How to make a prison tattoo gun

Tattoo is a major hustle for guys in prison.

In fact, for many years while I was incarcerated, it was how I survived.

There is good money to be made as a tattoo artist in prison. But it’s a hustle that comes with a lot of risk.

If caught, you could wind up in solitary for months..!

To most, this is worthy risk to reward venture to dive into…

Prisoners looking for ink on the inside are willing to pay for tattoos in a number of different ways that could make your stay behind the fence a lot more comfortable.

Prisoners often pay in commissary items, like food and hygiene products…

-Money orders sent to anyone on the outside you have who is willing to receive them…

-Money put on a prisoners phone account…

-Or things worthy of being traded for tattoo work…

–Porn magazines…

–Electronic items…

Yes, being a tattoo artist in prison certainly has it’s perks…

But how does one acquire the necessary items needed in prison to build a tattoo gun, and then build a machine that will have them potentially living the good life on the inside..?

Well I’m about to show you in depth…

I’m going to show you everything you need and just how to put together a working tattoo gun that will have you tattooing in no time..!


Then let’s go..!




















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