There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..!

So I’m sitting here this morning doing my usually routine…

Drinking coffee.

Checking notifications.

Responding to comments from the night before.

Planning my day in real life and also in wordpress life.

I was checking out new blogs that I hadn’t yet seen before, when something came to me pretty much out of nowhere…

There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..! download

And personally, I think thats pretty damn awesome..!

I mean, it’s like getting on youtube and being able to find ANYTHING..!

You know, I bet you could get on Youtube and find videos for how to build a rocketship…


You can actually.

I just found out how…

How to build a rocket ship.

images (1)

So yeah…

Blogs are the same as Youtube in a sense…

There is a blog for everything…

Hell, theres probably also a bunch of blog posts about this exact thing that I’m talking about here…


I just found some…

10 weird and funny blogs

The blog that proves theres a blog for everything

Blog for everything:Stories of houses

Thats ok…

So what..?

Yes, there are other posts already out there about this exact topic..!

But I’ve got my own little twist to put on this topic.

And I’m sure all of you reading this do too.

I mean, how many blogs have you come across, and said to yourself…

“Wow… There really is a BLOG for EVERYTHING..!?”

Hell, maybe one of those times when you said that was when you stumbled upon ol Joewriteshiswrongs here..!

And you know, I’m not the prison(er)/advocating for positive changes after prison- blogger out there…

Hell, I’m no where near the level a few of my icons and inspirations are on…

Check out Steven D Jennings and what he’s doing..!

Or Shaun Attwood

Both of these guys are really DOING it and inspire me to step up my content everyday..!

Back to this topic at hand though…

Hey, have I told you that there is literally a blog for everything..!?

I mean, I found a blog for folks addicted to the cartoon The Simpsons..!

Check this out..!



So now I ask you…

What are some crazy blogs that you have run across that have made YOU say…

“There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..!”

Comment and let me know.

Or reblog this, and add too it with your own experiences of finding a blog that really “wowed” you.


Some upcoming things to look for on JWHW


-Follow up to story (Walking in on a rape)…about other youth offenders and how crazy some of their situations are. And the type of time they get when they don’t complete this program. Or they get kicked out of it…

-Cartoons…a bunch of new prison related material that is sure to entertain!

-Follow up to (actions speak louder than words)… What’s going on with the class I am trying to start up here what works and what doesn’t in relation to prisoner rehabilitation… Some facts and stats…

-A piece that will really give you a sense of things that are really going on in my life at the moment…crazy stuff. Definitely guaranteed to intrigue!

The deepest post you will read today


One of the hardest things to deal with while being in prison is trying to handle when things don’t go according to plan.

By the way, things never go according to plan at least, for the prisoners that is.

Take for example, like today I was having a fairly okay day working, and talking to different individuals abut all sorts of good positive stuff and then how everything changed after lunch.

No one was able to get back to work after lunch because of an emergency count. And the staff we had to deal with in the process of all that were not exactly the most courtesy to say the least.

Another good example of things not going to plan is being in prison and trying to make the most of it through endless measures and watching as the results you hope for never really pan out.

By the way, trying to have an awesome super successful stardom reaching blog from prison might have been me setting the bar a little high.

Who knew…?

The point of all this is just like the conclusion I reached earlier in the day with another likeminded prisoner with high hopes of getting released and succeeding .

As we strive to do anything in life from anywhere in life…

Whether in prison or in the free world…

There are always going to be times when things don’t go according to plan.

But there is a major difference between guys like myself who are in prison or ex cons who have been released, and the likes of the rest of society as a whole. That difference is that when things don’t go according to plan, for some reason, we are way more susceptible to just giving up.

Maybe it’s because deep down we feel like we don’t stand a chance.

Or we never really did.

Or maybe we feel like the world will always view us a certain way.

Or there will always be things that we will never really be able to get out from underneath. Like addiction or our criminal records.

For us, for me, prisoners… ex criminals… detrimental effects can come from things not according to plan. The wind we fought so hard to find can be sucked right out of our sails. We can lose hope entirely and easily resort back to past ways that led us to destroying our lives.

Death and incarceration tend to be the top two results from when things don’t go according to plan for guys like me and others in my position.

So what is there to do?

Except this?

Just be okay with this…?

No. I can’t do that.  And I’m trying to encourage others here not to either. No matter how bad things seem, there is always something good that can be found in that moment.

In a lot of cases the only good is “hope”.

Hope, especially for guys like us it might honestly be the strongest of things that we can cling too.

But in a lot of cases we’re so blinded by whatever it was that didn’t go according to plan that we don’t take the time to find that good thing in that moment…

That “hope” that is still there waiting for us to cling to it.

Instead, we abandon all hope entirely, saying in the end, that there isn’t any hope for us.

We lose hope when we need it most. And we need it most when things don’t go according to plan.

No matter how many asshole CO’s I have to deal with or how many things I strive to create a better way through that don’t pan out, I have to always remember there is at least hope.

And sometimes hope is all there is.

