An Awesome Post from an Awesome Guy.

Hey, that’s right..!

I am an AWESOME GUY..!


It’s Monday morning and there’s no work for me today.


The snowy conditions as of late have made work obsolete. So now today I will focus on The After Prison Show and also trying to line up a new venue or two for Paint Nite  with Joe events.

What a storm we just had to deal with this past weekend, too.

It was like a hurricane mixed with a white out…

Guess that’s what a blizzard is, though.

We got about 2 inches of snow, total.

Where I’m located, that’s considered a state of emergency.

It was a nasty storm, though.

Hell, the wind was so bad Friday night that I woke up at about 3 am to a pounding outside my apartment window…

Turns out the vinyl siding was being ripped off the the outside of my apartment building and was banging up against the side of it.

It was also banging against the window, too.

That made me worry about the window getting busted out. So in order to prevent that from happening…

I pulled the long piece of vinyl siding in through the window and duck taped the window shut afterwards. It wasn’t a pretty fix. But it got us through the night.

Now the piece of vinyl siding just dangles as a grim reminder of what was… ( that sounds so cliche.)


So now with the weekend over and the snow still here, the temp service is telling me that work could be slow for a couple of days…

Great news at the end of the month with rent right around the corner…

But I’m sure things will improve and if they don’t…

Well, I’ll just have to go out there and “get it on my own…”

In my old life that would have entailed selling drugs or robbing someone with drugs.

In my new life…

That means going out there today and possibly putting in an application with this construction company I’ve been flagging for (if they’re even open today.) And also talking to some new venues about hosting a Paint Nite With Joe event.

So that’s the game plan.

Sounds like a pretty good one right…?

I mean, a lot better than that of my New England Patriots yesterday against Denver…

Oh my God.

Hey, congrats to Peyton Manning and The Denver Broncos. They played a good game yesterday in relation to the horrible game my guys played and they deserve the trip back to the Super Bowl.

I just hope they do better than the last time they went to the Super Bowl. A time when I was still in prison and was prompted to write this post.

So good luck to them.

My prediction though…

And this is not the prediction of a guy who is “in his feelings” because his team just missed the ride to the Super Bowl…

But my unbiased prediction is that Cam Newton and The Carolina Panthers are going to ANNIHILATE The Broncos.

Just my prediction.

Moving on…

So if you have left comments lately, and have wondered why I have not responded…

Well, the answer is because I have been in my feelings because my New England Patriots just missed their ride to Super Bowl 50.

No, I’m kidding.

The reason is because…


I guess there is NO REAL reason.

I’ve just been slacking a lot, to say the least. ( Yes..! Awesome play on words..!)

I need to tighten up.

And I’m trying to just that.

So, I’m here now crawling back to wordpress and begging for forgiveness for my lack of disregard for just how awesome the support all of you have shown me has been…!

I need that back..!


Also, in relation to The After Prison Show things have slacked up there, as well. And not really because I have wanted them to. But because I’ve been working a lot lately and not really having the money or time to invest in the project that I would like to have.

I do have some awesome ideas for upcoming episodes and I hope to get to shooting some of those soon.

Something I also want to start doing is video blogging more. I feel like that will help me a lot when I don’t have the time I would like to have to sit and type out a post.

I feel like we’re missing a lot of great content because of my lack of time to put content out there. So I’m hoping that vlogging will help in that regard.

I’ll be starting that today actually. So we’ll see how that works out.

That’s about it for this post folks.

Bottom line is I need to tighten up. Especially considering there is so much I’m hoping to accomplish. It’s not been easy to manage my time out here, and I’m trying to be more time conscious. I believe that will help in some regards and as I attempt that, you should consider it, as well.

We all have things we want to do and not enough time to do them…

What is the solution..?

“Make time.”

Take care and look for my new vlogging addition coming today..!



































8 thoughts on “An Awesome Post from an Awesome Guy.

  1. Wait two inches is a state of emergency? Here in NY we just had 30 inches. Prior to the blizzard with a wind storm a piece of our siding came off as well. Luckily we got a guy to come out and fix it before the blizzard.

    Welcome back to wordpress btw. As long as your being productive out in the real world, I don’t mind you abandoning us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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