Steve Harvey…

Well, you really gotta love him…

I swear the man is all over tv. Hosting everything…

And he really knows how to boost ratings, too.

Do you think the Miss Universe blunder was staged..?

I sure as hell do.

I think it was an inside job to boost the shows rating at the expense of Miss Columbia.

Tough break being her…

But that’s show biz I guess.

Anyways let me know what you think and here’s a cartoon I drew a while back of ol Steve Harvey doing his Family Feud thing…




8 thoughts on “Steve Harvey…

    1. an honest mistake..! your job is to read the RIGHT name off of the card..! you don’t think they would have gone over that a HUNDRED times pre show do you… in fact thank you for the naive-ity of your comment… you honestly just gave me a GREAT cartoon idea..!

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    1. yeah only he knows the truth is right… you never know what stars with star power might do for ratings… i mean. not saying he did do anything other than just read the WRONG name off of a card… which brings me to another point… when your job is simply to read the right name off of a card and your being paid millions undoubtedly… how the hell do you get that wrong… with all that being said, it might be surpirising to know that i’m a big steve harvey fan… i think he is awesome… i just think there is a lot more to all this than we’ll ever know.


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