Prison Rape and Candy Bars Pt. Two

I’m going to let you in on some insider information about AfterPrisonShow…

For those of you who have been here since the days when I was in prison, and this blog first began..

And this wasn’t called The After Prison Show, ( which now has been shorten to AfterPrisonShow to coincide with the YouTube channel name.)  .

Back when this blog was called JoeWritesHisWrongs….

I made a post called Prison Rape and Candy Bars.

Well, here is the insider information about this site…

Did you know that THAT post is my TOP VIEWED POST EVER..!?


Everyday I look at the for this site and THAT POST is ALWAYS viewed..!

Sometimes even multiple times a day.!

Because of this, I almost even changed the name of my YouTube channel to the name of that post.!

With all of this being said, and known, I really wanted to make a VIDEO on my channel about the actual Prison Rape and Candy Bars post.


But the reason I haven’t done so yet, is because I couldn’t find the exact video that we had to watch when I first arrived at prison.

And believe me…

I’d been looking for it.

Well, guess what..?


This is the video I had to watch in prison that had pale little frail white kids white knuckle to the bottom of their seats…

Truth be told, I was, too…

I’m going to make a video for AfterPrisonShow on YouTube using this video, and offering my take on the things they talk about in it.

That will be coming soon…

But I figured all of you who do take the time to check out this blog and have dealt with my serious bouts of infidelity… (Yes, YouTube is my true heart. I’m sorry. lol)

All of you deserve a treat.

Flowers would be ideal. But in place of that, how about a REAL LIVE “PRISON RAPE AND CANDY BARS VIDEO…?”

What follows is the video I just recently found…

That is very “GRIPPING…”

Maybe a poor choice of words.

Still, this is the Prison Rape and Candy Bars video I had to watch in prison. And that I’ll soon be making MY OWN VIDEO based off…


BTW. The sound quality on this video is very low for some reason.