A positive mindset in prison

Here is a little of what is going on for me in prison right now…

First, I’m adamant about this class I am trying to start here called “Work in progress” (for more on that check out my last post “actions speak louder than words”).

Today I got a chance to speak with the powers that be about this class. Now, I’m in the process of trying to schedule a meeting with the person in charge of things here to really pitch this idea to them. Hopefully, that will happen sooner than later. But in all likelihood it will probably be later when that meeting takes place.

Also, today I had to start a new mural in one of the housing units. It’s another gigantic piece above the bunk areas where I’m commonly known for working. (For more on me and mural painting here in prison click here).

The only difference with this new piece that I’ve started is that I have to deal with the attitudes of a bunch of guys who live around the area where I’m working.

They don’t really like me being in there and disturbing their routine.

By the way…

I had no idea what I was going to paint for this new piece until the absolute last minute. So “last minute” in fact, that I didn’t even know what I was going to paint until first thing this morning…

About 2 hours before I started working on this piece!

So what am I painting? You might wonder…

Well, it’s a cartoon piece I created actually. But instead of trying to explain it in detail here, I’ll just post a drawing of it in the very near future. So be on the lookout for that.

Also, something else that I’ve got going on…

Well, not really in prison but actually out there where you are…

My very first eBook is now available for purchase!

The eBook consist of one short story. But it’s a damn good short story at that! It’s called “Coffeeman almost dies during the coffee challenge”.

This short story eBook is about Coffeeman (for more on Coffeeman click here) and how he steps up to the challenge of trying to drink an entire bag of instant coffee in one hour.

By the way…

An entire bag of coffee is like 24 cups!

You think it can be done?!?

Can you imagine what would happen even just attempting something like this?!

Well, for $0.99 you can embark upon a caffeine crazed tale that is GAURENTEED to entertain you every step of the way.

To purchase “Coffeeman almost dies during the coffee challenge” click here.

So that’s just a little of what’s going on in prison for a guy who has his heart set on making the most of the time he must spend here.


Stop on by Joewriteshiswrongs


For those of you who are reading what I have been posting lately about sorta like trying to save the world from prison and you’re wondering where the content you have come to enjoy is at…


Stories about the guys in prison with me…

Character Caricatures…

I’ve got great content coming just for you, as early as my next post.

So please, come by later!

How would you like to guest blog on Joewriteshiswrongs?


Hello. First I want to say thank you to all the people who are active on my page and leaving comments like you do on Joewriteshiswrongs. I am writing because I think we can help each other expand the reach of our individual blogs…

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This could introduce you to my fans and followers who might not be familiar with you and who might also then follow your blog and the same for me, through use of yours.

We could agree on a topic or question for the other to write a piece about, leaving it tasteful and also interesting. Then setting a date and time when traffic is highest to post it.

Plus, we could add a little introduction about the other. Why I like you, why you like me. I’ll portray you in an awesome light if you do the same for me. Then include the guest post piece and end it with a link to the others original page.

If anyone is interested in setting something like this up please email me at and we can go from there.

This could be beneficial to many of us.

Give this some consideration and let me know.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Sincerely Joe P. Guerrero Joewriteshiswrongs

Addiction strikes again


Yesterday I just found out that another dude that left here about 7 months ago just…

I bet you’re thinking I’m gonna tell you he died too, right?

Nope. Not this one.

This one got arrested again yesterday with two fresh felonies.

Something to do with drugs, and I think selling them.

Yu, that’s all…

I was the first here at the prison to find out and when I told this other guy who knew him, he said “That doesn’t surprise me”.

What surprised me though was that I responded the exact same way…

I told this other guy, I said that. I responded the exact same way…

I told this other guy, I said, “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me either.”

But that’s crazy.

I mean this guy had gotten his shit together after he got released from here. Every time I hear about him out there it was something good.

He even told me himself…

Plenty of times, too!

Every time I would post something on Facebook he would always respond with something positive and uplifting too.

So how the hell did he end up arrested again? And more importantly why wasn’t I surprised by the fact that he was again…?

I guess because the only real answer to that is guys like us who have spent so much of their lives in and out of jail and prison…

For guys like him…

And for guys like me…

When we’re released, we’re never really released completely.

We get out there and no matter what we do or how good we do, we’ve already got one foot back in prison already.

Meaning that it’s much easier for guys like us to end right back where we spent so much of our lives already.

Maybe it’s because we don’t give ourselves much chance to make it.

Or maybe it’s because we think we can do the exact same shit we have always done and live to tell about it or maybe not get arrested this time.

Or maybe we just give up to easily when times get to hard.

Whatever the reason it’s got to be a combination of all this which is why I am not surprised that a guy can get out and be doing great one minute, and the next, I hear him being arrested by a cop who was allegedly nice enough to let him post a farewell Facebook post on his page while in handcuffs.

And even though I’m not surprised by any of this, I am in fact scared to death of this.

Because in no way can I say with 100% surety that the exact same thing won’t happen to me….

“I sit here talking to you in handcuffs. The officer was kind enough to let me use my phone one more time to say this. Goodbye” – Brett Shane Gelico