First VLOG just posted for The After Prison Show..!

Check out my first VLOG here..!

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7 thoughts on “First VLOG just posted for The After Prison Show..!

  1. Hello, found you by followers of mine follow you too. I am a sucker for an ex con. Spent most of my life with convicts. Now….ahh…not so much! Why? Well they are all OG’s that have went back or dead. Also, I stay out of the mix. My downfall is drugs but 4 yrs clean I don’t want to do dope so I don’t. Pretty simple it is my choice. Anyway, you look just like one of my son’s and the ex con theme draws me in. I want to support you and I will follow to see what you are doing. I blog about random stuff but mostly self improvement topics. Check it out if you want. I do post some pop culture info. I will be seeing ya soon. Stay on the path you know is true…best to you, Annette

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    1. Thanks for the follow and I’m happy to hear from you. Also interesting story you have. My blog has been quite lately due to the fact I’ve been working a lot lately. But I plan to post an update soon. Thank you also for the encouragement.

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