Gang bangin’, Gunshots, and a Police standoff over an Internet Star dating a MINOR..!

I never got around to adding this part the what I told you about yesterday… What with the 4 million gunshots I heard on New Years in my downtown projects place of residence …

Two nights ago, I’m laying in bed. Awake, and it’s late…

And I hear from somewhere in the relative distance…



Then nothing for about two minutes…

Then sirens.

Someone just died, I thought for sure.M-NYPD-OIS-Aug2013



Yep. That’s what it is.

So the other day Levi tells me about this guy our home state of Virginia Virginia who has blown up off of “Vine.” And who also has this million-plus follower count on Facebook.

Bryan Silva.

Don’t know who Bryan Silva is…?

Well, don’t worry. You are about to be educated…

Who is Bryan Silva…?

So this guy has about a thousand videos like this one and worse. And if you’re wondering how a guy like this could ever blow up to the level of success he has amassed…


Here is a BIG part of how he did.

If you’ve pulled yourself back together enough after dying from laughing so hard…

Oh C’MOM,,!

That shit is hilarious..!

Here’s a little news…

So Bryan Silva was just arrested a couple days ago in a standoff around his home, which you can sure bet he posted a video of in the midst of the entire situation..!

Bryan Silva standoff video.

Then the creme Del la creme…

The news story.

So allegedly this guy was arrested for abducting his 17 year old girlfriend…

He’s 25.

Is that a thing…?

Like, is there something wrong with that…?

Being 25 and dating a 17 year old.


Aside from all that…

Personally, I like Bryan Silva.

I think he’s got a really great personality and he’s got a great head on his shoul…

OK so maybe not all that.

But he definitely has the “social media game” on SMASH..!

And I also think he would be a great guest on The After Prison Show.

What sucks for him though, is that if he gets convicted of these charges against him…

Well, they’re pretty serious and could carry a SHIT TON of time.

Hope it works out for him.

It’s gotta be a lot of responsibility being young and famous….

17 year olds must be like crack out there or something.

I mean ” Tyga”has pretty much set the bar for that type of shit..!

But that’s all for that.

So today The After Prison Show is supposed to shoot it’s biggest episode yet..!

No more details than that right now… Just in case you never know.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode called “We got the mics…” Please check that out .

And other than that, I hope everyone has an awesome day…!

































A guy named Google

Prison Visitor Fee

Originally posted April 7, 2014

Back when I was at the jail I met a guy everyone called “Google”.  I can’t really remember why he said he was given this nickname but I think it had something to do with him being “good” with the computer.

Google was a tall goofy lengthy looking younger guy who kinda resembled an ogre.

He also had some very heinous and disturbing charges that he was facing quite a bit of time for.

He, as well as two others, were charged with a home invasion where the three had allegedly broke into an old ladies home, tied her up, beat her up, and then robbed her.

This was a very high profile case. It was plastered all over the news. There were even pictures of the old lady with a black eye and bruised face.

This was a very terrible crime.

I felt no remorse for Google who had it quite rough at the jail.

The snitches were all over his case, possibly trying to jump on it and use whatever they could as leverage to testify against him.

Guys were always beating him up; stealing from him…I guess what goes around comes around.

When I first met Google it was only because I was forced to be housed in the same cell block as this dude.

After learning what he was charged with, under no circumstances would I have dealt with this guy-except that I had no other choice but to since we were housed together.

Oh, and because I quickly realized how despised and hated he was and how he was willing to do anything just to be liked or even barely tolerated…I made him my tattoo assistant.

Or my bitch…whatever you prefer.

Back then I was tattooing every single day, pretty much all day to. So I really didn’t have a lot of time to do shit like make food or clean up. So through what I made tattooing, I used some of that to pay Google to do what I never felt like doing.

Now I know calling another man my bitch seems to have quite a bit of gay undertone especially being incarcerated and all. But I mean this in the most heterosexual way possible.

