A news story and a news chick…

I’m not sure what these two things will have in common other than they both in some form or fashion deal with the news…

One being a story I just saw on the news this evening.

The other being a reportress of the news.



I think I may have just made that up. And if I did, it is genius..!

Moving on.

Let’s start first with the story that I saw on wavy TV 10 at 6 pm…

It was a segment called “life after release..”

It featured a couple of ex prisoners who were trying to find work after prison and the hardships they each faced…

Ironically similar to my webseries The After Prison Show. Which focuses on that as well..!

Pretty ironic.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see this segment…

Check it out here.

It’s pretty crazy and hits especially close to home for me… What with all that I’m doing with The After Prison Show.

So yeah….

That’s the news story.

Now for the news reporter.

“Naden Yanes..”

This news reporter I’ve watched now for some time.

I’m sure countless individuals such as myself are pretty familiar with who she is. Especially in the local area and those who watch WTKR News channel 3.

For no other reason other than on Facebook I saw that she updated her profile pic, I drew this’s cartoon of her.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that while in prison I had the idea to caricature the entire News Channel 3 cast…

So maybe this is the start to that. And maybe one of them sees what I created of them and are like “hey, that’s pretty awesome.”

Which maybe leads them to do a little investigative reporting into who I am and what all this talk about The After Prison Show is about…

And they’re then like ” oh wow, this is interesting…

And then that leads to…

Well you get the idea.

So with all that and without further ado..

Here is Nadeem Yanes and the caricature i did of her.





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