Getting played by a company that exploits people in desperate situations

Yesterday I went on a job interview where I got completely played…

First, I find a job ad talking about 15.00/hr…

Something about talking to customers…

Handling questions…

I’m thinking its some sort of call center.

I get a call from a chick about the job. She sells me on it even more.

I’m completely blinded by the fact they’re talking about 15/hr and that my record won’t matter.

Then I get another call at noon telling me I’ve got an interview and I need to be there at 12:30..!

So I haul ass, get dressed, call uber, and get over there as fast as I can.

Even during the interview, I still have no idea what all this is about.

But then I start to piece it together…

The empty boiler room of an office…

Talks of going out and setting up client meetings…

Turns out they want me to buy some kitchen knife from them, then go out and try to sell them..!

“Oh shit…”

What the he’ll have I gotten myself into..?

I’m sitting here selling myself like a motherf@&er and this is all bullshit.

Wasted 30 damn dollars in uber rides to go do this..!

But, I learned a few things…

1) I can get ready for ANY interview at the drop of a hat and go in there and nail it..!

Hell they told me to dress nice…


Only pair I have are the PRISON ones I got released in..!

Had to wear those and I still looked as good as the others who got played right along with me..

I also learned…

2) not everything that sounds good really is…

A little cliche, I know. But really true.

I mean, desperation can lead you to move hastily and without better judgment.

So I gotta remember in the future to always analyze the prospect fully before diving headfirst into a potentially shallow grave.

Yesterday I did complete my resume. So I plan to start using that in my job hunting efforts.

Because I really have to find a decent job.

Today, I’m holding a sign up on the side of the road like a liberty tax Statue of Liberty person…

You gotta do what you gotta do until that right thing comes along…

I just hope someone will see my resume and think that I have the right qualifications for the job they are seeking to fill…


Hey and check out the latest episode of The After Prison Show if you haven’t yet seen it..!

Click here to for The After Prison Show.


4 thoughts on “Getting played by a company that exploits people in desperate situations

  1. Ahh. Sales marketing. The worst job in the world. I got played when I was still in high school. I had the mentality of “any job will do” just because I wanted to start earning my own money. But noo… I quit within a week lol.

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    1. Damn I meant to have this reply sent already…. Sorry for the late response… And Heeeeyyyy stranger, long time… How are you? Me, I’m good… And yeah the sales marketing scam that most seem to have fallen for as teens I’m damn near falling for at 33… I’m falling apart.

      Liked by 1 person

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