There is still some post I have in relation to “Prison lies”.

But we will take a break from that for awhile.

I’ve got something else in mind to switch gears a little.

So look for that Monday.

I really want to “talk up” what I have got in mind because I know it is something that would be COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED…



But I CAN’T talk it up right now because I am in prison and a lot of times things don’t go according to plan here.

Let us only hope that this thing I have in mind is something I can make work…somehow.

Until then, I will be posting something I haven’t posted much of lately…

Some new cartoons!


Getting out and coming back to prison…

As I get closer to the end of this incarceration, there is something that really makes me depressed and scares me half to death…

How often I hear about guys I know who leave prison and don’t make it more than a couple of months out there in the world.

It never fails.

It seems like someone is always telling me about this person or that person who just recently out there and on the “run” or has already been arrested for some new charges.

Why does this depress me…?

Because hearing stuff like this makes me feel like I don’t even stand a chance out there.

It scares me because it makes me think, “Oh my God is this going to be me?”

Three months after I am released are guys going to be sitting in prison saying, “Hey did you hear about, Joe?”

The most recent cause of what I am talking about goes like this…

Yesterday I am boxing in the gym and this guy I know keeps saying something about him “Cisko-ing”me. “I’m gonna knock you out.”

“I’m gonna Cisko you”. And I’m thinking, okay there was this guy name Cisko who use to be here at the prison but what the hell is this guy talking about?

“I’m gonna Cisko you”. “You better watch out I’m gonna knock you out.”

Finally I asked.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, you didn’t hear about Cisko?” He said. “Don’t you remember Cisko”. He asked.

Of course I remembered Cisko.

How could anyone not remember this guy? He was pretty well known on this compound for some things I am not gonna mention here. All I can say is I mentioned this guy a couple of times before in some blogs I had wrote but I am not going to go into that any further.

My buddy then tells me about how over the weekend Cisko was at the bar and got into a fight. Actually the fight consisted of just one hit.

Cisko hit this guy one time and somehow that one hit killed the guy.

Now Cisko is sitting in jail again facing some type of murder or manslaughter charge. His face is plastered all over the news, there is surveillance footage of the fight that they are showing on the news and the prison is a buzz all about Cisko.

Oh and what was the fight about…

Well, they said it had something to do with a comment one said to the other. But me, I think it was behind a little shit talking behind the Cowboys and Redskins game. I mean, the fight took place in a bar during that game and you can even see the guy that was killed clearly wearing a Cowboys jersey. I’m sure in some way it was related to that.

This entire situation is crazy because there is no way Cisko meant to kill this other guy. But all of this just goes to show you how fast shit can spiral out of control. I mean, here is this guy Cisko ready to fight this other guy and with just one punch thrown, he kills him.

With all of this I am forced to think about just how fragile freedom is. Especially, for guys getting out of prison! I don’t want to be one of these guys who gets out of prison and shortly thereafter gets tripped up on some dumb shit

I value my life and I want to have my life and my freedom when I get it and be able to enjoy all that.

But what do I have to do get out and walk around on eggshells all the time.

Constantly look over my shoulder to make sure nothing pops up to surprise me for the take down.

I guess I just might have to do that.

Maybe if Cisko did he wouldn’t be sitting in jail looking at another prison sentence right now.

Click on the link below to read an article on the matter and see the video footage.