“Getting out of prison after 7 years…”

Whats up, everyone…

Well I hope you enjoyed my last post about a guy here who is dating his sister….


I’ve got a few different ideas for my next big post.

One is about my new best friend. This guy just moved in the bunk next to mine. His name is Larry. He’s a complete psychopath, too. I really like Larry. His story is probably one of the most interesting that I have ever told you here when it’s all said and done too. But that will come a little later.

There’s also this other thing I’m debating telling you about too. Its pretty interesting as well. But I’m a little hesitant at the moment…

We’ ll see I guess. This mystery post that I speak of is relative to some things going on at the moment… So its sort of based on how that plays out.

So what CAN I tell you about right now…

Well, for starters, how about the fact that I only have 30 something days left..!

Wow… This last little bit of time is really flying by. But i guess that’s to be expected when you really are more scared than excited to be getting out.

I sort feel like I might end up like Billy Bob Thorton in that movie ‘Slingblade’…

Remember how he got out of prison after years spent there and he didn’t even know what to do out there in the world..?

He ended up walking back to the prison the next day hoping they would let him come back in…


Well, maybe my situation won’t be that severe. At least I hope not..!

Fact of the matter is though that time is flying for a guy about to be tossed back out into the world with not much more than himself and some hope…

Hell, I still don’ t even have a place to go yet. I’m telling ya…

That cardboard box behind 7-11 is looking more and more like my reality by the day now.



How will all this work out for a guy who is about to be released from prison after 7 looong years and with nothing…?

Well, who knows actually.

But the good news is you’ll get to see every bit of it from the moment I’m released and walking out of these gates.

Yep, that’s right.

If nothing else is guaranteed for me, one thing is…

My homeboy Matt is going to be here to pick me up with a video camera to film every second of whats to come after my release.

So, even if I am homeless…

at least there will be a video blog about it. lol.

Its crazy too…

As I’m trying to get this typed up, I just came back from chow where I ran into a guy who remembered me from the prison I was at prior to being transferred here…

Well, I just figured he got transferred here from that other prison, too.

But turns out he had gotten released and came back to prison in that time…

He told me he didn’t last 90 days out there in the free world before he got locked back up again…

90 DAYS…!


Damn, I gotta make it out there…

I mean I look at all this stuff like its a sign…

Something I’m supposed to see to further prove just how important me giving it my all is out there.

To wrap this up, I’ll tell you one other little tidbit kind of cool yet completely off topic….

I’m now able to type up emails and blogs from my little mp3 player-like device…

So, I’m sitting at my bunk with the closest thing I’ve ever had to any sort of touch screen device typing away on this thing calling this my smart phone training…

I’m not very good at typing on this thing…

My fingers are too big.

The buttons are too small.

But I guess this is the world I must prepare myself for…

A world where things aren’t as easy as I might have originally thought they were.

And a world, like what the guy who didn’t last 90 days just told me…

Is totally different than it was 7 years ago.



4 thoughts on ““Getting out of prison after 7 years…”

  1. Yes, I know it has been WAY to long since my last visit Joe! My Bad! I started this little wee book promoting venture that has turned into a Huge Book Promoting business! No complaints from me though!! LOL.

    SO, so happy to hear you will be out soon. I know deep in my heart GOOD things will come to you my friend. Yes, the bad world can be a scary place, but I think with all YOUR Talents? You got this!! Arizona is a great place this time of year??? LOL. I do wish you all THE BEST in what ever you chose to do. I’m always here for you friend XOXOXO …”-)

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂 🙂


  2. Hey Joe, Great to see you still getting the words out, can hardly wait till that includes the rest of you too.
    So… when exactly is the big day? I am thinking about coming up with a countdown timer to place on my site as a reminder for everyone there to keep an eye on this space.

    Tell Matt thanks (and don’t forget to take the lens cap off) – this I want to see 🙂


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