Rivers and roads to and from prison

Well I know I’m pretty much a stranger here these days. But I do miss my blog and blogging friends and everyone else who comments and checks my content out.

Life has just been life lately…




But such is life that we adapt, (or die.) And we keep it moving.

So I’m here with all sorts of goodies.

First, I’ve been painting up a storm in preparation of an upcoming Paint Nite with Joe event.

Here is two examples of paintings I’ve done lately….


So yep…

Those are some of the pieces I’ve been working on. There are more…

But the images are sideways are I don’t have time to figure out how to get the right-side up right now.

I really am proud of these pieces, though…

Next up, I finally got a chance to put together a new video for The After Prison Show.

It’s called Rivers and Roads to and from prison.

Hey that’s the same thing that I titled this post as..! Lol

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. It’s a lot different from what I’ve been doing with more recent videos.

It’s a really good video, I think….

Other than that, I’m back to work since the tragedy that happened last week. It’s been tough, but things have to move forward…

And I have to keep doing the most that I can to make a positive impactful path for myself- and others.

Thanks for all of your support, still…

Even when I’m lacking on my posting.








I saw a man killed today at my job…


I hadn’t really had any intentions on writing anything lately.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s been all sorts of stuff I could have posted about. But, I just didn’t want too, to be honest.

I guess I had lost my interest in things here.

But today has been a day that has changed all that.

Let me first start by saying that I really appreciated the job that I have…

It’s a good job for a guy like me.

I’m an ex con with limited skills, and no drivers license.

Yet, this job has given me an opportunity to work hard and prove myself.

I make decent money that I am able to survive on. But there is a down side to this, as well…

It’s a grueling ass busting job at a concrete plant, where you work insane hours under high stress and very dangerous conditions.

To give you an example of what I mean here, just yesterday I worked until from noon until 1am. Then I had to be back at work today at 4am for what was supposed to be about a 16+ hour day.

Well, by the fact that I’m typing this up at 10:55am, I’m sure you can imagine that that wasn’t the case today.

And the reason is because something horrific happened today at work.

It started at about 8:15am…

We were in the middle of a “long pour.”

We were pouring concrete into a form that is about 100 yards long.

It’s a tall form too…

Inside of a huge building with huge bay doors at the end of it.

Through those bay doors we can see out into the yard where everything is moving all the time.

Tons and tons of heavy equipment.

From the top of the form, my crew and I can see everything.

It was there I watched this guy who works on the clean up crew walk by carrying a wheelbarrow outside towards the dumpster.

He was smiling.

Then, the first thing happened.

Our large overhead crane that transports a huge bucket of concrete from the ground to the top of the form for pouring stopped working.

It just stopped and we didn’t know why.

A mad panic broke out because these pours are serious money…

Your talking hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line for a single pour.

Mechanics were called and we were left waiting.

Then a big boss walked by and said that the other overhead crane had caught fire which probably fucked up our crane.

Before anyone could say or do or even think about that, there was a huge commotion from right outside the bay doors.

Everyone started rushing out into the yard saying that someone had just been killed.

From on top of the form my crew and I walked to the end of the form to see what the hell was going on. And it was there that I saw something that absolutely traumatized me…

There, laying on the ground was the guy who worked on the clean up crew, who I had just seen moments earlier.

He was right behind the 6 ft wheel of a giant travel lift.

I couldn’t even make sense of what I was seeing at first…

I didn’t understand what I was looking at…

At first I thought something had fallen from the lift and crushed his head.

It was gruesome.

The worst thing that I had ever seen before.

But then as my brain started to register with what my eyes were seeing, I realized that what I thought was on his head wasn’t anything at all.

It was the wheelbarrow…

Broken at the handles, while the rest of this guy laid on the ground completely crushed.

Somehow one of the giant four wheels of travel lift had caught this guy and ran him completely over.

I started to lose it as did everyone else.

I’m running on two hours of sleep, and I seriously thought I was going to throw up then pass out.

How the fuck did that happen..! I thought.

This guy was just right there..!

This is also something your not going to fully grasp because you didn’t see this for yourself…

But when I asked who that was because I thought it was someone else…

And then they told me…

Again, my brain couldn’t register this.

The guy they told me it was was short…

This guy looked tall.

But then I realized that the crushing weight of the machine probably caused that.

Everything went to hell after that.

When I first walked to the edge of the form to see this horrific tragedy…

It had just happened.

The spotter for the lift was standing right there looking at this guy.

The lift operator was in complete shock.

Then someone went up to the guy laying on the ground and must have realized there was nothing he could do.

He fell apart after that.

The scene was eventually cordoned off, and then the police arrived.

By that point, they were starting to send everyone home.

The plant completely shut down.

The pour we were in the middle of was chalked up as a loss as it very well should have been.

A man lost his life for this company today..!

Employees are seriously affected by this tragedy as I KNOW I am…

I will never get this imagine out of my head.

I’m not sure I’ll overcome the thoughts either…

This could have been anyone…

This could have been me..!

How horrific of a way to go being completely crushed to death..!

When the machine caught him, did he yell..?

Did he scream..?

Did he even have time too..?

In an instant, there was the result of all this.

When I came home, I needed someone to talk too….

So I called my mom and I cried…

Then I decided to walk to 7-11 to get some beer to try and dull these crazy thoughts I’m feeling about all this…

As I was walking, a truck pulled up beside me, and it was a guy from the plant I had seen around but never talked too.

He recognized the company shirt I still had on…

He offered to give me lift and asked if I knew the guy who was killed today and I said I had seen him around a bunch and talked to him on a few occasions. But that I didn’t know him, too well.

He knew the guy pretty well. And he cried too thinking about this crazy accident.

Life can be gone in an instant is what I saw first hand today.

Now I drink a beer for this guy because he, himself, will never get a chance to do so again.

God rest his soul.

Mi-Jack_Travelift_MJ_55_005.jpgThis is sort of like the kind of lift that killed this guy…

Only it was bigger and the operator sits alot higher up.

Here is the news story.