I’ve been smoking crack lately…

I’ve been MIA lately, to say the least…

The reason for that is because I’ve been smoking crack.

No, I’m kidding..!

But I sure got your attention didn’t I..?

Note to bloggers, myself included…

Want eyes on your content…?

Then use big time titles to your sh&t like this one.

Hey, have a f&%kin sense of humor..!

But, hey…

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me see if I can keep it…

and maybe also warp your mind a little to  get you to do a few things…

But we’ll get to all that  in a minute…

So, MIA I have been lately and why…

Well, I’ve actually been working a legitimate JOB this last week..!

Yep, thanks to some pretty awesome people who really believe in me, they lined me and my new buddy Wayne up with this construction “flagging traffic” gig…

Sounds pretty lame, right..?

Well, hell..!

We’re making  good money just to hold a sign up..!

We’re making a hundo a day and we don’t even have to get dirty..!

Oh, by the way…

“A hundo…”

That’s one hundred dollars.

We just stand in the road, looking good, watching people drive by…

Some even wave at us…

Then again, some yell and scream at us and tell us to get out of the f&%king road.

Someone blew me a kiss.

I’m so awesome.

So yeah working…

Not Crack.

That’s the reason why I been MIA.

Oh, and let me tell you about my working buddy…

This guy is about as gangster as it gets.

It’s crazy, because where I live which I can NOW FINALLY DISCLOSE…

It was bureaucratic bullshit that prevented me from doing so before…

But, where I live…

In the heart of downtown Newport News.



And there is always shit going on down here…

Hell let me just give you one of headlines from the last few days…

There was this big shoot out with police.

It’s pretty much shit like this on a daily basis…

But back to my super gangster work buddy…

He is always telling me about the crazy shit that goes on in “the hood.”

Hell, turns out there is a MAJOR GANG TURF WAR going on right outside my front door and I was completely unawares.

Nice to know these things though.

You know, just in case I’m ever riding down the main strip and sh&t “pops off.”

You sort of gotta always be prepared for sh%t like that in downtown Newport News.

So yep.

It’s been working a legitimate job lately, and NOT smoking crack that has been the reason I’ve been missing in action.

Oh, and that last post that just said “I’ve been working lately..”

Yeah, that was an attempt to put a post together that I never had a chance to put anything more together on…

And then, somehow just decided to post itself.

Now, on to all the mind warp talk…

Hey if you’re not familiar with the youtube channel that accompanies this blog, then you really should check it out.

New content is coming soon.

Got some new episodes in mind right now and I hope to get one of those shot this upcoming week.

So in the meantime, you really should check out what we’ve already been doing…

And then subscribe to our channel.


Mind warp.

Well, that’s it for now.

Take care.

And try not to smoke any crack.

It really isn’t good for you.



















































6 thoughts on “I’ve been smoking crack lately…

  1. My heart skipped a beat for a moment there Joe, lol. Happy to hear that you are keeping busy. Isn’t interesting how you have someone blowing you a kiss one minute and within the next 2 another yelling at you? Just tells you how unpredictable we all are right lol. Keep up the good work. Em 🙂


  2. Whenever I see someone holding a sign I think I am sorry that person needs to stand there when it is hot, rainy, or whatever, in the midst of traffic. But when I read your post it looks like it was a lot of fun! So when you even make a lot of money… not too bad 😀


  3. You sure got my attention. I am so glad that that was all it was! I’ve been working overtime myself, not making any money though. Just survival stuff. So it goes. Keep doing the good stuff 🙂 And stay away from the hard stuff. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A$$#0Le! Anyway, it’s kinda a GOOD thing you didn’t know about that turf war. By NOT being “in the know” is proof of your non-affiliation of that lifestyle. Continue to distance yourself from that crap and you will beat those demons!


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