My Girlfriend Eats Bugs

On Sunday my girlfriend and I went to an Asian grocery store.

My girlfriend is Asian.

It was a pretty unique experience too.

Not for the fact that I’ve never been in an Asian grocery store. Because I have been in these types of stores, many, MANY, times.

Flashback to my criminal lifestyle days.

Another story for another time.


What did make this trip so interesting was the fact that not only did I get the opportunity to learn more about my girlfriends culture; I also filmed it.

I walked right inside this Asian grocery store with my GoPro and shot a really awesome video with my girlfriend.

This video took some balls, too.

I mean, it’s not easy to just walk into a place of business and start filming!

Hell, it’s probably not even allowed.

But in all the experience I’ve had with shooting videos thus far, I’ve learned a few things.

And one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that most times, you just have to go for it and see what happens.

Worst case scenario, they kick you out.

But me being the quick thinker that I like to consider myself to be, I had a fail safe in place for if things came to that.

If anyone would have tried to kick us out, I simply would have made a big ass scene and said ” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!”


Fail safe.

Fortunately though, it did not come to that as I explored this grocery store with my girlfriend.

What did come from this was a really awesome video though!

Oh and the things we saw!

Not to mention all that I learned!

It was QUITE an adventure.

And one worth you taking the time to check out also.

So, with that, I hope you will.

Till next time take care and enjoy life!

Oh, and this video about exploring this Asian grocery store…

It’s called My Girlfriend Eats Bugs. lol






























How Prison Completely Changed My Life.

A lot of people at AfterPrisonShow on YouTube have been asking me lately just what exactly I was incarcerated for…

I wanted to put together a video that would answer that fully.

What I ended up creating is what I’m calling my proudest piece yet.

A powerful video that gives viewers an in depth insight into what I was locked up for and also how I took the worst possible circumstance and turned it into an opportunity to completely change my life for the better.

Please take a moment to watch this video.

It’s titled How Prison Completely Changed My Life.





Can this week be a lot less violent and hateful than last week, please.

What’s going on everyone it’s Monday and the start of a new week.

Unfortunately, though. The end of the last week was pretty sad as even more violence erupted this time in Louisiana.

I tweeted my #mondaymotivation saying I hope this week is a lot less violent and hateful.

Truly, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families of this past weeks violence all over the world.

As it might appear, I am trying to get back to this blog. Something that I have been missing and slacking on for quite awhile now.

The only justification I can offer for my lack of posting here is that I have been working a hell of lot at my job.

Yep, I’m still at the concrete plant. I had posted about getting hired there months back. And where I saw a man killed today at my job…

Well, not today, did that happen. It actually happened months ago. And when I wrote that post it was literally like an hour after it happened.

But, yes!

I am still gainfully employed at the concrete plant where “it is hot as all outdoors.”

And just recently, I even got a raise to 14 dollars an hour!

Not bad for a guy who has been out of prison now for about 10 months!

Also, I am still working on The After Prison Show on YouTube.

I have big plans for that channel and I try to upload new videos once a week there.

I have even acquired quite a bit a filming equipment! So my video quality has improved quite a bit, as well.

As a guy who doesn’t drive due to a ton of court fines… ( 15,000 dollars to be specific. Of which 1,600 I have already payed thanks to my job. ) I’ve had to become a very frequent user of Uber and Lyft.

I used these services about 10 times a week.

But throughout my experiences with these services, I have come to realize that there are some drivers who will make you feel like you are on an episode of Undercover Boss.

Not sure what I mean by that.

Well, check out this for more.

And that’s about it for now. It’s 9:30 am on this sunny and hot Monday. And I have to be at work today at 12.


I get to go to work jusssst when it’s going to be getting BRUTALLY hot today.

But even with that, I’m grateful to have this job and I welcome the heat-stroke type conditions with open arms. Because if not for this job, I would not be anywhere near as close to actually getting ahead as I am now.

Have a great week. And thank you for stopping by!
















It’s a lonely life for an ex prisoner who works all the time.

It’s 5 in the morning and I can’t remember if I have to be at work at 7 this morning or at 8…

Quite sure I’m already in overtime too. But that is the norm for my job…

Overtime comes pretty early in the week.

Hell, my boss told me Wednesday night that he was already at 53 hrs for the week.!

This job allows no time for a life or anything else, and yet it’s time and more of it that I need badly if I’m ever going to get where I really hope to be with The After Prison Show.

