A Really Big Update Story Awesome Post…!

It’s January 6th as I write this, and it’s 6am…

This morning has already gotten off to a hectic start as I just destroyed a pot of coffee I was trying to brew.

That’s always fun when you walk into the kitchen and see coffee everywhere.

Guess I didn’t quite push the “pot” all the way in at 4AM when I got up..!

Yeah, I was probably still asleep..! lol

But, I’ve got that cleaned up now, and I’m sipping on my first cup of INSTANT coffee for the morning. Trying not to allow the coffee pot mishap to be the preset for today.

There is a lot to talk about considering I haven’t been getting up here as often as I’d like. So lets dive right in…

New Years Eve was a nightmare for me, by the way…

Haven’t got to talk much about that yet.

So here’s the rundown on how that went-down… lol

It sucked.

Started out going out to eat with my girlfriend, and then to downtown where she wanted to watch the fireworks…

Ended up with us leaving because I was freaking out and having a panic attack from the anxiety of being in a bar for the first time and having my FIRST DRINK since being home…!

Which, by the way, I didn’t enjoy AT ALL..!

I actually was disgusted as I looked around and thought about my old life…

A life where I would spend so much time-

AND MONEY in places like this, pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

Needless to say, we didn’t stay long. And soon thereafter, we were on our way back home arguing the whole way.


By time we got home, the fire was out.

We ended up spending the evening listening to the REAL fireworks going off all around us.

Keep in mind I live in a pretty rough side of town….

OK. I’ll be honest. Where I live is actually one of the WORST areas around here.

So with that being said, at midnight on New Years Eve, it sounded like the Iraqi War was going on outside.

So many gunshots, from everywhere within earshot.

This went on until about 1:30 in the morning…

My first thought… Does EVERYONE in this city have a gun..?!

My second Where the hell are the police..?!

I didn’t hear ONE siren throughout the HOUR AND A HALF of WAR going on outside.

My third thought… The cops must be SCARED to come down here..!

So… That was New Years.

My first one free, which sort of emulated my first Christmas home…

And which brings me to my FOURTH thought ( yes, I have a lot of thoughts this morning… lol )

My fourth thought… I am NO GOOD with the holidays.

Since New Years, I’ve been working hard on The After Prison Show…

We’ve filmed a few little…

Uploaded two videos that I’ll be including here…

One of which I really want you to see because it coincides with  the post Hood Sliding like Bo Duke for Mics .

To watch that video, click here.

It’s a really good one.

One, because I personally edited this video completely by myself.

So I’m sort of proud of it.

And two, it’s really in depth about certain things that I think you might find interesting… So please check it out…!

The other video is just a spoof video about seeing 10000 views…

Something we have yet to see on one single video and one we really though would have a lot more success than it actually did…

We were mistaken.

And we looked like idiots in the process.

To see me make a fool of myself, click here.

Other than these two videos, we actually have a big episode were getting ready to shoot tomorrow.

That is going to be an awesome episode and I’ll tell you all about it as news transpires on it. Right now, that’s about the most I can say on it.

In other news though… lol

I just finished an awesome painting for a pretty awesome fan and friend… This thing rocks..! And it’s actually for the bar owner ( who is a family friend ) who is allowing me to use her venue as host to my very first paint party..!

Which by the way is January 19th..!

So today I’ll be taking her this painting , as well as the tickets and flyers for “Paint Night with Joe..!” And this piece that I just created will be the selling point for the tickets as it will be displayed in her place of business until the tickets are sold.

Which by the way… lol

Are in high demand allegedly as people are already requesting them..!

To check out the painting click here.

So that is pretty much everything that has been going on lately…

Our gofundme.com/afterprison campaign has breathed some new life lately, as well.

I’d like to take a moment and thank some individuals who have made that happen.

First and foremost, Emma over at Innate Expressions. Thank you for being the first in quite awhile to make a donation AND for being an awesome friend.! I hope everyone who follows The After Prison Show goes and checks out your blog as well and follows it..!

Next I want to thank Kendra… The transgender individual who will be featured our next episode and all of her friends and fans who have helped with our gofundme campaign lately…

Special thanks to Nicole Staib, Terri Richeson, Trent Camrin, Tracy Harmon, and Ranee Isbell….

Thank you all for your donations.

Great things are on the way.



















































13 thoughts on “A Really Big Update Story Awesome Post…!

  1. You new year started off awful, but I am sure it will pick up. Just as I am sure the show viewership will pick up. It has great potential, so just keep at it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, you are too kind Joe! Thank you so much for the mention and the feeling is so mutual. You are an amazing friend and I’m honored to have your acquaintance 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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