Me and Kanye are on the same level now.

So Kanye is 53 mil in debt and he reaches out to Mark Zuckerburg for a 1 billion dollar investment on TWITTER.!

To which one of Marks aquaintences comments back to saying “hey Yesus.. If you’re going to ask a guy for a billion dollars…”

“You might pick another way to do so besides Twitter..”

Love this guy..!

Then on facebook I see that there is a gofundme campaign set up for Kanye with a goal amount of 53 million dollars…!

Oh and that’s NOT even the crazy part…!

The crazy part is that it’s already raised over 7,000 dollars..!!!

So I go try to find this campaign on gofundme, and while there, I search “Kanye…”

There were literally THOUSANDS of these campaigns set up..!

What the fuck.!!?

So that inspired me to create a little Kanye Cartoon this morning…

Yep that’s how I’m feeling about all this Kanye bullshit..!

And hey if people will just throw money at this guy to help him get out of debt…

I wonder if they’d support a more worthy cause..?

Like me trying to get a moped for transportation to work.

Just a thought.


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