Making the best of it all

To see video about the shooting I mentioned in my audio post please click here.


Johnny aka “Panty Bandit” audio post from prison

Johnny aka “Panty Bandit” gives us a quick audio post on what Serial Killers reaction was after reading the fake letter from his ex girlfriend.

If you haven’t ready the story I posted earlier called “Serial Killer gets fooled again-twice” I recommend you read it.

A view at how sick and twisted some people really can be.

From Dreams to Reality

Last week I had posted a blog called “Jen, Joe And A Prison Phone“, for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet I recommend doing so. It is a great way to learn how exactly I am able to run a blog and make video posts from prison.

This audio post is a perfect example of how I mentioned in the last audio post how sometimes it will be quite and at other times complete chaos in the background. Not to mention you can see just how shitty the phones can be at times.

Yeah I could have recorded the post until it was perfect but lets be real, how is that giving you a good insight of what prison is really like. After all it is the prison phones that make most of this happen.

To hear the latest audio post from Joe click here.