Work hard Wednesday’s equals results..!

Well they say hard work pays off and it most certainly does…

Because right now as I type this up I’m actually standing outside of a 7- 11.

Waiting for another cab to pick me up an take me home…

Yeah I definitely need to start riding the bus…


Hey guess where I just left from..?

A job interview with Little Caesars Pizza..!

Guess what, also..?!

I got orientation for the job with Little Caesars on Saturday..!

So I guess then that means I pretty much got the job..!


Look at me..!

I’m getting all sorts of work..!

And who would have thought it for a guy under my circumstances…?!

But all that just coincides with today’s theme…





I’m out here doing the most that I can because I’m really trying to get some where…

I’m not going to let my criminal history, or my lack of job experience, or the fact I don’t have a drivers license stand in my way…

F@&# that..!

I’ve been free for 30-something days now and look at the work I’ve gotten already dispite the odds…

  • Building decks… $11.00 an hour. Too bad I couldn’t keep that job… But the transportation issue wouldn’t allow it.
  • Banquet serving… $8.00 an hour… Plus invaluable experience AND a job offer to work for the hotel directly..!
  • Laundry… $8.00 an hour and absolutely grueling work… But again, experience none the less.
  • And now a possibility at this pizza restaurant…

Hell I’ve damn near put together a RESUME in 30 days..!

Am I awesome..? Or am I awesome..?!

I think your right…


And how about this for ironic.

The logo for Little Caesars Pizza…

It’s a cartoon character… 

I draw cartoons..!

I don’t know…

Maybe Little Caesars is my destiny.




27 thoughts on “Work hard Wednesday’s equals results..!

      1. Hi Joe ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still here. … I’m well thank you, I’ve just been so incredibly busy at work. ……. I haven’t deleted my blog……that i know of ……..I’m still writing everday. I’d better check on that lol. Trying to play catch up with your inspiring posts. Hopefully I can finish tonigh before sleep takes over lol. Keep doing you Joe…’re doing good, woohoo! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. Oh wow… Sorry then. I don’t know why every time I try and go to your site it tells me something crazy about it being deleted… Could be on my end maybe… None the less it’s good to hear from you and I won’t be a stranger..!

        Liked by 1 person

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