When I say he was my bitch, I mean that as my bitch he would do whatever I asked him to do.

Again…no homo.

For example, I would say “Hey Google go make me some coffee”. Or “Get this tattoo padding ready for me.” And he would do that.

Yes, I took full advantage of the fact he was in a bad situation.

I don’t care, either.

The world is very “doggy dog”

Throughout the time that I knew Google I asked him why the hell he would do such a heinous thing as what he was charged with.

What could possibly make a guy and his friends break into an old woman’s home beat and rob her.

“Drugs” he said.

He said he was strung out on drugs.

I’m locked up for drugs. My charges stem from drug addiction too. But mine are non-violent.

I could never see myself doing something as despicable as to what he had done and then simply saying drugs made me do it.

If in some other life, one where I was actually even capable of such an atrocity and I had committed an act as deplorable as what Google had done, and someone asked me why I had done it, I might say “because I am a monster that is why.”

Doesn’t that sound like a much more satisfying response?

I also knew Google throughout his entire court process. I witnessed firsthand all that he went through. Some of which actually made me sick to my stomach.

Google was offered a plea deal for 25 years… that is a quarter century!

He was in his early 20’s at the time I think he was 23. So he was given a chance to come home at close to 50 years old.

I guess there is still some life after that.

But like most that I see who are offered football number plea deals as we like to call them, Google turned down the offer.

He then decided he was going to fight his case, in an effort to beat his charges probably just as he had beaten that old lady.

The problem with this was that if he didn’t win at court, then the deal was gone and he could very likely end up getting a lot more time then what was originally offered, especially considering the heinous nature of his crime and the fact that it was very high profile. Meaning that it was on the news more than a few times.

The only good thing I tried to do here was I tried to convince Google to take the plea deal. I told him that he didn’t have a leg to stand on at court and that the jail house snitches were already trying like all hell to jump on his case and testify against him.

But he wouldn’t listen.

His court appointed lawyer came to see him before trial and also tried to convince him, to take the deal. He said that there were 6 different people from the jail who had wrote to the prosecutor claiming to have information on his case!

That’s 6 different snitches that tried to jump on his case!

Yet, he still felt he had a chance fighting the case.

Because the case was so high profile, Google had to have a jury trial. I think he even told me that most of his jury was old ladies.

This guy was definitely about to get buried in court.

The trial didn’t even last that long, maybe just a couple of days. But I will never forget the day when it ended and Google came back into the cell block. I was doing a tattoo as I was usually doing. Maybe it was because I was the closest thing this horrible dude had to a friend, but it was me that he first told the news to of what had happened at court.

He walked into the cell I was in very somber like, very indifferent or maybe in shock.

I don’t really know.

He stood there for a moment, and then he said, “They just found me guilty of 22 felonies…the jury just recommended 206 years.”

I was completely blown away by this. Not because I felt sorry for him or because I didn’t feel like the punishment fit the crime. To be honest when it comes to my thoughts on those two subjects I’m not really sure how I felt. But I was blown away because I was standing in the presence of a guy who had just basically given his life to prison.

Like he had just killed himself!

Google had the opportunity to spare himself from a life sentence by taking the plea. Yet he refused to accept it. Now he will be forced to make the second most ultimate sacrifice.

“Life in prison!”

When Google went to sentencing the judge had the power to accept or reject the jury’s recommendation.

The jury had recommended that he serve 206 years… that is like 2 life sentences plus 6 years.

Well, the judge did reject the jury’s recommendation.

Instead, he sentenced Google to 216 years.

The judge gave him an additional 10 years for the heinous nature of his crime.

It has been over 3 ½ years since I last saw Google. I actually ran in to him at the receiving unit prisoners go to after the leave their jails.

He was very optimistic there. He felt he had a chance at an appeal.

I, myself, didn’t share his optimism.

