Joe tells a story an easier way…

Hello everyone…

First allow me to apologize for the confusion with the story I tried to tell you all earlier today…

I told the story in two parts through two different videos on my new YouTube channel. But I didn’t provide clear enough linking so that both videos could easily be seen.

Because of that, I’m including links here for part one and part two for easier viewing…

So please, if you haven’t, or if you haven’t heard this story in its entirety, please check out now the story of what happened to me last night and how I was FiREd from a job on my FIRST night..!

Part one.
Part two.
I hope that makes things a lot easier and I hope you’ll check out this crazy story…

Also I’m a little MIA today…

Big thing developing right now…

I’m just seeing my mother today for the first time in almost ten years..!


Crazy is all I can say.

There will definitely be more on that soon.

Enjoy the content… 

And I’ll be back tomorrow..!


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