Today I’m motivated to make it happen..!

No matter how unrealistic some might consider what it is that you are trying to do…

No matter how many times you hear “oh that isn’t going to work…”

Or, “why don’t you try this instead..?”

As long as YOU believe in what it is you’re trying to accomplish and obtain-

Then EVENTUALLY others will, as well.

It may not be MANY others who believe in what you’re trying to do at first…

It may only be one or two…

But perseverance and the will to keep moving forward in spite of the odds will only STRENGTHEN your cause.

Others WILL believe because they see how much YOU believe…!

And as long as YOU believe….

And you ALWAYS believe-

Your dreams can never die.

And no one can take them away from you.

I believe in what I’ve set out to do here…

Eventually, my cause will strengthen, too…

The forward momentum of my unwavering persistence will be the cause of that.

And soon enough my dream of creating this reality show for ex prisoners coming home after prison will be…

A reality.

When they ask me how I made it possible with virtually NOTHING…?

I’ll respond and say, “because I never gave up…”

“That’s how.”

“And because others believed in me,too…”

“And that only fueled the fire in me even more.”

I can make all of this happen…

I really can.

But I swear, it would be a lot easy with YOUR support.

Please consider that.

And please consider that here.

Thank you.



11 thoughts on “Today I’m motivated to make it happen..!

  1. Yes, the best is yet to come Joe! I really believe that for you. All you need is one, but before the one should be you. Think about this…..”If you don’t believe in you, why should I”……But I believe in you, so keep doing you ok. P.S: I will visit your donation site soon. Every little bit counts right 🙂

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      1. Lol, anytime Joe….. It’s just truth though. You are destined for greatness 🙂 I would love to hear the details. Definitely send me an email when you are ready and we can arrange to discuss ok….

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  2. You have come a long way already and this is only the beginning. You have great plans and you are not too good for working hard. You will come further than many who were never as deep down as you were. That is what makes you rise even higher. You are creative, you have ideas, you have a strong will, and you take action!!! The combination of success!


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