Malvo…One-half of the “DC Snipers”

Originally posted Feb 25, 2014


I can’t remember what year it was, probably sometime around 2003. But there was a time when I was in Chesapeake City Jail the same time as Malvo.

Malvo and Muhammad were the DC Snipers that killed a bunch of innocent people with a sniper rifle.

These two assholes were true definition of “pieces of shit.”

Malvo was to be tried in Chesapeake, Virginia due to security concerns, Muhammad in Virginia Beach, for the same reasons.

Chesapeake City Jail and Virginia Beach City Jail were thought to be the safest for transporting these two monsters back and forth to court because both jails had one thing in common.

Underground tunnels.

Prisoners were transported through these tunnels that connected the jail to courts.

During the time of the trials for these two, I witnessed a lot of crazy shit. Especially, considering I was working as a “trustee” in the kitchen at the jail Malvo was being held at.

During the time Malvo was to arrive at the jail, we kept going on lockdown. I determined this was to ensure that we as prisoners, and possibly staff as well, never fully knew when he actually arrived.

Then, one day he was just there.

Once we knew he was at the jail, things got way more intense.

As a trustee, I helped prepare food for the entire jail population.

Except for Malvo!

The staff had to make all his trays, specifically.

I guess this was to ensure that no one messed with his food. But as I think back to this, I’m not sure if this was exactly the best option. I mean, a lot of people HATED this guy, and for good reason too. But whether anyone ever did mess with his food, and I can only hope that they DID, I don’t know for sure.

Or really care.

The craziest part of all of this was certainly how Malvo was transported to and from court.

Every time they had to move him, the jail went on immediate lockdown. The trustee cell block I was housed in was located directly next door to the “protective custody” cell block Malvo was housed in. Inside the jail, there are these big windows in each of the cell blocks. They look out into the hallways, so each time he was moved we could watch as that happened.

This guy was so “high profile”, that just to move him; he was shackled to a wheel chair and wheeled around by a bunch of the “higher up” jail officials.

I used to watch this in amazement and think to myself, “Man…You’ve got to be absolutely NO “earthly good” if people don’t even want you WALKING.”

All of this happen years ago.

Since then, Muhammed has been executed.

Malvo, last I heard was at some Level “4-5” facility where he is serving LIFE.

Prisoners with sex crimes…and the black list

Sex offenders in prison are the worst type of scum there is. Unfortunately, though. They also make up a large percentage of guys who are locked up. At certain facilities there are more sex offenders then at others.

Take the facility I’m at right now. There are not as many here because everyone here has about 3 years or less.

Sex offenders usually have a lot more time than that.

But the prison I was at before this one had a horrible reputation of being home to about 60% of sexual offenders.

That was a tough place to do time.

Just meeting people there, you didn’t always know if a guy had some sort of horrible charges or not.

Throughout these 6 years I have been incarcerated, I have seen a lot of how prisoners with sex crimes and other despicable charges are forced to live while locked up.

It certainly isn’t easy for prisoners with these types of charges here in the concrete jungle. Which it shouldn’t be either. These prisoners are absolutely bottom of the barrel. The first to be extorted and made to pay for protection. These despicable bastards deserve all that they get while incarcerated and I feel no pity for them.

Not too long ago there was an incident that happened here.

Somehow a prisoner stole this paper out of a councilor’s office. On that paper-allegedly- it had all these prisoners names on it who had to “register” once released. I say “allegedly” because I never saw it. But I know it was absolutely real because of the uproar and chaos that followed.

First, everyone began talking about everyone who was supposedly on the list.

Then everyone started wondering who else was on the list. Everyone was looking at everyone else a little suspiciously. This, in turn, made everyone start pulling out their “paperwork” showing others in black and white just exactly what they were locked up for.

Even I did this.

“Ain’t gotta fucking worry about me.” I said. “It’s all right here in black and white…possession with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon”.

Big boy charges for a bunch of bullshit really.

