a new painting I just created for an upcoming paintnite..!

Just created a new painting for an upcoming paint party I just booked yesterday…

It’s a Valentine’s Day theme and I think it’s going to be a huge hit..!

Let me know what you think..!

Check it out at facebook.com/paintnitewithjoe


One thought on “a new painting I just created for an upcoming paintnite..!

  1. Excellent Joe ! Great work and glad to know about the paintnite. Best wishes for such continued successes.

    At this juncture I really need to share that your comment posted on my log was the major fillip I got to work hard at my writing and cartooning.

    I’d just started the blog and I was having trouble at work and so couldnt finish a piece of work I’d set out to do. Finished it after almost a month but I felt that the blog had about as much chance of reaching anyone in cyberspace as a message in a bottle.

    Thats when your comment on my art work came out of the blue and really gave me happy jolt.

    My blog finally crossed 1000 views exactly on New Years Eve and a lot of credit goes to you.

    Thanks a million again



    P.S Please check out your simple but effective comment

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