Another week down


I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend…I’ve got a lot of great content for this upcoming week. We are going to start things off in a major way tomorrow with a story about this young guy here in prison with me and his story about why he is locked up.

Just to give you a little preview about what all that is about…

Imagine if you walked in on a potential rape in progress.

Yeah. This is definitely NOT a story to miss.

Also there are a bunch of new cartoons coming this week. So I hope you will check back for those as well.

Thanks to all of you who comment regularly and are now emailing me too.

A special shout out to ErikaKind, Nutsrok, Stone City Blog, Suzie M. Jennings, Steven D. Jennings, N.A.M.E., heartwordsforpoetry, My Friday Blog, and Corner of Confessions.

If you don’t know who these individuals are, then I highly recommend that you check out their blogs and follow them as well.

These are high quality bloggers concerned for far more than just their numbers and who are creating compelling and entertaining material that is certainly worth your time to engage in.

Also, if you haven’t heard I’m now able to email from prison. So if you are ever interested in corresponding directly with me the information on how to do so is provided through the link.

That is everything for now so stay tuned for everything coming this week.


Not just a number

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has given their condolences it really means a lot.

I also want to give an extra special thank you to…

Erika over at ErikaKind

Cathrine over at Cathrinelyonaddictedtodimes

Josh over at myfridayblog

Michelle over at heartwordsforpoetry

All of you took the time to not only read my most recent post but also hand out some encouraging words that I will forever be grateful for. It feels good knowing not everyone sees me as just a number and some of you actually want to see me succeed in life.

It is support like yours and having Jen by my side through all of this that keeps me going when I question what all of this is for.

It’s hard not to let all the negativity start to take control when you are surrounded by it daily.

Soon this part of my life will be behind me and I can start fresh…

Because out of those ten prisoners I mentioned in “Am I talking to a dead man” I WILL be one of the two who make it in the real world.

I promise you that!


A follower milestone…

Wow…600 followers! Thanks to all of you who follow Joewriteshiswrongs and also like, comment, and share what I post. This blog has been around since the beginning of the year and it is still in the processes of developing into all that I know it has the capability of being.

None of this could be possible without all of your support.

Thank you again.

All of this means a great deal to a man incarcerated, thriving to change the status quo about how people on the outside view what goes on here on the inside. Though some of that can seem cliché or not very surprising… A lot of what goes on here is very VERY left field to say the least. Check out “chair sex” as an example if you need more proof.

Again 600 followers… such an amazing feat!

Now I must strive to reach 1000.

Thank You, Catherine!

I would like to give a special thank you to Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon, today I just received a copy of the book she had written “Addicted to Dimes” (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat).

She took the time to personally send me a copy of her book, and I am looking forward to reading it. You can also find this book now available on Amazon.

Thank you so much Catherine!

Joe P. Guerrero

Starting to gain momentum

It is really motivational seeing the amount of traffic that my blog is getting, especially today. Today I have had tons of views and tons of visitors and I would like to give a big thank you to for spotlighting joewriteshiswrongs and helping a guy in prison see that there really could be light at the end of this tunnel through the tremendous amount of support all of you are showing me.

Thanks to all of you for liking, following, viewing and visiting joewriteshiswrongs. Please continue to do so because every day I will be chronicling this insane journey I am on.

Your support is what keeps me motivated

I am happy with the attention my blog has received thus far. The followers, likes and feedback on my page is what keeps me motivated and inspired to push harder each day. I hope that each and every one of you will continue to follow me in my journey to becoming a free man and bettering my life one day at a time. Thank you all for your interest in JoeWritesHisWrongs.

To my followers…

Having followers is great…having followers being an incarcerated man is even better. Thank you to all of you who are interested enough or enjoy my stories and cartoons to follow my blog. With each follower/like/comment it gives me that much more hope I am and will continue to be better than my past mistakes.

“A further look into this incarcerated man”

In prison support means everything, if you don’t have anyone on the outside, like family or friends, “time” can be much harder. I mean, imagine going through years of this with no one. No contact with anyone on the outside.

