The After Prison Show gets refreshed..!

So I’ve changed the theme here to spruce up the place a little… Also incorporated relevant channels and pages through the SMALLEST WIGETS EVER…


I want the Youtube icon and the Facebook like page icons to be big and easy to see..!

This theme only seems to offer teeny tiny little wigets though…

Oh well.

Still, the place looks good, right..?


OK. SO yesterday I got to spend some time with my mom…

She helped me do some running around in preparation for an upcoming Paint Nite with Joe event…

She is even going to attend the event..!


That’s pretty awesome.

The two of us haven’t really had a relationship in the last 10 years. So rebuilding one has been great..!

I got to eat lunch with her and show her some of the more controversial videos I’ve created as of late.

And she offered up her opinion on them and I appreciated that.

I think whats crazy to me is that people, or more so my family, is seeing the real potential I have to do something awesome with all that I’m doing. And that impresses them…

Them being impressed….

Actually any and everyone who is impressed…

My fans who are really starting to grow in numbers…

All that I impress with what I’m doing only furthers my drive and determination to make this shit blow up even more..!

For all of you and for me as well….

In the end this will all have been worth it.

Also, today I’m going to shoot a video..!

Uh oh..!


What’s he going to shoot about NOW..!


Today I’m going to shoot a new video..!

So look for that to debut soon…!

To everyone out there listening…


As always, thank you.

Have an awesome Sunday..!


























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