I bought someone heroin just so I could get a ride.

My God I am tired.

As I type this I am just coming off a 7 day work week.

I have been busting my ass this past week. Pouring concrete everyday. And trying to do as much video work as I can for AfterPrisonShow as I can possibly muster in my free time.

Now that I think about it though…

I’m like, “what free time?”

I’m always working. Whether at my full time ass busting job. Or on my video venture that I am so passionate about.

It’s crazy.

Most days I have to be at work around 3 am.

Or 5 am.

And even with those early work days, I still find myself getting up an extra hour or two early to try and squeeze in any video work that I can.

But all of that is just my food for thought insight for ya.

I’ve really wanted to begin vlogging. But that is a lot of everyday video work that honestly, I just don’t have the time for right now.

So this “blog,” is where I can fill you in on the extra details that go into this journey of mine…

“Trying to find success after prison on a major level.”

There has been a lot to fill you in on, too.

Where to even begin…

For starters, I just recently bought a moped.

That now is my back and forth transportation to work. Which means I no longer have to rely on Uber or Lyft. Which, honestly, were KILLING my pockets.

I would spend about 100 dollars a week just in work rides.

Now I have a nice little death trap that gets me back and forth to work for about 5 dollars a week.

It’s not the safest transportation. But it is cheap at least.

By the way I’ve never rode a moped before in my life. Not until the day I actually bought this thing.

That’s kind of a funny story too.

I found the moped on OfferUp. And in order to get to where the moped was…

I needed a ride.

Well, the only person who could give me a ride was a heroin junkie type friend of mine.

I called this person and said I needed a ride.

I said I would pay them for that ride, as well.

So of course they came right over at the mention of money.

Then this friend told me that before we could go, they needed to stop in the projects for a second. And that they would need for me to give them some money so they could go get some dope.

I told this junkie friend of mine “ok.”

“I’ll give you some money so you can go get high. But I need you to bring your ass right back here so I can go get this moped.”

They went and got the dope.

Did the dope.

All before I even thought about stepping foot in their vehicle.

And then my junkie friend, my junkie friends-junkie friend, and I all rode out to get me my moped.

When we got to the location to purchase the moped, my plan was to hopefully load the moped in the back of my junkie friends suv.

That didn’t work out.

I test rode the moped and was a bit shaky on the damn thing.

I even almost crashed it.

Well, with the moped unable to fit in the back of my junkie friends suv, wouldn’t you know I had to ride this thing back to my house from the location I purchased it at.

This was like a 40 minute ride during rush hour. And through two busy cities!

Yep, that’s how I got to where I needed to be to buy the moped. And also how I learned to ride it.

Riding through two different cities during rush hour.


By the way, these are the real REAL behind the scenes moments here at AfterPrisonShow. So only those of you who take the time to read these posts will ever know these things.

Oh yeah, and like three days after I bought the moped. I crashed it.

I was going about 10 miles per hour when I locked the front wheel up and had the damn thing slide out from underneath me.

That shit hurt like HELL.

For more on the moped. Check this out.




























There is no rest while in pursuit of what some might consider impossible… Even on Labor Day.

It’s Labor Day and that’s an important day for me.

  1. I have today off from my hell-like job.
  2. I have an opportunity to work on my videos and this blog.
  3. It’s almost been one year since I’ve been released from prison.

Wow. Next month marks one year since I came home from being locked up for almost a decade.

I’ve done a hell of a lot in that year, too!

I’m very proud of how far I’ve gotten just to be where I am now.

There is a lot of news to report about this blog and AfterPrisonShow on YouTube.

So lets begin.

First, there will be some changes coming to this blog very soon. Not really sure what exactly those changes will be. To be honest. But I have cancelled my premium plan here on wordpress. Which I think will mean something like this blog may go back to Joewriteshiswrongs.wordpress.com I think that is one of the major ones…

But no matter what changes do come. I will continue to post new content and updates here as often as I’m able too.

Next, there are some new videos to look out for on YouTube from AfterPrisonShow.

These new videos are ones that I think you will find highly entertaining and interesting. So please check them out as I get them uploaded.

I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with Joewriteshiswrongs/AfterPrisonShow throughout all this time. And I want you to know that I feel like I’m really starting to find my way with all of this that I have set out to do.

Things are definitely starting to pick up for me and my social ventures. And I want to thank all of you who have supported an ex prisoner turned good guy who is just trying to turn it all around for once in his life.

I hope my story and my perseverance will serve to motivate others somehow.

