A little love for some friends…

Hey there everyone… Well, it’s about time for me to send a little love out to some awesome supporters of Joewriteshiswrongs…

This is something I’m going to try and do about once a week where I’ll be spotlighting your content with hopes of getting more eyes on your content.

Just something to show my appreciation for all that you do in helping me further my cause…

So thank you and enjoy…

By the way, check out these people that I’m spotlighting too…

You might find them worthy of following just as I have..!

-First up, check out this young motivational man Uldis…

He’s got a great post called “The Road to Success: A Winners Attitude…”

I love post like this that a uplifting..!

-Next is a poem by a newer follower of Joewriteshiswrongs…  Lamarrwenrich…

I like this poem entitled “Entangled…”

Plus it was published on November 20th, which as we all know WAS my BIRTHDAY…!lol

-Then I stumbled across my friend over at Corner of Confession where she has an awesome post with pics of some pretty cool mural work in her local area…

Definitely check that out…!

-Next up is a powerful spiritual post by NM

This one has gotten quite a bit of attention, and I recommend you check it out, as well.

-Also check out Deb…

This very unique and intriguing woman is doing wonderful work on her blog.

-Last but not least… I’m going to run down a great list of awesome bloggers that you MUST check out…

These are awesome sites with tons of awesome content…!





Erika Kind

C S Wilde


Definitely check these people out and all the awesome work they’re doing…

More to come, including a new video… ( I hope) soon.

Please, check back soon…





















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