Guess what..? I found a job..!

yep… Who would have thought that on a day that started off so crazy…

So craZy…

I can’t even tell you how crazy actually because then you would say…

“Wow, Joe…”

“Your craZy.”


So who would have thought that on a day that had me in a temp service staffing agency filling out an application and watching safety videos and taking quizzes only to be told that I had to be there the next day between 530 and 6 am and work wasn’t even guaranteed to me…

Who would have thought that on A day where I got my first paycheck…

Oh yeah.

By the way I got paid to watch those videos and take those quizzes…


I shit you not, they gave me a check for $3.35….

Yeah, who would have thought that on a day like today, it would turn out that I would get a call while at lunch with my girlfriend…

A call from one of the many People I had responded to about a job on Craigslist.

And for once this one wasn’t spam..!

Yeah, turns out a lot of those ads on Craigslist are spam…

Who woulda thought that..!!?

Thankfully this on was legit.

and who would have thought that on a day like this…

An actual job would have come through…

So as I write this, or continue this for that matter, it’s actually now lunch time and I’m actually at work now..!

Yep,  helping a deck building crew build a deck..!

And this work is brutal…!

Ass busting labor..!

Not even sure if there’s any longevity to this gig.

Well, now it’s after 8pm and my first day on the job is over and what a hell of a day it was..!

I literally am broken apart..!

I mean I came home feeling like 

It was sooooo muddy and rainy on this first day and we worked so hard….

But I’m thankful none the less for this opportunity.

Tomorrow I get to go do it all again and I just hope my body can hang in there because 7 years is a long time to not be working.

You couldn’t imagine how sore I am…!


11 thoughts on “Guess what..? I found a job..!

  1. Woohoo, Congratulations Joe! That is so encouraging đŸ™‚ Remember to take one day at a time and also reward yourself for achievements. Today was an achievement and you accomplished something great, so well done!

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