And just know that even on Holidays such as Labor Day when folks are supposed to rest from labor…

I’m working.

Whether at my job or at my dream…

I’m always working.

Check out some of what you may have missed too!

How Prison Completely Changed My Life.

How to make a prison tattoo gun

How do prisoners make tattoo ink and tattoo?

























An awesome adventure and a theme park

It’s Monday morning and I’m up early for no reason pertaining to work…

I don’t have to be at my job til like 1 in the afternoon.

I don’t sleep much as it is. But on days like this where I have the chance to get some work done before I have to be at,well, “work.” I like to get an early jump on things.

Yesterday I went to a theme park with my girlfriend, brother, and nephew. And this was one of the few times I’ve had the chance to spend time with my family since being home from prison.

It was a great time too.

I had big plans to shoot an awesome video of the adventure that would be going to this theme park. And I did shoot a pretty awesome video.

But as usually what happens when a big video is planned…

Technical difficulties arose that made me have to abandon certain aspects of that awesome video idea.

I brought two cameras with me.

One for the car ride and one for in the park and on the rides.

Well, the second camera was my GoPro like camera that was too be used in the park.

It died very soon after getting inside the park. And what footage I did capture on it…


I realized yesterday just how crappy that camera really is.

Horrible picture and sound quality.

Now I have plans to either destroy the camera or sell it.

Not sure which of those options would be more satisfying at this point.


With my GoPro “knock off” out of commission, it was up to my cell phone to capture what action I could inside the park.

By the end of the day, I captured enough to put together a video I was very pleased with…

You can see that video here if you’d like.

It really was great seeing my brother and his son and having the chance to catch up with them.

We rode a lot of rides and just overall had fun!

We have plans to visit this theme park again soon and this time I’ll be a lot more prepared camera-wise.

If you don’t watch this latest video I just uploaded for any other reason, you have to watch it for the scene where my nephew is eating this chocolate and marshmallow pizza…


Here is the video.










What would you do if you found out the person you were dating was really of the opposite sex?

So I’m trying to really get back to my blog. I swear I am. Time constraints from the job and everything else that I’m trying to put into motion just make that damn hard to do.

But I’m here now because I have a break between concrete pours and I just wanted to let all of you know what’s been going on lately.

I just held my third Paint Nite with Joe event this past Sunday and it absolutely tanked…

I had a total of three people show up to the event.

That was pretty discouraging. But still, I realized that my lack of promoting the event was the cause of the poor attendance.

So, for the next one, I will have to do a lot more promoting.

Also, I’ve been shooting videos for the The After Prison Show.

I just shot a new one yesterday and I’m curious to know what you think about it.

It’s a really edgy topic that I sort of make funny and I’m not sure what the response to that will be. Whether received well. Or hated…

So I ask all of you to weigh in and let me know what you think.

Check it out here, please.

It’s on the topic of “transgenders.” And with so much in the news about supporting or not supporting transgenders. I thought why not pose a legitimate question on the topic.

Annnnd, sort of have some fun while doing so.


Again, heres the the link to this InTeReStInG video

But I’m not sure if it might just be a little too much. Which is why I’m hoping that you will offer up your thoughts on the topic or the video in general.

I appreciate you doing so and I hope to be making a comeback here.

I miss this place.

And I miss all the support I used to get from everyone here.

Also I’ve got some new video equipment on the way now..!

So videos that I’ll be shooting in the near future will be a heck of a lot better than anything I’m doing right this second with an Ipad camera and some basic movie maker software.

Hell, I’ll be able to do green screen work very soon..!

So just imagine how awesome my content will be then.

That is…

If you even think it’s awesome in the first place…


Well, that’s all for now and until we meet again…

Stay safe and enjoy life.



















Rivers and roads to and from prison

Well I know I’m pretty much a stranger here these days. But I do miss my blog and blogging friends and everyone else who comments and checks my content out.

Life has just been life lately…




But such is life that we adapt, (or die.) And we keep it moving.

So I’m here with all sorts of goodies.

First, I’ve been painting up a storm in preparation of an upcoming Paint Nite with Joe event.

Here is two examples of paintings I’ve done lately….


So yep…

Those are some of the pieces I’ve been working on. There are more…

But the images are sideways are I don’t have time to figure out how to get the right-side up right now.

I really am proud of these pieces, though…

Next up, I finally got a chance to put together a new video for The After Prison Show.

It’s called Rivers and Roads to and from prison.

Hey that’s the same thing that I titled this post as..! Lol

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. It’s a lot different from what I’ve been doing with more recent videos.

