A wrong I had to write

  You may have noticed that I took down the “Conclusion to my crazy adventure…”

The reason for that is after I posted that and pretty much “aired out” all my dirty laundry, I regretted it.

I was mad at someone who was hurt by me…

Someone who liked and loved me. 

But I’m with someone else.

Because they were hurt, they reacted badly.

Their bad reaction caused my bad reaction…

“The conclusion to my crazy adventure…”

Since posting that, I’ve heard all sorts I feedback an input on the situation.

But the most I heard came from the individual in question…

I spoke with them, and we are at least now civil with each other at this point.

I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way they did between us. But it really was a complicated situation that I might explain here soon…

That way all of you can understand better what Ive really been dealing with.


But then again…

Maybe that goes back to that whole dirty laundry thing….

Fact of the matter is sometimes we do things out of haste that we later live to regret…

But you know…

I don’t think it’s ever to late to try to correct an error.

Or write a wrong even.

And for that. 

To this individual in question…

I’m sorry. 



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