A hundred pictures painted all of this compound, yet I took this in front of the exit door. Why…? Cuz I’m on my way out this bitch!


Technical difficulties


What’s up everyone? I’m back after like a week off due to some technical difficulties to say the least.

WOW a lot can happen in a week…

The company that ran the prison side left and a new one came in. So many rumors floated around the compound about how much better things were going to get. But as far as I can tell it seems like things are only going to get a hell of a lot worse for us here. But more on that to come later!

There is a new director here who runs this new program…

The old one left making way for the new one…And what sucks about that is the old program director was really my only real chance at starting the new class that I wanted to start here.

So that little venture seems to have died.

But I don’t let that sway my momentum at all. I still work towards what I can from here. And I realize just how quickly all of this is wrapping up and is soon to be over here for me.

I never thought I would be this close to my release date.

Also, in this last week my mother has started talking to me again thru the email that has came available through here.

What a great thing that has been!

Me and my mom haven’t had a relationship is almost 9 years.

With the good, there is always bad too…

Another guy who left here about a year ago overdosed and died. That makes 5 guys in the last year who have left here and lost a battle to overcome their addictions.

It’s sad really being surrounded by so much of this sort of thing. Not to mention a good friend of mine who I talk to regularly out there in the world has become addicted to heroin again and there is not a damn thing I can do to help her.

My words fall on deaf ears.

There is more still to all of this…

But that’s another thing for another time.

For right now, just know I am still working hard trying to keep it all together

Trying to keep it all in perspective …

Trying to make the most of where I am now and when all this is over and behind me.

Hopefully I will get back here in a big way on Joewriteshiswrongs.

But some circumstances are just beyond my control at the moment.

So if ever I’m not here it’s only because I can’t be.