Trans gender After Prison and a Paint Party

What a combination for a title, huh..?

Well, hello everyone..! It’s been a few days since I last posted  and since then a new episode of The After Prison Show has been created..!

What an interesting episode this one turned out to be too…

It features “Kendra,” a trans gender woman and her struggle with addiction and acceptance.

Click here to check it out.

We had to go on quite the adventure to shoot this episode too…

Hell, the car ride was so long we actually have another entire episode just from footage we shot while traveling. But that hasn’t been put together just yet.

Soon, enough though…

The shoot with Kendra went pretty good. I won’t lie, it wasn’t our easiest shoot. And that was because Kendra liked to talk…

And not really answer the questions I would ask…

Or if she did, she would go on for DAYS with the answers…

And she used “like,” “um,” and “you know,” every other word.

But aside from those minor things, I feel like Levi and I really put together an awesome episode..!

We had a lot of fun in the process too.

On location filming here…

It was such a beautiful are too that we went too…

We met a friend of Kendra’s who turned out to be one of the coolest chicks I think either of us had ever met. And that made things really awesome, too.

So a special shout out to you who reads this who knows who you are..! lol

The next big thing on the radar is my very first upcoming paint party…

Which is NEXT WEEK..!

I’ve already sold a bunch of ticket, too. And I’ve even been working on the piece that we will be painting at this event.

I actually painted it yesterday start to finish in one hour…

And the event is a two hour event. So this will be perfect because that will leave plenty of room for socializing.

This is the painting too, by the way.

I think I’m going to start doing paintings like this on a daily basis and then try to sell them online somewhere.

So that’s about everything right this second…

Don’t want to make this too long. There’s already a 17 min video I’m hoping I can get you to sit though… lol

Take care and let me know what you think..!

Our latest episode here.





























12 thoughts on “Trans gender After Prison and a Paint Party

  1. Wow, this was a great show. i know nothing about the transgender folks so I leaned a lot. Kendra is a beautiful woman, it is such a shame that others have to live in a body they don’t feel they belong in. I can’t say I understand but I believe in every persons right to be who they are. Please pass my very warmest and most heart felt wishes on to Kendra for peace and happiness in her life. Thank you Joe, for teaching me something valuable. Michelle

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  2. Amazing video Joe. Very poignant to think of folks who are marginalized by our harsh society. We simply dont have the sensitivity to allow space for people like Kendra to blossom. Your blog is a singular repository of thought triggers.

    Your painting is awesome too and to think it took you just one hour. The whites are captivating against the slanting backdrop.


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