No really…it was. And I will tell you about it someday.

Back to this paper with these names on it… This became known as the “black list” in here.

I mean you weren’t clear in here unless you showed your paper for what you were locked up for.

Some names that were on the black list weren’t surprising.

Others were an absolute shock.

But in the end it turned out not only was this list of prisoners who must register upon released for sex offenders it was also for violent offenders too. Which one prisoner learned this the hard way.

A guy who claimed to have seen the list accused someone of being on the list.

Well, that guy was on the list…

He was a violent offender.

The other guy learned this as he was being beaten up by this violent offender.

I mentioned this black list incident because it brings up a very real point.

At a lot of prisons around the country upon arrival, you are given 30 days to produce paperwork with your charges on it.

If you don’t, then you have to “check in” to protective custody.

In prison not much is a secrete.

Everybody business tends to be everybody’s business.

Well, at least in regard to why you’re here.

A possible life sentence for a childhood friend

I think it was back in 2011 when I first learned of everything that was going on with this guy who I had considered my best friend for about 5 years when I was a kid.

Have you ever known someone in your life from your youth or childhood that you lost contact with and wondered whatever happen to them?

I’m sure all of us have, and that’s basically what this is all about. It’s crazy how life can turn out too. Especially when you learn something horrible about a person you once knew and wondered what the hell could have made them do the shit they did.

Back in 2011, I read a newspaper article about a guy that I used to play with and ride bikes with when I was a kid. The article said his wife or girlfriend had sold some stolen goods and when the cops came to their home, they search it.

Inside they found the couples young daughter who was being held captive inside of a pen of some sort that had been flipped upside down and weighed down with the child inside of it.  Like inside of a cage. The article also said it appeared this was how the child lived for quite some time. Held in captivity. Like a prisoner.

A child for God’s sake!

It gets worse too.

The child was about 6 or 7 at the time and she hasn’t even been taught how to talk yet. Plus she was all sorts of screwed up from the conditions she had to live in.

Upon further investigation, remains of another child were dug up from the backyard of the couple’s home.

These people were monsters. And one of which was a guy I considered my best friend as a child when we were kids.

Since all of this the couple has received 30 years for what they did to their daughter and are going to court right now for a murder charge for the remains of their other child.

I cannot see them receiving anything less than a life sentence for this horrible shit. And honestly, I feel they deserve that.

People make mistakes. Yes, I get that. That describes me to a “T”. But there is a line where that justification just can’t even begin to come close to explaining why someone did something bad or wrong.

Harm to a child is one of the biggest lines in the sand I have to draw, personally. A child needs the protection, guidance, nurturing and safety that is to be expected from his or her parent.

It is that parent or set of parents or guardians responsibility to care for the child or children.

When that fails to happen and harm is caused to the child by the parents own doing or negligence, how do you justify that?

To me, you just can’t.

If there is an upside to the story it is that the little girl is doing much better now. She has been adopted by a wonderful couple and is being well cared for. As the news reports they say she is making great progress as she recovers from such a traumatic ordeal. I’m sure that won’t be an easy thing for her to do. But I certainly wish the best for her.


A Bad Guy Turned Good, Then Turned To The Devil

Throughout my time spent in jail and prison I’ve met a lot of people. Some I have forgotten. Some I have remembered for whatever reason…

During my time at the jail there was this young kid who got locked up for a pretty crazy charge.

He had a knife in his luggage at the airport.

I seem to remember he said it was some sort of antique heirloom type of thing he had gotten because his grandfather had passed away.

I’m pretty sure his intentions were NOT to do something crazy with it once on the airplane…

But, you never know.

Anyways he was charged with some sort of federal offence for trying to sneak a weapon on a plane.

When he told me this, I told him he was a complete fucking moron for having the knife in his bag in the first place…

But that was after I told him he would probably get like 20 YEARS for that kind of charge.