It’s a really good video, I think….

Other than that, I’m back to work since the tragedy that happened last week. It’s been tough, but things have to move forward…

And I have to keep doing the most that I can to make a positive impactful path for myself- and others.

Thanks for all of your support, still…

Even when I’m lacking on my posting.







Learning graphic design, my new job, and someone shot at my Paint Nite venue.

It’s Monday morning and I leap year day according to what Facebook alerted me to first thing this morning when I woke up.

I also don’t have work today which kind of sucks. But hopefully things improve by tomorrow.

With the new job, I am part of a “pour crew” for a big time manufacturer of gigantic concrete forms that are used on roads and bridges…

All we do is pour the concrete into those forms once they’re ready to be poured.

Sounds easy enough right..?

Well, it’s ass-busting work, actually.

I mean, some of the forms are as long as a football field, broke up into sections of individual pieces inside them.

Regardless of the ass busting nature of the job, I do enjoy it. And hope that it is all that  it is cracked up to be with lots of hours per week and room for advancement.

But, again…

Today I am off because we have to wait for forms to be prepared before we can pour.

So… What will I get into today..!?

Well, I think I going to continue having fun with a new found passion of mine…

Graphic design.

I really like graphic design, and I’ve just started to learn how to use Photoshop.

I actually want to start using it to create caricatures with, but that isn’t easy.

What I have created lately is a little easier to make.

Custom memes…




These are some examples of what I’ve been doing.

Today I will create more.

In fact, it’s my hope to create the title image for this post..! So hopefully, by time your are this far into this post, you will long ago already have seen that.

Also I haven’t mentioned Paint Nite with Joe, yet…




Hey did I ever tell you about my venue where I host Paint Nite with Joe and how it gets a really bad rap for being in a not so great area..?

The place is decent..! I swear, it is..!

But Jesus..!

This place can’t catch a break..!

And it’s shit like this that is why that is.


Oh well. Maybe I’ll just try to act like it didn’t happen.

Regardless of all that, today is going to be a good day…

I’m going to make it a good day.

You should make today a good day too.




































Out with the old, and in with the new.

I’m not going to expose the temp service for the frauds that they are.

I’m not going to expose all the bullshit they do and the people involved.

I’m not…

Or, am I..?

We’ll see I guess.

So, yesterday..!!!!


Let me give you the run down.

It all started Monday afternoon on my way back to the temp service to pick up a check I had no idea was going to be so messed up…

Well, during that ride, I was on the phone with a good friend of mine named Lee who I was locked up with.

Lee got out a few months before me, and he has a really good job working in a plant that forms huge concrete structures that are used to build roadways and bridges.

I was talking to Lee about just how bad I needed a job (and a good one at that) ,and I was hoping he could help me find one where he worked at.

He told me to come out there where he worked and to try and fill out an application.


And when I say “out there…”

I mean, “out there..”

It’s a decent little hump out to where he works.

So, I said “ok.” And hoped that sometime this week I would be able to get out there.

Yesterday, I don’t go to work because what work is there really for me.

So, with that, I decide to try to find a way out there.

But I have no ride at all.

Then, as a last resort, I place an ad on craigslist “looking for a driver..”

“$10.00 an hr.,” I say in the ad.

I figured whatever I would spend on this trip would be cheaper than an uber at least. So fuck it…

I took a chance and placed the ad…

Within half an hour I had 3 responses.

I rolled the dice, picked a name, and told him to “come on.”

Funny how this guy ends up being a guy I know from probation who I took a “thinking for a change” class with.

Cool cat, though.

And soon, we were on the road.

We get out to the monstrosity of a compound that this concrete plant is about 45 mins later.

I am amazed by the size of the concrete pieces this place makes.

They are the biggest damn structures I have ever seen.

dscn0144 copy.jpg

I go inside and ask the receptionist if I can fill out an application and she says “sure.”

So I do so, and when done she asked me if I had any experience.

My common, yet vague response is always the same…

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I have tons of experience in a lot of different construction fields.”

She told me to hold on a sec.

Then came back with a man who turned out to be the plant manager.

I talked with him briefly and must of made an impression with him because I said ” go on to the back and lets fill out the rest of your paperwork.”

“Holy shit,” I thought…

I am about to get a real job…!

I go to the back and met a woman who gave me a paper to take to an off site medical center.

I go there and take the drug test.

Pass that, of course.

Then come back and take a safety test. Then fill out my tax information. Then take a picture for my id badge and BOOM..!

Today I start my very first day on a job my homeboy Lee said is more of a CAREER..!

