Finish this cartoon caption…

Help me finish this cartoon caption…

Imagine the plight of a guy freshly released from prison with an extensive criminal record and no real job references for almost the last decade…

What do you think a would be employer might say after reviewing the application of someone like this..?

Comment now and finish the caption… 

The best one will become the actually complete caption for the cartoon…

Annnnd… If interested, the creator of the winning caption will recieve the original artwork as a prize..!

Comment now and let’s see what you think…!


7 thoughts on “Finish this cartoon caption…

  1. Here’s an idea maybe: “I’ve been biding my time until the perfect job came up, In the meantime I have learned a lot of hard Life lessons that have taught me that I am ready to be the most honest, loyal and hard working Employee you have ever had. “


  2. I think you deserve a second chance, you need to make it clear to employers that you you were young and made a lot of stupid mistakes because of your lack of maturity. In prison you did a lot of growing up and are are more mature person who wants to make a fresh start in life, doing things the right way this time.All you need is a second chance. (then don’t screw it up if someone gives you one). Good Luck! 🙂

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  3. I used to work at a hospital where we looked after people with mental health problems and a criminal record. There was an association that tried and help (a bit like a coop) and also offered jobs to people who were on probation or with a record, but it’s very difficult indeed. But you’re going about it the right way. And I’m sure you’ll make it.

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