What the f&@k..!?

At work today at the temp service I was helping an individual take a test on the computer…

The test was for new hires…

Actually, it wasn’t a test…

It was a survey…

And as I was helping this guy who couldn’t read take the test…

Yes Joe is always available to help when needed and I do not mind doing so…

I couldn’t help but be be completely shocked by some of the questions asked on the survey.

I mean, some of these questions were outrageous..!

Like even if the questions asked were the case, who the hell was going to answer them truthfully…?

Here’s an example of one such question presented to you through a picture I took with my phone because I just couldn’t fucking believe it…



12 thoughts on “What the f&@k..!?

  1. It is crazy the types of questions they ask. I was having one of my clients so a modells application online and then an assessment survey came up. 11 pages with about 25 questions on each page and some of those questions were really out there.


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