Work Hard Wednesday’s VIDEO..!

Check out the newest video from me, for you, about Work Hard Wednesday’s..! LOL

Check it out, here..!


Work Hard Wednesday… How are you WORKING HARD..?

Hey and welcome to another Work Hard Wednesday…!

Are you “WORKING HARD” today..?

If, so…

Let me know..!

Let all of us know, actually..!

I want to know what you’ve got going today..!

Or maybe even this week…!

What’s on the agenda..?!

For me… I’m working on a caricature of an awesome friend and her boyfriend out of Canada right this sec as well as a 4 person portrait painting for another friend..!

And that’s just what I’ve got going on ART WISE..!

I also start a NEW job today at the pizza place..!

I just saw my Mother for the first time in TEN YEARS yesterday, as well..!

Boy, I sure have been busy..!

What about you..?!

I want to keep this post short for the fact that I am quite busy today on this Work Hard Wednesday…

But I’ll wrap it up with something I’ve mentioned a few times lately…

It’s about video games and TV…

Do you play a lot of video games..?

Do you watch a lot of TV..?

Personally, I don’t…

I don’t play ANY video games, at all…

And I only watch about two hours of TV a day…

And the reason is because if I’ve got time to being doing either of these two things, or doing them excessively…


Hows that for WORK HARD WEDNESDAYS ..?