No family.

No friends.

No mail.

No visits.

Only yourself!

The first 4 years of this incarceration journey of mine were spent just like that, completely alone.

Feeling like nobody cares and no one was there, mixed with the mental anguish that comes from knowing you’ll spend YEARS of your life incarcerated is MORE than enough to drive a man INSANE.

It came very close to doing just that to me. This was WAY back at the beginning of my sentence, too. I was only about one year into the 7 ½ years I would have to spend gone from the world.

But during that time instead of allowing myself to be beaten by all that I could not change…all that I had endured already just in that first year alone, and knowing I would endure 100 times that in the 6 ½ years I had left-I reached a conclusion.

I had a revelation.

I quote this from a story I wrote called “the tipping point” that was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Readers Choice.

“Loneliness can do one of two things to a man. It can cause him to give up, abandoning all hope for his own self, or it can install in him a drive to find something better, no matter how much negativity he must overcome first.”

Loneliness…if you know this feeling, it feels like “failure”. It was a failure that I had always been that led me to incarceration and ultimately loneliness.

Something had to give.

Something had to change.

Well, at absolute rock bottom, in a jail that I have to consider one of the worst I’d ever been in, where everyone was “snitching”, and I was looked at like I was crazy for not trying “to give back” some of my time.  In a jail where just a few years prior a good friend of mine had killed himself and thoughts of suicide haunted me constantly. I VOWED to find something better.

I vowed to no longer be the same lonely failure I had been my entire life thus far.

I devised a plan.

My plan to work as hard as I could EVERYDAY toward changing my life for the better in any and every possible way that I could.

My art and my cartoons became like life support, as did my writing.

These things most certainly gave my life some sort of meaning when it otherwise seemed to have none what so ever. Instead of dwelling on how all alone I was during my birthday and holidays, I would draw or write.

Mentally I would be focused on the bigger picture, that through my art and my writing, I would find success.

Against all odds!

No matter what!

Failure and loneliness became mere hurdles, and what is a hurdle if not only something that stands in our way, waiting to be cleared.

Every day I worked as hard as I could, from that point in time more than 4 years ago (Remember I spent my first year incarcerated barely hanging on by a thread) all the way to this point as I write this, and I still spend every day the same way: trying to make the most of this…working toward a much better life.

In the 5 years and “some change” that I have been “locked up”, I’ve “hurdled” quite a few obstacles.

I’ve had some of my work published in a few different magazines and even a Chicken Soup book.

I’ve met an amazing woman who believes in me and my work as well…and what I consider most important to all of this…

I’m never giving up.

“Special Thanks To All Of You”

This goes out to all of you who have “liked” my blogs, “follow” my blogs, or done both already.

Your support during these early stages of this blog couldn’t have come at a better time. So it is with all sincerity, that I thank you generously for your support.

JoeWritesHisWrongs has featured already, and will continue to feature, stories of my struggle to “make it” through this major chunk of my life that I have spent incarcerated.

Though most of the stories and cartoons are of the more ridiculous shit I have to deal with here. It is ultimately the enjoyment and entertainment of “you”, the readers of my work, that I aim to please.

Not everything will be as asinine and over the top in nature though. I plan to mix it up from time to time, keeping this blog fresh and interesting. If there is something I can do, change, add more of, leave more out… let me know. I can’t emphasize enough just how much your comments mean to me. I’m just a guy in prison who is desperately trying to prove to the world he’s a lot better than the errors of this past ways.

Threw JoeWritesHisWrongs I hope to do so.

Please continue to follow this blog, and help see that it reaches out to more and more people. If there is something you like, share it with your friends, and ask them to follow the blog too. In exchange for your help and support if there is something I can do for you, please let me know. Maybe you would like a souvenir from prison, we do have a wonderful gift shop here, or maybe you just like a personal cartoon drawn or a shout out.

Thanks again to all of you. It is you that gives JoeWritesHisWrongs life.