Joe IS now free after 7 years..!!!

zoom-11580167-3Hello everyone. I am finally free and it is finally me who is here at the helm, operating the controls of JOEWRITESHISWRONGS…

I know I had told you there would be videos chronicling every step of my release and that would be posted immediately upon my release. But unfortunately, things didnt work out quite as planned…

The important thing is that I am here now…

And I’m trying to learn all of thing technology and smart device stuff as quickly as I can….

It hasn’t been an easy task to say the least…

But, I am learning all of this none-the-less and I intend to get things rolling again here on JOEWRITESHISWRONGS as soon as possible.

Please be on the lookout for new content to be posted from here on out. And all of the time actually from now on.

I have been shooting videos and plan to get some of them posted as soon as possible as well.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been patient and all of those who have offered there support as I attempt to transition back into society…

I won’t lie…

That hasn’t been an easy thing to do either….

But I’m doing it.

There’s a lot of come and a heck of a lot I’m getting ready to tell you all about.

So buckle up…

Because Joe is here now and he’s ready to live his life again and do something awesome with it..!!!


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