This company pays top dollar and has tons of overtime, benefits and room for advancement.

Plus they build shit..!

And people are always building shit…!

There will always be work here.

It’s tough and hard work. But it’s a real fucking job…

And a good one too.

I am blessed to have this opportunity.

Oh and my criminal record which I had to include…

They couldn’t have gave a damn about that.

Today starts the first day of a new chapter in my life of freedom.

And with that, I ain’t looking back.

The temp service was bullshit and I got a major grudge with them folks for a number of reasons. But I’ll give them the benefit of just leaving it be…

I will try to pay it forward as Lee did for me, and if I can help any individuals find work as I have, I will do so.

As for the mural work, that had to be rescheduled for the time being until I can figure out what my work weeks are going to look like.

And it’s ironic too, as I was walking through the plant yesterday, a woman called me about a Paint Nite with Joe event…

Had to reschedule that, too.

Wish me luck.

Today is day one.
































The perfect job for a felon with no job skills, training, or transportation.

There is always a story when it comes to the daily adventures of Joe.

I don’t mean to speak of myself in third person.

But there really is no other way to put it…


Well, maybe there is another way to put it.

Hell, maybe there are a hundred other ways to put it.

But that’s what we’re going with here..!


Yesterday I’m given some work through the temp service and it’s not the normal construction laborer…

Or flagging work.

Or banquet serving.

Or laundry gig.


This time it’s holding a sign up on the side of the road for a bingo hall.

I was offered this job before, and I turned it down.

I won’t lie.

My pride wouldn’t let me do this at first.

All I could think about is those people who have to get dressed up and dance their little jig while holding up a sign for the tax places…

I really did not want to do this job.

But desperate times call for desperate measures…

And yesterday I found myself in an Uber on my way to this job.

Spent $20.00 just to get there, too.

But got there I did. And the first thing I noticed when I arrived…





There were murals painted on the side of the building…

2 of them.

I walked inside, spoke with the woman. She pointed the sign out to me and I was out to the street to walk around holding up a sign.

The first thought that went through my mind…

This has got to be what it feels like to be homeless and holding a sign up on the side of the road.

It was pretty humiliating, at first.

Then I thought, “I wonder if I’d make more money just holding up a sign that said homeless.”

After awhile, the humiliating feeling started to fade as I started thinking about other things…

Like how I could incorporate some murals at this bingo hall to help advertise…

Then I started looking at places on the building where I could do some murals.



Then I started thinking about when I went to take my break, how I was going to go in there, find the guy in charge, and pitch him on some work.

Then I started thinking about “mopeds…”



Little 50cc scooters that are street legal and you don’t need a license for…

I need a moped.

And here is why…

  1. I will never see a license unless I find more/better work, where I can make more money to begin paying off my court fines.
  2. I won’t find that more/better work unless I have transportation to and from work.
  3. I could be more mobile and less reliant on individuals.
  4. I could even go out and sell mural work and paint parties to other venues… Getting there when I need to… And getting where I need to go… Self sufficiently.
  5. I could save the “ton” of money that I’m spending in Ubers and rides… In two days, I’ve spent $50.00 in rides… That’s a tenth of what a moped is going to cost me.



So, yep… I need a moped.

I thought all of this through thoroughly while standing on the side of the road yesterday…

It’s crazy the stuff you think about while standing on the side of the road in a humiliating manner. Almost anything just to keep your mind off of what it is that your doing.

By the way…

I’m going to need some help trying to get this moped too.

So you know…

I was thinking of a crowd funding campaign.

Maybe like if I could get EVERYONE to invest like FIVE DOLLARS into Joe’s Moped Mobility Fund…

Sounds like this thing is coming together already..!


Just throwing that out there…

So, the day continued. And at 2 PM, I took my break.

And just like I envisioned, I went inside, found who I needed to find…

THE OWNER of the bingo hall..!

I introduced myself as “Joe,” the guy outside holding the sign up. And I said I’m also an artist who specializes in mural painting.

He was very interested in this and there seems to be a good chance that I might actually be able to line up some mural work at this place.

Oh, and not to mention…


I talked to him about those, too. And he seemed very interested in that, as well.

And what a location this venue would be for those…

He can probably seat 500 people here..!

Just I have no idea what he is going to want as far as money goes to rent this place for those events…



It’s a really nice location.

We’ll see what happens.

I have to put together some ideas and meet with him next week.

There is a good chance this could turn out to be my first mural job in the free world.