I’m working 10…


Even 16 hrs a day somedays and still trying to find whatever time I can to shoot, edit, and upload not only new videos to The After Prison Show…

But more importantly…

Awesome videos..!

I’m fucking tired, though.

And I have work in an hour or two which is sure to be hell. But even with that, I wanted to take some time and tell you all of what I’ve been doing lately in an effort to get the show out there.

First, I finally have the new camera..!

Took me long enough to get that, right..! lol

But I did finally get this awesome little canon vixia camera that does everything that I needed a camera to do.

And it’s compatible with the outsourced mics..!

So that is fucking awesome.

I also purchased  Sony Vegas movie editing software and that will help to make the high def video I shoot look even better with the use of effects, green-screens, and all sorts of other stuff, too.

But guess what..?

The cd-rom drive on my laptop is broken…

So I haven’t yet been able to upload the software.

In-turn, I had to order an external cd-rom drive that I should hopefully have by next week.

It will be then that I really try to get moving further and faster with video content.

Also, when I’m not shooting videos or working like a madman, I’m on YouTube literally studying why what works for all these successful channels.

See many of you may brush off YouTube as an over saturated media source for any and everything…

And to hear of a guy trying to “make it on YouTube” may sound a bit far fetched…

But I truly believe it can be done, and that I can be the one to get it done.


That does bring me to another little hindrance that I’ve been also dealing with. And that is the lack of tangible support that I have.

And I’m not talking about views and subscribers, either.( Even though, I am a little lacking there, as well.)

I’m talking about having people to actually be there to help me create these videos.

Like in real time, and  real life.

That also makes me realize, that I sort of have no life…

And no friends.

Truth be told, I am a loser.

My life consist of getting up at all hours of the day and night, trying to squeeze out whatever I can from the little time I try to allow myself before work. And then going to work and leaving it all on the field. Only to come home completely exhausted and wanting nothing other than to just take a shower, get something to eat, and go to sleep.

And sometimes, that’s all I really, literally, have time to do…

I might get off at 2 am and have to be right back at 6am.

That’s been the case just this week as a matter of fact.

But yep….

I’m a loser with no friends trying to create on YouTube whenever I’m not getting worked to death.

And hell, you wouldn’t even know these little truths from looking at my videos…



I’m used to being alone, I guess.

Prison for 7 years might make you feel like that.

But one thing about it, I always find a way to entertain myself…

And others, I hope.

I have some pretty awesome video ideas upcoming. But I won’t spoil the fun by telling you all those just yet.

Instead, in closing, I’ll leave you with a link to my latest video…

I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks, and take care.

Have an awesome weekend and I look forward to talking with you again real soon.

Here’s the video..!





























































A little update about an awesome job I found as an ex con with little experience.

So here’s a little logic to keep in mind for the afterprisonshow.

If I’m not posting, that is because I’m working.

But if I am posting, well then, obviously I am not working…

Unless of course we’re talking about anytime I posted while at work on a job for the temp service…

Working on jobs that did not matter at all…

( I will never miss an opportunity to take jabs at them…)

So yeah, I’ve been working my ass off lately. And today, it’s Friday and I’m not work.


Well because we worked 16 straight hours yesterday with no lunch break..!

Crazy right..?

Sounds like something I might complain about right..?

Well, surprisingly. I’m not.


Because this job is actually a good job with a lot of room for advancement.

Especially for a guy like me.

An ex con who works hard and is willing to learn what he needs to in order to advance.

So, let me give you a little background  about this job, and what this first week on it has been like.

First, I have to say, that it’s always funny being the new guy and trying to figure out what is what and who is who…

Kind of a lot like life in prison.

But since getting hired I’ve realized a few things…

  1. I’m not the only new guy… There are tons of new guys… In fact most everyone I seem to meet is relatively new.
  2. Not a lot of these guys are really willing to go the extra mile to make a name for themselves at this company. But I am, and that extra push I put into this job is already being recognized… AND AFTER ONLY A WEEK AT THAT..!

There is one other thing that I realized as well. But I wanted to seperate this from the list for the fact that it is pretty crazy…

There was this new guy who started maybe a week before me…

He was hired as a supervisor…

When he introduced himself to me…

He did so as “Supervisor..”

A real character this guy WAS.

What I guess he did was told the company that he had 15 YEARS of experience and they in turn said…

“Well, holy shit..! We’re going to hire you as a supervisor then..!”