Some of you who read this might think I am an asshole for telling this young somewhat troubled kid these types of things. But imagine this. I was already going away for the long haul… if somehow this kid could get out from underneath this terrible type of charge, well maybe my scare tactics might cause him to think a little the next time he wanted to do some dumb shit and end up in the same boat that I was in.

And guess what? My scare tactics worked I’ll have you know.

This kid became a devoted Christian while at the jail. I mean, he prayed all the time, read the bible, held bible studies, and even held prayer circles.

This kid was like the second coming of Jesus!

When he finally went to court, the damndest thing happen.

He was granted bond and only required a signature to be released. To me this seemed to mean that the courts didn’t think his charge was that big of a deal… like they probably realized he didn’t have any motive to use the knife for any sort of ill will.

Good, I thought.  I didn’t think he had any malice in his intentions either.

As he waited for his grandmother to come and sign his release paper, he packed up what little he acquired in the month he had been at the jail.

A bible…

Some study lessons…

A letter or two…

But the waiting system turned into hours

His patience and faith began to lose altitude with each hour that passed.

Sensing his rising frustration, I tried to talk him through the landing.

“Just pray about it.” I said. “Do what you have been doing…talk to God.”

Then… at that point he experienced catastrophic engine failure. His face turned as red as the devil. “GOD…! GOD…!?! He seethed. “GOD CAN’T HELP ME NOW! GOD CAN’T SIGN THESE RELEASE PAPERS…I NEED A SIGNATURE!!”

The crash was hard to fathom.  An enormous fireball.

No survivors.

Shortly, thereafter, his name was called for release.

God or grandma had come through…

Or maybe both.

As he grabbed his shit to leave, he simply uttered one thing that was a little ironic…

“Thank God.”

“Jail House Snitches”

I was first locked up on Dec 21, 2008 that was when all of this began for me. From that day I spent 26 months in the worst jail I had ever been in.

It’s a funny thing to.

I had served time in four other jails… some that were even more violent than this jail that I considered so bad.

Some that even fed worse.

So, what made this jail top of the list for “worst ever”?

The jail house snitches.

Never in my life had I seen so many guys who were locked up and ready to go right to work for the prosecutor.

Whatever happen to “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time?”

Its seemed if now a day’s everyone was content with “doing the crime…”

But the whole “doing the time” part… that shit was for the birds.

Or so it seemed.

When I was arrested, the cop said to me “just get us some more drugs and more guns… you might serve like 18 months.” They said.

You know what I did?

I cried…like a baby…my fucking eyes out.


Because I knew I was never going to cooperate.

I was never going to be a snitch. I was never going to tell on someone else because I had fucked up and gotten caught.

I was gonna take mine on the chin. Like a man.

I also knew because I didn’t cooperate and because I wasn’t willing to, I was going away for a long time.

I cried because I felt like my life was over.

In the jail guys were more than willing to cooperate. They either had information on other cases, or they would work from the inside to gain information.

How did they work from the inside to gain other information? You might ask.

Well, they would befriend individuals who had open cases that those individuals were trying to fight. Where none of these guys wanted to plead guilty in their cases! These guys were high priority targets for jail house snitches.

Quickly, let me add that I was not a target at all.

I was the exception to the rules…

I had confessed to all the charges against me at interrogation like a stand up guy would do. I did disperse the implication of a friend of mine and a chick, who were both with me at the time of my arrest.

I was of no use to the “house rats”.

Once the snitches found targets, then befriended them, they would then work towards gaining the trust of those individuals. Then, if the snitch could do so, he would try like “all hell” to get the target to open up about his case.

The real “meat of the matter”.

All the intricate “ins and outs” of the case.

Mind you that this jail that I speak of, it’s notoriously know for its high number of informants.

So… how would the rats tackle this problem? How would they get these guys to talk about their cases, especially when they know they’re in a jail that is full of guys looking to “jump on” other people’s cases?

They would invite them to join a gang.