All because I decided to swallow my pride and do whatever I must to get by right now…

Well, I say do whatever I must…

But I’m not too sure about all that entirely.

I mean, and this is going to sound wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy out of left field…

But I found this guy on craigslist yesterday who wants to buy my dirty underwear.

How’s that for an ending leaving you wanting more..?

Or, maybe way less.
















































Getting played by a company that exploits people in desperate situations

Yesterday I went on a job interview where I got completely played…

First, I find a job ad talking about 15.00/hr…

Something about talking to customers…

Handling questions…

I’m thinking its some sort of call center.

I get a call from a chick about the job. She sells me on it even more.

I’m completely blinded by the fact they’re talking about 15/hr and that my record won’t matter.

Then I get another call at noon telling me I’ve got an interview and I need to be there at 12:30..!

So I haul ass, get dressed, call uber, and get over there as fast as I can.

Even during the interview, I still have no idea what all this is about.

But then I start to piece it together…

The empty boiler room of an office…

Talks of going out and setting up client meetings…

Turns out they want me to buy some kitchen knife from them, then go out and try to sell them..!

“Oh shit…”

What the he’ll have I gotten myself into..?

I’m sitting here selling myself like a motherf@&er and this is all bullshit.

Wasted 30 damn dollars in uber rides to go do this..!

But, I learned a few things…

1) I can get ready for ANY interview at the drop of a hat and go in there and nail it..!

Hell they told me to dress nice…


Only pair I have are the PRISON ones I got released in..!

Had to wear those and I still looked as good as the others who got played right along with me..

I also learned…

2) not everything that sounds good really is…

A little cliche, I know. But really true.

I mean, desperation can lead you to move hastily and without better judgment.

So I gotta remember in the future to always analyze the prospect fully before diving headfirst into a potentially shallow grave.

Yesterday I did complete my resume. So I plan to start using that in my job hunting efforts.

Because I really have to find a decent job.

Today, I’m holding a sign up on the side of the road like a liberty tax Statue of Liberty person…

You gotta do what you gotta do until that right thing comes along…

I just hope someone will see my resume and think that I have the right qualifications for the job they are seeking to fill…


Hey and check out the latest episode of The After Prison Show if you haven’t yet seen it..!

Click here to for The After Prison Show.

Watching a fly die, a video, an interview, and a robbery.

The other day I watched an old house fly die.

It was kind of poetic actually…

This thing was HUGE.

It was buzzin’ around slowly. Not really going anywhere in particular.

Skipper, my cat, was chasing it around, as well.

He might have had a few swings at it.

But then, later, I noticed it in the window…

Slowly walking across the glass.

For every few steps it took, it fell a little further down the window. Until finally, it was at the bottom and on the window sill. Almost completely lifeless.

A few shutter movements.

A twitch.

Then nothing.

It was quite and interesting thing actually.

And somehow and for some reason, I thought to myself that this vanquishing of life from this bug represented something so much more…

Maybe it represented my chances of succeeding out here in the world.

Or my dreams…


But then, just as quickly as I thought all of that.

I stopped.

Hell, it was just a fly..!

Figured I’d open with that because it had been something I had wanted to mention since I witnessed it.

Yesterday, I shot the second installment to a series for The After Prison Show about jobs and resources for ex cons returning home after incarceration.

It turned out really well, and if you haven’t yet seen it,  please do so here.

Also, something else and totally off subject…

But a web magazine called Virginia Flair just published an interview they did with me from two months ago.

Something is off with the page layout and there are a few errors in the text about exact words I said…

Like “minimums” instead of “minimal s.”

And fish “packing,” not “tacking” house…

But other than that, I was very blessed, and also honored, for the opportunity to be featured.

Click here to check out the interview.

Also, something ELSE totally off subject from all of that…

I was googling something this morning…

Looking for the perfect image to use to advertise my latest video…

So while googling “options for ex cons,” guess what I found a picture of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom.?



I found my own damn picture.

Pretty crazy,right.?

I guess I’m an option for ex cons..!

Or more so The After Prison Show. Because it was clicking the link included that took me right here..!

Just thought I ‘d share all that with you.

So today isn’t looking too promising for work right this second.

Hopefully something will pan out. Regardless, if it doesn’t, I’ll just try to make it happen my own way…

And not the way a guy I know from prison just tried to make it…

Heard last night he robbed another guy I know from prison…

The revolving door keeps revolving if you keep revolving with it, I guess.

Whelp, that’s my time folks..!

Have a great one as I attempt to do the same.

Do not be beaten and keep fighting the good fight.!

Take care.