FYI… I told the company I had “a little experience.”

Turns out this guy didn’t know shit about the job or the concrete casting trade…

Also, he didn’t know how to be a supervisor either. And that little power title went to his head faster than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest…

Sorry. I was looking for a funny redneck metaphor…

It was the best one I could find on the fly.

This supervisor guy was causing all sorts of problems and making life on the job really difficult.

Just as my work ethic was being recognized, so was this guys problematic nature…

He got fired last night.

This week I worked 7 hours on Tuesday.

2 hours on Wednesday. ( In part due to the supervisor fraud and him causing problems with some of the guys. Who in part, called the real boss. And in part sent everyone home…)

Maybe they were testing that supervisors, supervising abilities which turned out to be an EPIC fail…

Funny too, how all we were doing on Tuesday was PICKING UP TRASH..!

BUT, something GOOD did come from Tuesday…

I did learn how to operate a BOBCAT.bobcat-760078.jpg

One thing, among many other things that I like about this company is that they will let you learn anything here…

If you want to learn to operate heavy equipment…

“Hey get in there…”

I do have a little experience with heavy equipment, too.

So I jumped at the opportunity to get some more with this bobcat.

By the way…

Operators of heavy equipment make more money..!

I want more money.

So again, Tuesday 7 hours…

Wednesday 2 hours…

And yesterday 16 hours..!

Yesterday was a bitch, too..!

Not much in a bad way…

Just tons of work and ass busting labor at that…!


AND every job that we did yesterday, I did one of the hardest parts, if not THE hardest part on ALL OF THEM..!


OK. So this is where I work.

These long lanes that you’re seeing are where we pour the concrete.

It takes TONS of concrete to fill these lanes and inside them you can see what is actually inside of the concrete forms that make up overpasses, bridges, and pillars…

There is a lot of prep work and steel tying that goes into forming these concrete pieces.

The guys that do that work sometimes work 24 hours straight..!

My job, being part of the “pour crew is simply to pour the concrete.

Which really ISN’T that damn simple.


This is one of my co workers busy cleaning out one of the lanes in preparation to us pouring…

We have to first clean the lanes and get out all the scrap metal with the help of a magnet…

I know it looks like he is busy at work cleaning out the lane here…

But really, he dropped the magnet into the lane and this is him trying to get it out.


This is the bucket we use while pouring the concrete…

I know it doesn’t look like it here. But this thing is HUGE…!

It’s like 10 feet tall and a big ass forklift is what brings the concrete in another bucket to be dumped into this one. Which an overhead crane then lifts and transports to where it is needed.

Most pours take like 20 + buckets to complete.

So those are some pics along with a little background about the job…

As I wrap this up, I’ll tell you one more quick little story…

Yesterday we did 6 pours.

A shit ton of work…

On the last pour, it was outside in the rain, and snow, and dark.

It was a slab of concrete similar to this one.

images (3).jpg

A hundred yards of concrete…

Which I googled and learned equaled 10 cement mixer trucks..!

Useless fact really.

But while working on this slab we had all this heavy equipment around us for the lights they had…

Well, at one point one of the pieces of heavy equipment was in the way and needed to be moved…

It was a boom lift like this one…


Well, the boss said ” Joe move that lift..”

I have never operated one of these before and the bosses had never seen me in any equipment…

When I learned the bobcat, I was with the supervisor who got fired.

Also, I pay attention to everything for some reason. And maybe like an hour earlier, the forklift driver was instructed to move that same lift.

He has been working at the company for only like a week himself. And the boss told him, “make sure you turn off the orange button…”

“It’s the parking brake…”

That was all I had to go on…

Still, I took that info and I jumped at the opportunity, never flinching.

I climbed up in the machine hit the brake pedal. Then turned off the orange button. Then noticed the forward and reverse control on the steering column and put the machine in reverse…

The alert went off…




OK. No problem. I got this.

Then very carefully, I moved the machine…

When done. I got out and the boss said ” Joe, I didn’t know you knew how to operate heavy equipment..”

I said, ” I have a little experience with all sorts of machines…”

Which is not a lie. I really do.

And he said ” Well why didn’t you tell me that before..!”

I said ” Well, it never really came up before..”

I think I’m going to do pretty well with this company.

By the way…

I went to work at 6 am yesterday…

I didn’t clock out again until 10:15 pm.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work.

Oh, and today is payday too.