By joining a gang an individual would assume he could trust those who would be his gang brothers.

Well, you know what they say when you assume something?

You make an ass out of you and me.

Part of this gang initiation was not only to get your ass kicked by all your little gang brothers for 60 seconds without being able to fight back… but also, to explain what you are locked up for and why.

This was the ultimate key to success for the jail house snitches.

In other cases snitches would befriend guys with open cases and then gain information single handedly.  Then trade that information with other snitches that had information on other cases as well. That way they could all “jump on” multiple cases for time reduction.

These low life’s traded case information like baseball cards.

In one particular fucked up case, there was a snitch named G in my cell block. He became friends with his cell mate who faced multiple robbery charges.

The cellie told G everything.

G would leave the cell block weekly to meet with the prosecutor.

Somehow the cellie had no idea what was going on.

I’ll never forget the morning I was leaving the jail to be transferred to prison. While in a “holding tank”, I saw G being placed in a protective custody holding cell across from the holding tank area.

I knew that meant he was going to court that morning.

Then, shortly after I saw the cellie, he had court that morning.

The “holding tank” as they are called where we were held are for guys going to court, getting transferred, and new lock ups. There are two holding tanks right next to one another… separated by a Plexiglas window.

I was in one.

The cellie was in another

He saw me through the window and called me over.

Through the Plexiglas he asked, “You see G?”

“Yeah” I said. “I think he is going to court this morning too.”

The cellie looked like his entire world had just crashed down behind him.

That was my last memory that I took from that place.

This one can definitely be categorized under “Bad Guys”

There’s a guy here who is new to my housing unit and he’s been in here for maybe about a week now.

Well, I guess some information got passed down through “inmate dot com” because now everyone has been referring to him as the “panty snatcher.”

Or the “panty bandit.”

Guys laugh and joke in here a lot so at first I wasn’t paying this any real attention.

That was until I started hearing the stories.

One such story claimed that this guy had been working for some woman and he had asked to use her restroom. He then went through her dirty clothes basket and found a pair of her panties in there.

With the panties pressed to his nose, he sniffed them…as he masturbated while staring at her through the window.

What makes this story even worse?

Well, that is the fact it was not passed down through inmate dot com.

This was actually a story he told, himself.

Even creepier, still…

We just had a counselor chick here come back after being on vacation.

She had gone to Disney World and she mentioned how there she bought a bunch of Mickey Mouse stuff.

The panty bandit then allegedly asked her if she had found any cute “little” Mickey Mouse panties.

I guess the counselor chick must have missed what he said.

Or she didn’t and inside was mortified, as she tried to “act” as if she missed it.

Hearing all of this myself, I pretty much just let it go in one ear and out the other. Surprisingly, nothing surprises me here anymore.

That was until my buddy “Meeko” was telling me about the Mickey panties that the full graphic nature of it all was not really registering with me and then decided to call the panty bandit over to our bed area.

“Hey what did you say to the counselor today?” Meeko asked. As a guy approached who looked like he could play the rapist on Law and Order “Special Victims Unit.”

“Oh.” The panty bandit said. As he licked his lips, “I asked her if she had found any sweet, succulent cotton panties with ‘Mickey’ on them.”

The he walked away.

Meeko waited for my reaction.

“Well,” I said. “If you don’t think this is going on my blog, then you’re fucking crazy.”

The “Bad Guys” Are Coming

As a guy who has spent much of his life incarcerated, and GONE from the free world, I’ve ran across A LOT of different types of BAD GUYS.

In some cases, “bad-guy” isn’t even a STRONG enough term. Some were just “horrible” people.


Some were just people in general, who ended up in “horrible” situations, and did something they’ll spend the rest of their lives regretting…and paying the price for.

As a new addition to Joewriteshiswrongs, I’ll be posting stories of some of these types of individuals I’ve run across throughout my many years as sort of a “bad guy” myself.