There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..!

So I’m sitting here this morning doing my usually routine…

Drinking coffee.

Checking notifications.

Responding to comments from the night before.

Planning my day in real life and also in wordpress life.

I was checking out new blogs that I hadn’t yet seen before, when something came to me pretty much out of nowhere…

There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..! download

And personally, I think thats pretty damn awesome..!

I mean, it’s like getting on youtube and being able to find ANYTHING..!

You know, I bet you could get on Youtube and find videos for how to build a rocketship…


You can actually.

I just found out how…

How to build a rocket ship.

images (1)

So yeah…

Blogs are the same as Youtube in a sense…

There is a blog for everything…

Hell, theres probably also a bunch of blog posts about this exact thing that I’m talking about here…


I just found some…

10 weird and funny blogs

The blog that proves theres a blog for everything

Blog for everything:Stories of houses

Thats ok…

So what..?

Yes, there are other posts already out there about this exact topic..!

But I’ve got my own little twist to put on this topic.

And I’m sure all of you reading this do too.

I mean, how many blogs have you come across, and said to yourself…

“Wow… There really is a BLOG for EVERYTHING..!?”

Hell, maybe one of those times when you said that was when you stumbled upon ol Joewriteshiswrongs here..!

And you know, I’m not the prison(er)/advocating for positive changes after prison- blogger out there…

Hell, I’m no where near the level a few of my icons and inspirations are on…

Check out Steven D Jennings and what he’s doing..!

Or Shaun Attwood

Both of these guys are really DOING it and inspire me to step up my content everyday..!

Back to this topic at hand though…

Hey, have I told you that there is literally a blog for everything..!?

I mean, I found a blog for folks addicted to the cartoon The Simpsons..!

Check this out..!



So now I ask you…

What are some crazy blogs that you have run across that have made YOU say…

“There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..!”

Comment and let me know.

Or reblog this, and add too it with your own experiences of finding a blog that really “wowed” you.


7 thoughts on “There is literally a blog for EVERYTHING..!

  1. Sometimes I do a search on something I want to blog and find out that 14,236 other people have already blogged it. Then I feel the pressure to be different, but how can I be unique in a sea of 14,236 bloggers? I’ve learned to stop looking, and just concentrate on being myself. In my own way, I’m somehow unique in the world, right?

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