OK. So this is the post I wanted to use last night. But unfortunately, my computer crashed.

Thankfully, this morning I was able to recover it…

So yesterday I got a job through the temp service that I was blessed to get because they tell me the work is SLOW…

It’s a low level low paid construction site clean up job…

Hey, anything is good at this point.

And when we get on the job the first thing I notice is the SIZE of this job…


How can there be no jobs or how can work be slow with jobs out there like this one..? I think to myself.

That is, until I notice the second thing…

There are NO AMERICAN WORKERS on this site..!


Well, that is aside from me and my temp worker partner…


And we’re just some low level low paid peons..!

Damn this was crazy..! I thought.

All throughout the day asshole supervisors are walking around barking orders at spanish employees who could undoubtedly care-less.

Hell, they probably don’t understand much of what is getting barked at them in the first place.

Then add to that the level of workmanship displayed out on this job…

Much of the finished work looked horrible.

Which made me wonder…

Are these motherfuckers even QUALIFIED to really do the type of work they’re being hired to complete..?

I mean, how do you even check references for many of which are surely illegal immigrants..?


But, it’s the world we live in.

And just like how they have come and sucked up the jobs…

Doing whatever it takes to get the work.

We must do the same.

Hell, I know I have, too. What, with my criminal record and all.

It’s a dog eat dog world.

It’s sink or swim.

And if you don’t swim…

Then you’ll drown.

And I refuse to drown…!

We gotta get back out there and take back the workforce.

Show these employers that there are AMERICAN WORKERS who are just as deserving of these jobs as the immigrants they have put in our place..!

I’ll tell you this, too. It’s an interesting thing being around an employer who has nothing but Spanish folks working for him….

Many of whom don’t speak much if any English…

Being an American and one who is doing the “shit work…”

Those employers kind of just look at you with a mix of shamefulness and “hey, it is what it is.”

Almost like, “could you even imagine what I’m paying these guys.

To which I think in return…

“Oh yeah, a lot more than ME..!”

But like I assumed the big “boss-man” would think…

It is what it is.

These Spanish folks have put themselves out there in ways we have not to get these jobs.

Many of us Americans just use them as an EXCUSE to give up and not even TRY to find the work because we ASSUME they have taken it all.

Well, with that sort of thinking they are bound to keep it.

But me, personally…

I’m going to go out there and get it.

I’m going to stop justifying why it is the way it is, and I’m going to change things.

For myself.

Others should do the same.

That is if they are out of work and blame immigrants as the reason for why.

Stop being a pussy.

Go back out there and TAKE BACK these jobs if you feel you deserve them.

Go show these employers that they are missing out on a real opportunity EVERYDAY that they DON’T have YOU working for them…!

That’s just my view.

And for more, check out the little video that sort of accompanies all this.





































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