Joe… At work… Laundry.

Took this pic at work tonight… 

Doesn’t show much…

A couple of people working hard for low wages…

But it’s a job. So I’m sure everyone is as grateful as I am just to be able to work tonight.

While most of the world sleeps, we’re up…

Doing the dirty work..


Enjoy your evening everyone.

I’ll be back with you tomorrow…


After I wake up.



6 thoughts on “Joe… At work… Laundry.

  1. Good Evening Joe,

    I Am a Person WHO Also Works at Night at a Hospital in Enviromental Services better KNOWN as Housekeeping. I Treat the Hospital as a GIFT & I Go to Clean it! I also PREVENT Sick Bugs from Spreading

    Yes Absolutely You have the Right ATTITUDE about Being GRATEFUL for Your JOB! Life is All about TEAM Work as WE All have a PART to DO! Your Job is a BIG Part of the PuzzLe A Hotel wouldn’t be able to function without your HARD Work

    Have an AWESOME Night!


  2. Kuddos to you Joe for returning to a tough job! I hope your “soft artist hands” (your words!) survive this ordeal/shift and are ok tomorrow. Your determination to better yourself is blatantly apparent!! 😎 👍 👏

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