OhmyGod… Guess what happened…!

Hello everyone..!

Well it’s Monday and raining…

I hate the rain.

So I’m actually sitting in the temp service right now because I’m helping my friend get employed here.

But that’s not the only reason I’m here…

Actually, guess what happened this morning..?

I was offered an office job working directly for the staffing company..!

Isn’t that awesome..!

So here I sit after just getting done speaking with the woman in charge and now having a shot to show my stuff tomorrow..!


I’ve never had an office job..!

This is going to be great..!

Not only all this awesomeness, but also today I’ve been shooting a little video. So maybe I’ll have something  to debut a little later…

But speaking of a little later…

I’ll be at the laundry gig again…


Crazy how tired I am right now. 

But it’s what’s required of me to make the impossible possible.

So with that…

This  will only be a short post because so much is pressing at the moment…

I appologize for my lack of service here…

I feel like I’m doing all of you a grave injustice not being as active as I wish I could be here.

Someday though…

I’ll have a crew of dedicated joewriteshiswrong-ers here making sure all of our awesome content gets out to all of you ALL THE TIME..!😜 


Well, take care until the next time.


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