A Positive Post from a Positive Guy..!

Oh, by the way…

I am BOB ROSS…lol

Hey how about something positive for a change..! Not the ol doom and gloom of late. Let’s talk about some good ol fashioned POS-SO-TIV-VITY..!

I think that works..lol

So last night I hosted my second Paint Nite with Joe event and this was after I worked my ass off all day on a construction clean up job..!

It takes an immense amount of persistence and hard work to get anywhere in life.

Believe me, I know…

Take it from a guy who just spent damn near a decade behind bars. And is now trying as hard as he can to get his life together. FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE..!

So, I suck it up and do what I must if I want to see this art business of mine do anything.

Last night, was event number too.

Not a great showing that turned out for the event. But still, 9 people did. And that just about covered what I put into the COST of this Paint Nite with Joe..!


I lost my ass a little bit. But what I did make in return can’t be bought for the price of admission..!

I made a lot of MENTAL NOTES and I learned a HECK OF A LOT..!

All of which will help me with my next event that I’m hoping to host in about two weeks…

So what did I learn…

Well, for starters… The pic to be painted was not as easy for everyone to draw as I thought it would be…


Yep, this little fella right here was the cause of a lot of hassle for some folks last night…

Still, you’d be surprized to know that of the 9 people in attendance last night, about 6 of them did surprisingly well for NEVER HAVING ANY DRAWING EXPERIENCE AT ALL…

Does that speak more to the simplicity of the piece overall…? Or does that speak more to my AWESOME TEACHING ABILITY..?

I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Still, yet, still (lol)…

I learned that a piece of this technical-ness is best to be PRE-DRAWN for the customers…

It would certainly make things a lot easier for the few who struggled…

Also, yet, still,still,yet, also…

OK I’ll stop.

I’m not sure if those who struggled, did so because of the technical level of the piece. Or because instead they were SHIT FACED DRUNK.

Yes, there were a few who were just that. And I tend to think their difficulties with the piece came from their drunkenness and NOT the technical nature of the piece.

Proof is in the fact that 3 children who were in attendance did QUITE WELL with the piece.

So, yep.


We also put together some really awesome goodie bags as a token of appreciation for those who were took part in the event last night, as well.

This is something I believe really HAS to be done. I want the customers to know that their business is SUPER APPRECIATED..!

Check out facebook.com/paintnitewithjoe  for more. There is a lot more there actually. And while there, please LIKE Paint Nite with Joe..!

That’s all for now….



And ready to make the most of this beautiful day…

I hope you will, as well.

Take care.





















7 thoughts on “A Positive Post from a Positive Guy..!

  1. I think 9 people is something to be thankful for. Imagine if like 2 people showed up? I guess it would be more intimate though. I’m pretty happy when 9 people read one of my blog posts…lol. Have a nice day, Joe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your so damn kind hearted aren’t you. What u think I’m not greatful for 9 people..? Of course I am… And you know damn well you ain’t happy if only 9 people read your shit. What the fuck is the point of writing it then..?! To get your feelings out..?! Cmon man don’t bullshit me. And to be honest. I’m tired of fuckin bitin my tongue… Shit is about to turn up here..! And if you say some bullshit. I’m calling you out for it. Your the first.!


      1. To be honest, people write for reasons other than to have lots of people read it. Of course, the majority of bloggers want someone to read their writing otherwise they wouldn’t publish it on the internet. Some people write because they find it therapeutic, some are looking to blow up and others just like writing like how you like painting or drawing. I’ve been blogging for 4 years, if having more than 9 views on a blog post was a major reason for why I write then I wouldn’t still be doing it or I’d be doing things different. Some people quit blogging because the amount of readers become overwhelming.

        I apologize if I upset you in anyway. I wish I had put more thought into my comment.


  2. Congrats on the Paint Night Joe.

    I have to say, I think your comment above was uncalled for. I’ve been blogging for 6 years. I blog to briefly visit the lives of others. I’ve met people in cyberspace, amazing people that helped me in my darkest days. I post and I expect no one to read. I post to get my thoughts and feelings out, to vent. To explore my creative side. If I get visitors, I’m thankful. I like when ppl visit my blog. But, if no one does. I’m okay with that. I’ve always been more of a reader and I blog for the glimpse into others minds. On a different blog I used, I had a following of 500 in afew short weeks. I didn’t care for the publicity. I closed that blog down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know people aren’t going to agree with everything I do. And I respect everyone’s opinion. For whatever reason that one just rubbed me the wrong way at the wrong time… It’s unfortunate that I reacted and responded the way I did. But the truth is, I sometimes have a hard time biting my tongue… Let’s be real here. I’m here because I’m on a mission. My mission is to make it out here in this world. The only way a guy like me even stands a chance is to pursue the most extra ordinary of things… Paint nites, my art, videos… Those are where
      I hope to find the success. Is it far fetched for me to hope for this… Probably. But what else do I got. This blog is simply to help all my ventures… I’m one of my biggest ventures… Me. Joe the brand. So to say I don’t care about views is to I don’t need air to breathe… I have to have them… I hardly care about writing at all. In fact, it’s a minor detail. I write well and most times choose not too. I write with fucked up grammar and punctuation that people can’t stand and I’m a rebel… What’s more important to me than the writing is my story and adventure… Im the most interesting person I know. I been through shit that average people couldn’t handle. And yet here I am still pushing forward and striving to reach all that I hope to. If my comments offend from here on, I appologize. But I got a lot of shit on my mind… I’m two seconds away from losing it entirely and I’m just trying to keep it together… So to say there might be some changes here… Well you know… There Probably will be.


      1. Quite the opposite dude, a lot of people agree with all you are doing. All the positivity and pursuit of your dreams. Your goals are rooted in an auidence so of course you care and look for the bigger auidence. My message was not every one in the blog world does. We all have different goals and intentions.

        Sorry to hear things are rocky right now. What better way to feel better then vent and write it out Lol. I’ll read it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you. You always have been an awesome contributor and ally to me… Yeah things are a little rocky and I’m sure that has been affecting my judgement… There is a hell of a lot more that goes on than I’m ever able to disclose. Believe me if I could… Wow. The stories you all would read… Thanks again for being thereZ


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