A transformation is underway for joewriteshiswrongs…

I just got out of this class that my probation requires me to take. And in it I met this woman who is doing AWESOME work helping individuals who are coming home after prison…

She is doing a lot of what I am trying to raise awareness for actually..!

This woman was incarcerated and is a felon, yet she completely turned her life around and is now helping others..!

I was really inspired by her story and meeting her I realized I am going to try to interview her so that I can introduce all of you to her as well…

Oh and speaking of interviewing people…

Remember how I told you I was going to start telling the stories of others trying to right their wrongs..?

Well, all of that starts tomorrow..!

Yep, that’s right..!

The first interview of someone here on joewriteshiswrongs telling their story of them actually trying to do so in their own life takes place tomorrow..!

I’ve got an interview lined up with an awesome chick named Megan who has a lot to tell you about…

So get ready for that..!

See, I want you to think of joewriteshiswrongs as a butterfly for a moment…

Now I know in a sense that might sound a little “gay…”

BUT really think of this here as just that…

I mean a butterfly…!


Not gay..!


What I mean is that there is a major transformation underway right now…

And that transformation is joewriteshiswrongs changing into the launch pad for the reality show “After Prison…”

More an more you are going to see my energies change here towards that….

And it is my hope to bring all of you along into this unknown new undertaking as well.

Will you join me…?

I sure hope so…

Because im betting the house on “black ” here….

Joewriteshiswrongs is in part the platform that is going to catapult all that is “After Prison” into a reality…


This woman I met tonight and another huge thing that happened yesterday that I’ll tell you about later….

These are all signs that this is the “write” things for me to be pursuing….

What do you think…?

Comment and let me know because I’m very interested in what you think about all this…


14 thoughts on “A transformation is underway for joewriteshiswrongs…

  1. Blogging is a great way to gain exposure and support. I believe your site will take you far! At the same time, I know I blog for the content and for the exchange. I hope you don’t loose that personable side. It’s a fine line between being promoting and your site becoming a big advertisement. But if anyone can balance, I bet its you. Best of luck!

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    1. Great comment and yeah I try to keep that in mind every single day… I have a lot of great content to get there to the world plus this huge new undertaking… Yes it is a balancing act to say the least… But I do get what your really trying to say… Hey your son and tired of hearing about the reality show already..! Lol


    1. Thank you for “getting it..!” Yes that is what all of this is about trying to change my life for the better… And not only my life but the lives of others too..! I could talk about changing til I’m blue in the face but unless I’m really out there living those changes and MAKING THEM it doesn’t mean a thing…

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  2. Keep it up Joe, and I must say I have to agree with ‘Corner of Confessions’ when she suggest you don’t lose the personable appearance – I think bloggers like to meet the person as well as learn that persons goals. I believe you will get it right mate, go for it. Regards from Australia

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    1. Thank you for that comment andysmerdon..! This will always be personable… It will always be me..! But life is ever changing and evolving… Just like I am…. I’m looking towards the top of the mountain here… Hoping I got what it takes to reach it. šŸ˜

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