I feel like….



Prison Groups Suck


For those of you who don’t know…

Let me tell you a little about the groups we have to attend at this prison.

They suck.

Don’t believe me…

Check out this cartoon. Click here

Yup, groups at this prison suck. And every day here starts off the same here too…

With a morning group where we have to stand up to say this “philosophy” like we are a bunch of children.

A philosophy that means nothing and that everyone hates…

A philosophy that starts off click here

Then after that it’s on!

As in on to more grouping that is.

A whole day full of them…

Group after group…

About a whole lot of nothing with the only highlight of the day being if there is some sort of female staff to lust over click here

Thankfully I get to miss out on most of these groups and the whole lusting aspect…

I have a job painting that keeps me out of the building for most of the day.

But for those who aren’t as lucky, by the end of the day there is only one way I can really subscribe how they must feel like after a whole day of these pointless groups. Click here

“Don’t ask don’t tell…Hair trimmers”

Originally posted on February 11, 2014


Consider some of what you read on JoeWritesHisWrongs as a guide for any of you who might be considering a break from the free world and a lengthy stay in prison.

Some of what you read here is viable information that could help prevent costly mistakes if ever incarcerated.

This little gem is a perfect example of that and is very important in prison, but it could also be just as important out there in society.

If borrowing hair trimmers from a guy, never ever, ever, never ask if he has used them to “manscape”, before.


Well, why the hell do you think!?!

Because the answer very likely is that HE HAS!

This is the “don’t ask don’t tell- hair trimmer policy”.

If borrowing hair trimmers from a guy always remember to clean them first. Preferably with a butane torch, but if that is not available, then by whatever means possible.

Always remember that when using another grown mans trimmers and even AFTER you’ve cleaned them, they are ONLY to be used to cut the hair on top of your head.

Never, ever, ever, NEV-ER use them to groom your face.

If you do, then this ensures a very disturbing INNUENDO, that you do not mind another man’s genitals in your face.

And you are gay!


Guess what Google found…

I’ve been trying to make the most of this incarceration since the very beginning…

And here is the proof.

One of the very first cartoons I ever created while I’ve been incarcerated. I drew this about 6 years ago back when I was still at the jail and I submitted it to a prison publication that must have used it…I never knew that they did until Jen ran across it when she searched me on Google.

What’s crazy about all this is that the caption written under this cartoon from 6 years ago is still how I live my life everyday now.



This cartoon was inspired by the guy who sleeps in the bunk next to mine…His name is CoffeeMan and all this guy does is sleeps and drinks coffee when he is not sleeping. I don’t want to give away too much information about this guy just yet because he is going to be part of a character caricatured that will be featured later today…but for the moment consider this, CoffeeMan is such a worthless waste of life that I was inspired to create this.