right now.

So this “blog,” is where I can fill you in on the extra details that go into this journey of mine…

“Trying to find success after prison on a major level.”

There has been a lot to fill you in on, too.

Where to even begin…

For starters, I just recently bought a moped.

That now is my back and forth transportation to work. Which means I no longer have to rely on Uber or Lyft. Which, honestly, were KILLING my pockets.

I would spend about 100 dollars a week just in work rides.

Now I have a nice little death trap that gets me back and forth to work for about 5 dollars a week.

It’s not the safest transportation. But it is cheap at least.

By the way I’ve never rode a moped before in my life. Not until the day I actually bought this thing.

That’s kind of a funny story too.

I found the moped on OfferUp. And in order to get to where the moped was…

I needed a ride.

Well, the only person who could give me a ride was a heroin junkie type friend of mine.

I called this person and said I needed a ride.

I said I would pay them for that ride, as well.

So of course they came right over at the mention of money.

Then this friend told me that before we could go, they needed to stop in the projects for a second. And that they would need for me to give them some money so they could go get some dope.

I told this junkie friend of mine “ok.”

“I’ll give you some money so you can go get high. But I need you to bring your ass right back here so I can go get this moped.”

They went and got the dope.

Did the dope.

All before I even thought about stepping foot in their vehicle.

And then my junkie friend, my junkie friends-junkie friend, and I all rode out to get me my moped.

When we got to the location to purchase the moped, my plan was to hopefully load the moped in the back of my junkie friends suv.

That didn’t work out.

I test rode the moped and was a bit shaky on the damn thing.

I even almost crashed it.

Well, with the moped unable to fit in the back of my junkie friends suv, wouldn’t you know I had to ride this thing back to my house from the location I purchased it at.

This was like a 40 minute ride during rush hour. And through two busy cities!

Yep, that’s how I got to where I needed to be to buy the moped. And also how I learned to ride it.

Riding through two different cities during rush hour.


By the way, these are the real REAL behind the scenes moments here at AfterPrisonShow. So only those of you who take the time to read these posts will ever know these things.

Oh yeah, and like three days after I bought the moped. I crashed it.

I was going about 10 miles per hour when I locked the front wheel up and had the damn thing slide out from underneath me.

That shit hurt like HELL.

For more on the moped. Check this out.