A new video you might actually hate…

So this new video we just shot today is what I call an “in the mean time between time” video…

This is what we come up with when we’re bored and we don’t have an episode to shoot because everyone is still doing Christmas….

Let me know what you think…

And especially if you hate it…


Check it out here.


10 thoughts on “A new video you might actually hate…

  1. I loved the video Joe,did not hate it at all! And thanks for the reminder that people from prison have a sense of humor too. 🙂

    ps. Using my brothers laptop so can’t comment on the YouTube vid till I head back to my house.

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  2. Lmfaoooo. Dude, definately a welcome change for the videos. Comedy to freshen things up. Also, I cant speak for everyone but I started following you cause of your personality, so this was a lil dose of Joe which we don’t get that much of anymore.


    1. Hey thank you..! I’m glad I’ve made a fan in you..! Lol I actually just shot a really awesome episode yesterday for the After Prison Show about a woman who suffered from spousal abuse for years then ended up killing her husband… Since you are such an awesome person I’ll give you the link before anyone else… https://youtu.be/BPLDAPPuqXU it’s crazy too… Because this is such a serious episode yet we’re doing funny work too at the same time… There are even rumors that we might be creating a spin off channel strictly for humor content… But like I said.. Just a rumor…😉

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    1. You know in this line of work you have to be versatile… The whole ex con after prison trying to make a reality show and fund it through art sales… It’s a real crap shot to be honest… Versatility is about the only thing that really works for you when you’re goal is trying to take nothing and turn it into EVERYTHING..

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