My first Christmas as free man.

How did you spend your Christmas..?



Gifts and good food..?

Sounds awesome.


Well, yesterday I spent a good amount of time on Facebook looking at how everyone else was spending their Christmas.

It  made me happy seeing everyone posting pictures of them with their families…

Their kids…

Especially, considering how my Facebook page  is FULL of guys and gals who just came home from prison…

In fact, it’s a safe bet that at least 100 of my Facebook friends just spent their first Christmas home yesterday after just serving a prison sentence.

I’m happy for each and every one of them who got to enjoy this first Christmas home, too.

Yesterday I also spent a good amount of time on the phone talking to friends and family and trying to keep the After Prison series out of the conversation…

But I am a producer and a director…

So the After Prison series was never far from the conversation.

Hell yesterday I even lined up another episode with a good friend and mentor of mine who is also a radio show host…

So not only will I be filming an episode with him in the near future…

I’ll also be doing an on air interview that will be used in that episode…!

A lot of great things coming your way from the After Prison series…

See I told you, I’m a producer.

Also, I talked to another great individual who has fast become a friend… I actually met this guy at the pizza job… which I’m not too sure if I ever told you about what happened with that ol pizza job…

I’ll have to look  into that.

Or, if you DON’T remember me ever saying what happened, just comment and let me know, and I’ll break it down for you.

So this friend from the pizza job gets in contact with me to wish me a Merry Christmas and we got to talking…

Being that he is a very talented musician, he has been kind enough to donate some music to our show…

So that’s really awesome and generous of him..!

Thanks, Spence..!

Other than that, I really didn’t really do much of anything else…

I really just wanted to be alone if that makes any sense.

I wanted to reflect upon my freedom on Christmas….

Something that I am so very grateful for.

I mean, yesterday REALLY was a “Thankful to be FREE Friday…”

And I wanted to let that really soak in.

In the two months that I’ve been home after prison, I’ve done a lot to try and improve not only my own life but the lives of others, as well.

I’ve tried to be impact-ful and purposeful with everything that I’ve done thus far…

And I really feel like I have.

I’ve met some great people in this short amount of time and I’ve even made some believers already of what’s in store for the After Prison series.

I’ve continued to create art that people enjoy and even purchase, as well.

And I’ve remained sober.

Hell, I’ve even began to rebuild relationships with my family.

All of that, in itself, was a gift no money could buy.

And I think to myself…

Just think where I could be next Christmas if I keep this momentum up.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I hope yours were as blessed as mine…
























































16 thoughts on “My first Christmas as free man.

  1. That’s awesome, Joe! What better time to reflect than the holidays? The time of year where a LOT of things you didn’t think mattered, really do. 🙂 can’t wait to see what you will be bringing us for 2016 🙂
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to wish you a merry Xmas! :/ but happy holidays! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m very grateful for your comment… And also for the fact that you’ve kept up with what I’ve been doing and trying to achieve… Everyday it’s my plan to accomplish as much as I can in an effort to bring myself closer to where I am trying to be ultimately… And I think that should be everyone’s philosophy for life as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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