Youtube channel created for Joewriteshiswrongs..!

imageHey there..!

Well, its Tuesday afternoon on this fine day…


I’m sure you can tell I got some sleep last night…Lol

Well, I did..!

I got up this morning at about 9:00, and got to work on creating the youtube channel for Joewriteshiswrongs.

Especially after I was reading more comments from you about having trouble trying to get these videos to play that I’ve been posting.

So, the hell with that..! I thought.

I had finally had enough of hearing that my awesome supporters, and friends were having these troubles. And I decided to go ahead and create a youtube channel.

And that is what I did..!

I also posted the first  video to that channel…

Wanna see it..?

Sure you do..!

Well then, click here for the very first joewriteshiswrongs video posted on the very new joewriteshiswrongs youtube channel.



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