The first mural I ever painted in prison

This is the very first mural I ever painted…

What’s funny about this is that even though this is my very first mural it’s the one people come up and ask me about the most.I guess it’s because it’s a cartoon painting and because of what the subject matter is that’s depicted in it…fusing together my love for cartoons and at the time… my new found love for painting- I created this piece.

Seagulls for some reason love this place and its seems a special breed of them are the only ones you can find here…(prisongulls) I like to call them.

They dive bomb and almost attack prisoners leaving the chow hall in almost a gang style shakedown. It was the aggressive nature of these hated flying rodents that inspired me to paint this cartoon.

By the way…If you are looking for an unbelievable tail that is oh- so true about just how big of a roll these prison birds play in the day to day life while in prison then check out the Story of Lucky.



Straight killed it!

Me and a giant map of VA I just recently painted at the prison. Check out “A mural painter versus a floor guy” to see what I had to go through just to try and complete this project! I almost had to fight a guy right in the same room and in the same place I’m standing!